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Have you been thinking about what you can do during these changing times? After all, as a therapist you are an advocate for change, and can be a voice for healing, right? But where do you even begin when it comes to talking about racial justice, attracting clients from different backgrounds to that of your own, and growing your practice into a truly inclusive place? This is where I come in.

I Help Therapists Actively Build Inclusive and Anti-Racist Practices

It is possible that many of the systems that you have worked in were not inclusive of diverse voices and built upon issues of systemic racism.

Many therapists are taught that their office should remain neutral on social issues and void of their personal views. But, when ignoring the deeper issues hurts the client, there needs to be change.

If you want to make a change, you can’t continue to do work that harms those that you want to serve. The things that seemed “normal” can also be the same things that hinder growth and healing for your clients, as well as the amount of new clients that your practice can reach.

I Help Therapists and Group Practices:

  • Become more inclusive with peers and with those that they serve.
  • Learn how to actively do anti-racist work that promotes the growth of their practice.
  • Understand how systemic racism affects their clients and their community, while also providing tools to work against those issues.
  • Use their voice and authenticity to market to clients who are of a different race and culture than their own.
  • Lean into the change and support growth.
  • Create a strategic plan to create and maintain a healthy culture.
  • Learn how to develop a healthy rapport with clients who are of a different race and culture than their own.

My Approach to Consulting

It takes courage and vulnerability to effectively address racism, cultural and personal biases, as well as our own privileges. A lot of tough conversations will need to be had, but I commend you for wanting to do this work. It is my desire to support you in one-on-one sessions or with your group practice.

One-on-One Consulting

Some common reasons why you may seek this service:

  • You want to market to and provide services to a culturally diverse audience.
  • You recognize a need to change your systems and practices to be more inclusive, inoffensive, and support a collective community change.
  • To actively work on building rapport and retaining clients who are of a different race and culture.
  • You want to use your work and services to be a change agent in anti-racist work, but don’t know where to begin or the correct steps to take.
  • You have become aware of your own personal biases, thinking, and privileges that may have hindered your work and ability to provide effective services to clients who are of a different race and culture than your own.

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Consulting for Group Practices

Issues to be addressed in consulting with a group practice:

  • Analysis of the culture of the practice – to include the personal perspective of the therapists and practice norms.
  • Community demographics, marketing and branding strategies.
  • Healthy ways to build rapport and retain clients who are of a different race and culture.
  • How to engage and best support team members and peers who are of a different race and culture.
  • How to be intentional and consistent in work towards inclusion and anti-racism.

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About LaToya

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and I own a group practice in Fort Worth, Texas. Over the years, I have experienced the joy of being in diverse and inclusive settings. I have also experienced the pain and frustration of my muted voice in environments that were insensitive towards issues of race as well as the systemic structures that did more harm than good. I enjoy supporting and building others and I am looking forward to working with you.







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