Live Consulting with Michelle Croyle: Where Should I Spend My Time in Launching a Group Practice? | PoP 527

How can you free up your time but still make more money? What mindsets can get in the way of you getting to the next level?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok does a live consulting call with Michelle Croyle about where she should spend her time in launching a group practice.

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Meet Michelle Croyle

Michelle Croyle is a licensed professional counselor from Pittsburgh, PA, in her private practice, Abundant Freedom Counseling, where she specializes in treating Christian women healing from trauma and abuse.

She and her husband, Tim, also have a pre-marriage and marriage coaching business, are parents to three young adults, two in college, and one currently in high school, and spend their spare time letting out their two dogs to protect their new carpet.

Visit her website and connect on Facebook here and here.

In This Podcast


  • Boost your new clinicians
  • Up your pay and lower your hours
  • “Build a business within the business”

Boost your new clinicians

If you as the owner are transitioning into a group practice from being solo, and have your current schedule already maxed out, pull back on advertising yourself and advertise your clinicians instead.

On the website, put their name at the top of the dropdown bar and provide their contact details in a place that is easily accessible. Consider having an option on your website where potential clients can search for specific issues they need help with or have a dropdown of issues that your clinicians can provide assistance with.

If you have content about the services that your practice provides, you can link these pages to your new clinician’s about page in order to boost SEO.

Introduce your new clinicians to your referral sources to foster that relationship and for them to know that you have more therapists on hand who can help with more or different issues.

Up your pay and lower your hours

As the owner, having your schedule maxed out while running the business is a lot to handle. Although it may feel difficult, consider increasing your hourly rate if you have a waiting list building, increase the exposure and advertising of your new clinicians, and cut down on the hours that you spend working.

It is a slow transition, but it will free up more of your time, provide more clients for your clinicians while still earning you money.

“Build a business within the business”

Even though you organize the systems, hire the clinicians and run the practice, your contracted clinicians also play a part in the development of the practice.

Include them in the internal spurring on of the practice. Let them know what their responsibilities and roles are for bringing in clients, sharing their new job for you in their network, and generating their own content to add to the website.

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