Live Consulting with Tammy Roche: How Should A Therapist Do Social Media? | PoP 536

Image of Tammy Roche being interviewed by Joe Sanok on this podcast for therapists about how to use social media.

Are you clear on the message you want to deliver across your social media platforms? How can having an end goal in mind right from the very beginning help boost your social media success? What is the best use of your time when it comes to using social media for your practice?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok does a live consulting call with Tammy Roche about how a therapist should use social media.

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Meet Tammy Roche

Image of Tammy Roche doing a live consulting call with Joe Sanok as part of the Next Level Practice Community

Tammy is a Registered Social Worker through the BC College of Social Workers, she is also registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers.

She is a Holistic Social Worker currently based in Canada. Tammy focused on wellness, not just the presenting problem. She takes into consideration several areas such as social, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Visit her website, and connect on Instagram.


In This Podcast


  • What is the end goal?
  • What do you like?
  • Mindsets

What is the end goal?

Ask yourself what the purpose of your social media platform will be – is it to direct potential clients to your practice? Is it to increase your online exposure? Is it to drive people towards your website? Or is it simply to inspire people to take action in their lives?

Once you know what you would like the end goal of your social media presence to be, you can more clearly set up the online experience of your social media platform in the way that would best execute this end goal and connect with potential clients.

If we don’t know the outcome that we want to get from it then it’s really hard to know what the actions are that we need to take to get there. (Joe  Sanok)

Having your end goal in mind not only helps you know where to begin, but it also helps you sort out a timeline and keep you on track by not letting you get sucked into the black hole of social media.

When you use social media with a purpose, you are less likely to get lost for hours on it or use it to stroke the ego.

If you’re going to do something, I’d say let’s figure out how we do it in a way that it helps you do it for the long-term, but it also helps those followers know that you’re going to be around for a really long time. (Joe Sanok)

What do you like?

You can experiment, be curious and play around with your social media too. Try out new things and publicly state that you are to your followers to include them on the journey that you are on.

You start with: “I think my why is this, it might shift over time. I’m just going to get started” and the getting started part and that journey part is probably going to be as big of an education or as big of a prep as sitting and journaling for a couple of days and figuring your KPI’s and your why and all that. (Joe Sanok)

Give yourself six months to try it out and if it is not for you then you can put it down and try something new, or keep going with it if you are enjoying yourself.


Imagine your ideal follower – what are some of the struggles they are going through that you can help them with? What do you have to offer that can help your followers more than other therapists?

Engage your audience and give them more of what they want. You can shift into different mindsets like this and imagine what your ideal client would like to see on social media. Having a specialty and curating your content to connect with the needs of your ideal client will help you stand out.

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