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A photo of Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer is captured. ZynnyMe, founded by Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer, was born from two licensed therapists coming together to empower private practice owners to serve at their highest and best, improve clinical outcomes through business planning. Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer are featured on Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

What are the tenets of real necessary and successful marketing for therapists? Which conversations should you be having with your clients, and why? What are the best ways for you to gauge successful marketing and clinical outcomes?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer from ZynnyMe about marketing and clinical outcomes.

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Meet Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palme

A photo of Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer is captured on The Practice of the Practice Podcast. They are the founders of ZynnyMe, and they help other therapists build a successful private practice and a happy life.ZynnyMe, founded by Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer, was born from two licensed therapists coming together to empower private practice owners to serve at their highest and best, improve clinical outcomes through business planning, and to break the statistic that mental health clinicians are the worst paid Masters’ degree. Kelly and Miranda provide coaching and training through their Private Practice Community, the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists, and educational webinars, and have helped thousands of clinicians from around the world.

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In This Podcast

  • Current marketing mistakes
  • Essential marketing for therapists
  • Automating marketing for clinical outcomes

Current marketing mistakes

1 – Full Clinicians who think they no longer need to keep marketing

Having lots of calls coming in and constantly referring people out; now is a good time for you to be getting your marketing back on track and aimed specifically at your ideal client.

2 – Clinicians who are starting up their practice think that marketing is going to be easy

The timing of marketing can be tricky to negotiate, however, it is better to overestimate than underestimate when it comes to completing marketing.

Call volume is a great stroke on your ego but it also can be a huge time-waster if it’s not the right fit or if you are a person who might be starting out and you start taking as many clients as you can get, regardless of having a process in there … marketing is a filter, right, for you to find the right clients so that you can get great outcomes for. (Kelly Higdon)

People often go for quantity over quality with marketing. Even if you have the quantity, you need to focus reeling in your ideal patient, because it is better for your practice, your energy, and your clients that you work with your ideal client.

Essential marketing for therapists

A way to track outcomes with clients

Have clear processes in-session to figure out if the therapy is or is not working for the client.

Sit back and explore themes in your work, ask yourself

who are you doing your best work with? With which clients do you get consistently good outcomes? Which clients do you receive poor or moderate outcomes with?

Declutter your practice

Who or what do you need to remove from your practice to make the best use of your time?

What do you maybe need to start saying “no” to? At least for right now so that you can get really great outcomes with a particular group. Once that’s in place if you want to expand into another group and become really great with another group, go and do that, but don’t try and move the needle of outcomes across the board, because it’s really hard to do. (Miranda Palmer)

Track your outcomes

Consider having a conversation with your client where you ask:

  • “How are you feeling now than before when you got into therapy? What did life look like?”
  • “During and after therapy, what does life look like now?”
  • “What were you expecting with therapy?”

Dig into what is going on, what is working, and what is not working in therapy from the client’s perspective.

Even if you are starting out or are in a group practice, one of the things that is often missing in people’s marketing is the ability to speak to what the work is like with them as a therapist … how do you stand out as a clinician? What are the transformational values you provide in therapy? (Kelly Higdon)

Bring the conversations into your marketing

Having these conversations with your clients to understand their pain points enables you to bring in that valuable information into your marketing, and genuinely explain to your clients how it is that you can help them with your therapy.

Are you connecting to the pain points of your clients in your marketing? Are you demonstrating your transformational values? Are you inviting them into another positive step of action from that place?

Automating marketing for clinical outcomes

Overtime with marketing automation and conscientious conversations with your clients:

  1. There is less to adjust in your marketing, and
  2. You are going to be able to take those conversations about what is happening right now and incorporate that information into your marketing.
  3. Be consistent. Pick one or a few social media platforms and dedicate your time and energy to building a following on them. Choose one that you enjoy. Your work will be compounded over time, so keep at it.

You gotta like what you are doing but also to keep that sustained energy, to have a purpose, you’ve got to know that what you’re doing matters. (Kelly Higdon)

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