LaToya Smith on Why You Should Tell More Stories | MP 38

LaToya Smith on Why You Should Tell More Stories | MP 38

Are you a business owner seeking ways in which to better connect with your audience? How can you create a meaningful relationship between your business and your clients that will last? What stories and experiences do you have that others will connect with?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with LaToya Smith about why you should tell more stories.

Meet LaToya Smith

LaToya Smith

LaToya is the owner of LCS Counseling and Consulting Agency in Fortworth Texas. She firmly believes that people don’t have to remain stuck in their pain or the place they became wounded. She encourages her clients to be active in their treatment and work towards their desired outcome.

She has also launched Strong Witness which is a platform designed to connect, transform, and heal communities through the power of storytelling.

Visit LaToya’s website and get in touch via email:

Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Strong Witness Instagram, and Twitter.

In This Podcast


  • Why storytelling is important in business and marketing
  • Some mistakes people make in their marketing and how to rectify them
  • How can you become better at storytelling?

Why storytelling is important in business and marketing

Storytelling in business is important because it helps you to find and connect with an audience. Stories that you have will help you to connect with your target group of clients that are within your niche.

Speak to your audience; ‘how is what I have going to help you in the future?’

Learning to speak to their pain-point, as a counselor or therapist, will help them to trust you and feel that you are on their side. By showing that you understand them, you give them a space to rest and talk it out.

With branding, there is a story in it. By placing your story or your mission in your branding, it will enable people to connect to your business on a more emotional level than simply seeing the services that you provide.

Some mistakes people make in their marketing and how to rectify them

Mistake 1

Probably the main mistake is that people don’t tell any stories at all. It’s like strictly down-to-business and it’s just like any presentation.

By not sharing or telling any stories at all, you lose out on the chance to really draw your audience in and explain to them the meaning behind your mission. Without that human-connection in business, it can become quite dry and emotion-less.

Mistake 2

In presentations, some people show too many slides. There are so many slides that you end up missing out on the connection and whatever message was in them gets lost in the unnecessary information.

We’re so busy sometimes trying to give people every stat and statistic, you know, and it’s like ‘just talk to me, like be relational’. Even if you wanna give me a statistic just talk it out because now I can hear you better than me reading it.

Having too much information given in such large quantities to your clients, both in marketing and in branding, gets confused in the traffic and you run the risk of losing them.

One thing about geometry that I remember is that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. So if you wanna take your audience from point A to point B, at least have it be a beautiful journey.

Keep this distance between two points succinct and sincere, by using storytelling as the medium in between. Using too many unnecessary facts creates confusion, therefore focus less on slides and more on stories to share with your audience.

Mistake 3

Sometimes business owners are too focused on making the sale that they completely leave out the connection to their clients. By not finding a common ground between you and your audience or clients, they will not feel that you have their best interests at heart, especially as a counselor or therapist.

Not having any story may also backfire in that you are now trying to sell a service or product to the wrong audience.  Go back to who your ideal audience is and work from there to build an authentic connection between you, your mission, and their needs. This simplicity and working with your ideal audience is a cornerstone of good branding.

How can you become better at storytelling?

You are more talented than you realize when it comes to storytelling. Every day, numerous times a day you tell stories to those around you, although when asked to specifically tell a story people may suddenly become shy.

There’s always been somebody listening, and how we’re being asked to be intentional about telling stories and build connections with those we don’t know. I think that’s the scary part.

There will be moments of nervousness but that is fine because it shows that you care. When you become nervous, just think back, how many stories have you told around the dinner table?

A good way to connect is to tell your ‘why’. These backstories of why and how you started, draw people into the conversations around your business and evoke emotions in them. Explaining the backstory also makes you more authentic within your branding and how you position yourself in relation to your clients.

When you create this authenticity, your audience will be more comfortable around you and will then respond, to you and to your mission and business.

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