LEARN: Listen. Empathize. Act. Resist. Never Stop. with William Hemphill: Black Leaders Matter Series | Part 2

LEARN: Listen. Empathize. Act. Resist. Never Stop. with William Hemphill: Black Leaders Matter Series | Part 2

Why is it so important to listen to understand? What are some ways you can use your sphere of influence to make a difference?

In this podcast episode series, Joe Sanok speaks to William Hemphill about why it’s so important to listen, empathize, act, resist, and never stop.

Meet William Hemphill

William Hemphill

William Hemphill, II, is a counselor, pastor, and speaker. As a husband who has been married for over 23 years and a father who adopted three children, he understands the rewards and challenges of maintaining a strong marriage and blending a family.

In his practice, he works with individuals who value their faith, couples who want to strengthen or rebuild their relationships, and with adoptive families in building loving connections. He is the author of the book Praying With Your Spouse: A Secret To Building Intimacy In Your Marriage.

Visit William’s website and connect with him on Facebook and join the Building Spiritually Strong Marriages community.

Listen to his podcast here. Email William at whemphill2@williamhemphill.com

In This Podcast


  • L.E.A.R.N
  • Listening to stories
  • Acting
  • Never stopping


L – Listening to the stories of other people in a non-judgemental way

E – Empathize, place yourself in the shoes of someone else who might be experiencing trauma or suffering.

A – Act and find a way of using your sphere of influence to make a difference

R – Resist the urge to draw back or quit when resistance comes

N – Never stop, just keep on learning and repeat again

Listening to stories

If you dismiss what someone has to say as a person, and don’t recognize their experience how can we begin to even understand one another in order to begin to heal?

It’s important to listen to stories of African Americans, we can’t learn without listening in a non-judgmental way.


We all have a sphere that we can begin to advocate.

  • You can start talking out against these matters within your own family and circle of friends, take what you’ve learned, and be willing to share it with others.
  • Make a space and be open but allow the black community freedom to help work with you to see how you can contribute

It’s important to keep a level of awareness and do not allow it to fade away.

Never stopping

If we use our gifts to serve humanity in love, I believe that’s how we all can make a difference.

For William never stopping looks like:

  • Sharing his talents and gifts to make the situation better, sharing knowledge on the podcast, having a discussion with a white man.
  • Checking on his kids and being sure they have the tools to grow up to live in a society that magnifies these things.
  • Being a counselor who is able to provide a safe place for people to process racial trauma.

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