Live Consulting with Keely Rodriguez: How To Transition From A Solo Practice To A Group Practice? | PoP 538

What trap should business owners be aware of when it comes to having 1099 employees? What is the significance behind changing the “I”s to “we”s? How can working in collaboration with your 1099’s help you grow your group practice and bring in more clients?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok does a live consulting call with Keely Rodriguez about how to transition from a solo to group practice while collaborating with her 1099’s.

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Meet Keely Rodriguez

At forty years old Keely Rodriguez left her corporate job and returned to school to pursue a counseling career. As a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Rio Grande Valley of deep South Texas, she opened a successful solo practice helping men and women struggling with anxiety and personal trauma. Keely’s community lacks sufficient mental health resources for the size of the population and she is one of two certified EMDR therapists in the area. In 2021, Keely is hoping to expand her group to help support the mental health needs of her community, especially in the area of trauma recovery.

Visit her website, and connect on Facebook and Instagram.

In This Podcast


  • How to start the switch from the “I” to the “we”
  • Consider it a collaboration
  • Get your virtual assistant on board

How to start the switch from the “I” to the “we”

  • Go through the website: Scan through your website with a professional to find all the times you have used the word “I” and switch that over to “we”.

If throughout the practice [thus far] it really references you … we want to switch that to be more practice-centric, have the practice branding on things and all of that more than being focused on you. (Joe Sanok)

  • “About us” instead of “about me”: Under the header on your website, you can make a big shift and show that you are a group practice by changing the information to “us” instead of “me”.

You can break this down in two ways:

1 – have categories in your “about us” that are specific to each clinician that works in your group practice, so that potential clients can see all the different therapists that are available and the specialties they offer.

2 – break it down into issues that your group practice can help potential clients overcome, then have each issue link to the therapist or therapists that work with clients regarding that subject.

  • Take more expensive insurance yourself: If you are insurance-based, consider charging the higher rate for your hourly and make the hourly rate for your clinicians more affordable. In this way, your clinicians will fill up faster and you can therefore grow your practice steadily, instead of only your schedule being full.
  • Think of your clinicians as having superpowers: What are the specialty superpowers that your clinicians have, and how can a virtual assistant that works for your group practice speak to those superpowers when they are trying to help a potential client choose their best-suited therapist.

Consider it a collaboration

The mindset that I encourage people to have with a 1099 is to say to them: “this is a collaboration. I’m here to make the practice look as great as possible … your job as the clinician is to make sure people know you work here, and you can do that in a variety of ways.” (Joe Sanok)

You can give your clinicians’ contributors access to the Instagram and Facebook pages of the practice so that they can take initiative in marketing themselves as therapists in the group practice. Encourage them to write blogposts to hyperlink to their pages on the practice’s website and so forth.

In this way, you are offering them opportunities, not managing them as employees. Work with a good accountant and a good lawyer to make sure that the work you set out and up for your 1099s is compliant with the regulations of the IRS and the state you are licensed in.

You are constantly encouraging your 1099s to grow their own client list and while you market them and the group practice. It is a collaborative effort where they bring resources to the table and you organize it in a way that is best.

The trap that a lot of business owners can get in, especially with 1099s, is “you’re the owner, you’re supposed to fill up my schedule while I just show up and do counseling” and that’s a dynamic you really don’t want to have at your practice. You want it to be a collaboration throughout … because you want them to have some ownership in getting their own clients as well. (Joe Sanok)

Get your virtual assistant on board

Have your virtual assistant set up a monthly email list and reach out to your clinicians for them to send through some short posts around a certain topic pertaining to that month.

In this way, you know that every month there is marketing going out to your clients with work and advice coming from each clinician so that marketing stays constant and people become familiar with the different services and specialties your clinicians provide.

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