Marketing and Branding a Faith-based Practice | 3 of 5 | 04

Marketing and Branding a Faith-based Practice | 3 of 5 | 04

Where do you start when marketing a faith-based practice? What are some things to consider when marketing a faith-based practice? Are there any specific tips for marketing this type of practice?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Whitney Owens about how to market and brand a faith-based practice.

Meet Whitney Owens

Whitney Ownens Faith In PracticeWhitney is a licensed professional counsellor and owns a growing group practice in Savannah, Georgia. Along with a wealth of experience managing a practice, she also has an extensive history working in a variety of clinical and religious settings, allowing her to specialize in consulting for faith-based practices and those wanting to connect with religious organizations.

In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Whitney Owens about how to market and brand a faith-based practice.

It’s important to consider what other people’s perspectives are, and think about how you can not come across as offensive, as well as how to meet people’s needs at the same time. Remember that people are at different places in their faith, so you need to put some of your own opinions aside to better serve your clients’ needs.

Branding a practice

It all comes back to having that vision we spoke about in the previous episode. When you have a rock-solid vision, your practice will attract the kind of clients you want.

Before you begin creating your marketing, you need to consider your ideal client at every stage. Would they like what you have created? Would they like your vision?

Think about where you are marketing too. Where is your ideal client hanging out? Would they respond to marketing better online, in magazines or in the community? Once you understand where they are, and what content they are consuming, get involved in it.


Tips on marketing a faith-based practice

Start in your own community first. Create those relationships with people who are working with your ideal clients. Set up coffee dates with them and establish those relationships. You’ll be surprised how many referrals you’ll get from it.

Secondly, for Whitney, her website has been the number one way to get clients.

This is because some people are nervous to ask other people about counselling so they come to a website to ask questions. Put time and energy into this. Consider the wording you want to say to include your faith, and also consider getting someone to do your SEO. Whitey’s calls tripled once she hired someone to do her SEO.

An example of beginning to write good website copy is to think through the pain of your ideal client. Where are they at in their life and their struggle? Talk about the healing and the revolution that happens after counselling. Talk about their current pain, the transformation and the healing process that will happen after counselling.

And finally, it’s also important to remember that when you do good work, people will tell other people about it. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.


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