Live Consulting with Laurie Groh: My group practice is growing, now what? | PoP 529

How can you optimize your client conversion by simplifying and broadening your website dropdowns? Is there a way to boost your Facebook Live professionality? How can you fill up your most recent clinician?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok does a live consulting call with Laurie Groh about what to do now that her group practice is growing.

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Meet Laurie Groh

Co-owner of Shoreside therapies. I work with individuals that want to improve their relationships, not just significant others but parent/child, friendships & coworkers.

I tend to see women that are business owners, perfectionists, people learning to be more vulnerable into learning how to be more vulnerable. I’m married with 4 little kids, so I also like working with moms that are trying to juggle it all!

Visit her website, connect on Facebook and Instagram.

In This Podcast


  • Simplify the search navigation on your website
  • Spotlight your clinicians

Simplify the search navigation on your website

As the group practice grows and new clinicians are added with different specialties, it is important to make your website properly navigable to allow patients to access all the services that your clinicians provide.

For each clinician, consider having a dropdown bar that explains everything they focus on and what their specialty is.

One thing that a lot of people don’t do is on their website even just to have a dropdown that says staff or people we help, to have ‘issues we help’  and have that go and list every issue that you can help with … have that issue go to the page for that individual clinician. (Joe Sanok)

This allows the client to search within your dropdowns based on topic, not just on the provider. Even if two or more clinicians share a similar specialty, make sure that they are still within their range of work but are not competing with one another over a potential client.

Spotlight your clinicians

If you are doing a Q&A Facebook Live about a particular topic, have your clinician that specializes in that topic come on to also be a part of the event.

Just for a few minutes, have them discuss their specialty and converse with you about the topic so that any potential clients who are watching will know which clinician to contact in your group practice.

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