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How can you as the CEO create a space that clinicians would like to be a part of? Why should you as the owner be open to receiving constructive criticisms from your employees? What has fun got to do with learning and encouraging growth?

In this podcast takeover episode, Whitney Owens speaks with Cindy Brock about retaining clinicians in your group practice.

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Meet Cindy Brock

Cindy is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and owner of Grace Family Counseling, Inc. located in Southern California. Her passion as a therapist is to work alongside clients to help them experience hope, healing, and growth in all aspects of their life. Cindy works with all ages and is a certified EMDR therapist, specializing in trauma recovery.

As a Christian, she enjoys integrating Biblical truths and faith in God into counseling, however, she also welcomes working with clients of all faiths and backgrounds. Cindy founded Grace Family Counseling in 2018 and has since welcomed a great team of therapists and support staff. Their mission is the provide a compassionate, safe, nurturing environment for individuals to embrace healing and growth in their mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual life.

Visit her website. Connect on Facebook and Instagram.

In This Podcast

  • Why is culture important in a group practice?
  • The importance of having fun in your practice
  • Send out surveys

Why is culture important in a group practice?

I think a lot of group practice owners don’t consider this [soon] enough, they [get full] and then just start hiring people and they don’t think through the culture part and that is so key. What is your mission, your brand, your culture to your community? ‘Cos that’s what people are going to buy into and that’s what’s going to help you retain your clinicians. (Whitney Owens)

Ask yourself, what are things that you would like to incorporate into your practice? What are some guiding principles you would like to instill, spaces you would like to create, skills, and opportunities that you would want your clinicians to have?

By creating an organic, authentic space where clinicians feel like they are a part of the practice will encourage clinician retention.

Consider what you are already doing that is working before changing everything around, because you might already be on a good thing that you can simply tweak and expand on, instead of starting a new system from the ground up.

Whitney’s steps to creating a culture in a group practice:

1: have a staff meeting on a regular basis, especially when you have W2 employees because that connection is important. Having regular staff meetings creates a cohesive environment where people feel heard, listened to, and know that they have a space to voice any concerns or topics into.

[You can] bring in a guest speaker … we can bring in people from all over the country [over zoom] to teach a one hour seminar on something … or your clinicians might want to teach, maybe that have a specialty that they do … so not only are y’all growing together but they feel like they have value because they’re offering to the table and then the other clinicians are also benefitting from that, so that might help the culture piece. (Whitney Owens)

2: encouraging collaboration in the meetings so that each clinician gets the chance to offer something to the team.

3: reach out to your clinicians and find out if there is any specialty that they would like to learn, and then you can offer to help them create that plan to incorporate into their counseling.

The importance of having fun in your practice

Positive work cultures retain more clinicians. Therefore, having fun in the workplace brings in more clinicians and encourages more education and learning to occur because learning and fun go hand-in-hand.

By bringing joy and fun into your group practice, you will encourage growth, education, and upskilling in the group practice amongst your clinicians.

Consider having office parties, celebrate clinician birthdays, keep in touch with what is happening in your clinician’s lives and celebrate their successes when they come around. This will all create a sense of a professional community that clinicians would like to be a part of.

Send out surveys

Create and send our surveys to your clinicians, they can be anonymous or not, and encourage them to write back – knowing that it is a safe space to offer constructive criticism – about what some things are that they would like to change, or what they enjoy, or to offer ideas about what to implement into the practice or remove.

This will create the space where clinicians feel heard and know that they have a part in how the practice runs: they know then that you as the CEO care about their feelings and that you as the owner are open to hearing more from them about how you can adapt and learn as well to become a better boss.

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Meet Whitney Owens

Whitney Owens is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Private Practice Consultant. She lives in Savannah, Georgia, where she owns a group private practice, Water’s Edge Counseling.

In addition to running her practice, she offers individual and group consulting through Practice of the Practice. Whitney places a special emphasis on helping clinicians start and grow faith-based practices. She hosts a podcast to help faith-based practice owners called the Faith in Practice Podcast.

Whitney has spoken at the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia’s annual convention as well as Maryland. She has spoken the past two years at Practice of the Practice’s Killin’ It Camp Conference. She has also been interviewed about mental health issues on several media outlets including WSAV in Savannah and in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Whitney is a wife and mother of two beautiful girls.

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