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Kelly Higdon Wants to Calibrate Your Year

Do you have clear visions for how you want your day, month and year to look like? What would you like to do more of that will make you a better person? How will you manage your time if you had more of it?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kelly Higdon about calibrating your year, creating a life and job you want so that you can be a better person all round.

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Meet Kelly Higdon

Kelly Higdon is the co-founder of The Business School Bootcamp for Therapists and she also does business strategy and lifestyle fro entrepreneurs at Kelly Higdon Consulting and her latest project is teaching people how to Calibrate your Year. On any given day you will find Kelly writing, meeting with my psychotherapy or coaching clients, running a webinar for therapists, providing consultation with private practice owners and making lots of room for play time with her family. 

Find out more about Kelly on his website, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Kelly Higdon’s Story

As a psychotherapist formerly in private practice, the importance of self-care on mind, body, and spirit has been hammered into Kelly’s psyche.

And yet there she was, staring in disbelief at her paralyzed face in the hospital mirror after a particularly intense week of work, and she was pregnant about to launch my first online course while also running her other business. Her workaholism had caught up to her, culminating in a cluster of migraines that quite literally stopped her in her tracks.

It was both a slap in the face and a wake-up call. Something had to change.

In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kelly Higdon about calibrating your year, letting go of things you don’t enjoy doing and how you can have more free time.

Making Room for Change

I really believe in customization of life and business.

Kelly closed up one of her businesses and it created room for her to dream bigger. When she got out of the constant hustle and bustle of business, more opportunities were created for her. She decided that she really wanted to take off as much time as she possibly could with and realized that when she took time off she came back to work more energized.


Somehow the addiction of work has been glorified and workaholism works in the brain like any other addiction.

People expect their business to fulfill different areas of their lives. Businesses are not meant to replace a marriage, your friendships or love. If your business is responsible for your happiness, that’s a problem.

How to Calibrate your Year

  • Identify your core beliefs
  • Clarify your vision, what are you trying to create – this is not just for business, it is for life
  • Get rid of stuff you are doing that is holding you back, implement steps

When you Change Things

When they have time to deal with it, they have time to heal and actually enjoy their life more.

At first there will be a lot of resistance, but eventually it will become the new norm. Some positive things that happen:

  • Let go of projects that don’t give you joy anymore
  • Don’t do things out of fear
  • Doing more things in alignment with what you want

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