Live Consulting with Lauren Hartz: How Do I fill the Caseloads of Unlicensed Clinicians at an Insurance Based Practice | PoP 558

Have you hired, or are considering, hiring unlicensed clinicians? What can you offer them in your practice so that they and you both benefit? How can you set up work for them so that it counts towards their hours until they are licensed?

In this podcast takeover episode, Whitney Owens speaks with Lauren Hartz on how to fill the caseloads of unlicensed clinicians at an insurance-based practice.

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Meet Lauren Hartz

Lauren is the owner of Rooted & Rising Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a wife to Jimmy and mom to two boys; Landon and Jordan, who are always her why.

Visit her website and connect on Facebook and Instagram.

In This Podcast

  • Filling caseloads on the front end versus on the back end
  • Educate potential clients on insurance over the phone

Filling caseloads on the front end versus on the back end

For some states, you are required to state whenever an unlicensed clinician’s name is mentioned that they are currently until clinical supervision, however you can put this information up on the website where clients can do further reading. You do not necessarily have to mention this over the phone when clients phone in.

Therefore, you can market an unlicensed clinician over the phone as you would any of your other clinicians and then place more information about them on your website.

Clinical experience does not equate to being licensed or not. Many incredibly seasoned clinicians who have specialized in their counseling may not have gotten their licenses yet, although this should not discredit their counseling abilities.

Educate potential clients on insurance over the phone

Sometimes insurance only pays for certain aspects of treatment based on the assessment they made of the client when the client took out the insurance.

Therefore, when a client comes in for therapy, it is a good idea to run over what they qualify for before starting treatment with them so that they know what they can and cannot pay for.

Things that you would assume insurance would cover sometimes [aren’t] and then you do not want that client in a situation where they find that out later. (Whitney Owens)

With unlicensed therapists, you can:

  • Be upfront with them when hiring and ask them to help you in marketing themselves and their specialty. Then it is their choice to work with you.
  • Offer them the chance to perhaps run a group at a reduced rate.
  • Offer the current clients at your practice to join the group to increase the clinician’s working hours.
  • Consider reaching out to the current insurance companies that you work with and check whether they would sponsor a therapist who is unlicensed.
  • Check your state to see what a clinical hour looks like for a licensed and an unlicensed clinician.
  • Bring on unlicensed clinicians as half-admin and half-clinician until they are either licensed or until they can build their caseload enough to only do counseling work.

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Meet Whitney Owens

Whitney Owens is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Private Practice Consultant. She lives in Savannah, Georgia, where she owns a group private practice, Water’s Edge Counseling.

In addition to running her practice, she offers individual and group consulting through Practice of the Practice. Whitney places a special emphasis on helping clinicians start and grow faith-based practices. She hosts a podcast to help faith-based practice owners called the Faith in Practice Podcast.

Whitney has spoken at the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia’s annual convention as well as Maryland. She has spoken the past two years at Practice of the Practice’s Killin’ It Camp Conference. She has also been interviewed about mental health issues on several media outlets including WSAV in Savannah and in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Whitney is a wife and mother of two beautiful girls.

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