Low-Hanging Fruit on Websites | Website Roundtable with John Clarke, Perry Rosenbloom, Joe Sanok and Jaime Jay | PoP 284

Website Roundtable

Have you ever wondered what low-hanging fruit you could improve on your website? Do you know what the essentials to every website are? Are you aware of what elements of your website annoy your users?

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with with John Clarke, Perry Rosenbloom, Joe Sanok and Jaime Jay, in this Website Roundtable about low-hanging fruit.

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Meet John Clarke

I’m a licensed psychotherapist and a private practice expert. I’ve built thriving practices from the ground up in San Francisco, CA and Charlotte, NC.

In building my current practice, I had 6 private-pay clients booked for the first day that my doors were open.


Meet Jaime Jay

Jaime is a big hockey fan and he loves incorporating the sport into his business. He is the managing director for http://slapshotstudio.com, a WordPress development company where he builds websites that help define your brand.

He is the host of http://stopridingthepine.com. It’s a business marketing show where he interviews top thought leaders, authors, business professionals and more.

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He is also the founder of http://doneforyouwp.com. Jaime has established a staff of WordPress developers that provide WordPress maintenance and help for people that don’t have the time or the knowledge to manage their own WordPress website.

Meet Perry Rosenbloom

Perry is the founder of Brighter Vision and bootstrapped the business from day one.

Before founding Brighter Vision, Perry built a number of outdoor-oriented, Internet based businesses that currently send over $1,000,000 in annual sales to REI, Backcountry, Amazon and other major brands.


In This Podcast


This is episode one of the three-part podcast series, Website Roundtable. In this episode, John Clarke, Jaime Jay, and Perry Rosenbloom discuss the low-hanging fruit to do with websites. This includes making sure that every website decision you make correlates with the core values of your business. And, that you define who you want to serve first.

Essentials of a Website

  • Mobile responsive
  • Don’t direct traffic to homepage
    • Need to always be building like/love/trust with users. If you’re promoting a specific product/service, you need to lead them to the specific page with that product/service on it.
  • Clear call-to-action/s
    • First one in top right
  • Tagline (basic branding asset)
    • Should intrigue, inspire, or calm the visitor
    • Placed in top third of page (above the fold)
  • Logo in top left (bright / clear, with high contrast)

“Your website is only as good as it’s message / logo.”

Two Questions People Ask Themselves When Arriving on Your Website

  • Am I in the right place?
  • Can this person help me?

Things on Your Website That Are Annoying Your Users

  • Fast-paced slider of images
  • Music
  • Video that starts playing automatically
    • Negative effects on your SEO
  • Other people’s quotes on your homepage / header
  • Not explaining acronyms / words that the ‘average’ person doesn’t understand, i.e.: EMDR
  • Trying to say too much with too much text (less is more!)
  • Not speaking to the villain (i.e.: people’s pain points)

“A website is a tool to build a relationship.”

Low-Hanging Fruit – Quick Fixes

  • Content / service pages (specific pages on various services)
  • People skim; make sure content is readable and that there isn’t too many words
    • About 55% of people spend 15 seconds or less on a page
  • Clear call-to-actions (repeat CTAs, but don’t have too many)
  • Decrease amount of steps user needs to take to book an appointment
  • Reduce menu items

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Meet Joe Sanok

private practice consultantJoe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.






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