Outgrow Your Office: How to Know if Coaching, Consulting, or Online Courses are the Right Next Income Stream for You with Katie Read | PoP 491

Outgrow Your Office: How to Know if Coaching, Consulting, or Online Courses are the Right Next Income Stream for You with Katie Read | PoP 491

Are you looking to change up your career path while retaining your hard-earned skills as a therapist? Can one monetize pastime passions into viable income streams? What are some basics to know when working towards this goal?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to know if coaching, consulting, or online courses are the next right income stream for you with Katie Read.

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Katie helps therapists grow and outgrow their private practices by leading them into vibrant secondary income streams in coaching, consulting, and course creation.

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In This Podcast


  • Which passions of yours could be made into secondary income streams?
  • Starting an e-course

Which passions of yours could be made into secondary income streams?

I constantly feel like if anyone should be out there doing these things, it is us. It’s the therapists, it’s the people who do have all the training, who do have the strong backbone of ethics, who do understand human psychology and there are so many ways that we can help people, even if you’re not necessarily helping somebody with a DSM diagnosable issue.

First steps to consider

  • Evaluate your favorite pastimes and passions, conduct a deep interest assessment, and ask yourself; if you could stay up talking all night with someone, what would you like to talk about?
  • Which topics do you search online in your free time? What are most of your books about?
    These are the topics that you do not find yourself tiring of and they could be multiple, you do not have to choose one or two just yet. What would you love to do if you had more time on your hands?

Utilizing life experience for teaching purposes

Once you have your top interests noted, think about any life experiences that you have had that connect with them. Do you have lived experience that can deepen your understanding and explanation of these passions to people around you? Your experiences can be learning curves for your potential customers. In the coaching world, this lived experience is incredibly valuable and can carry you far.

Starting an e-course

Choose niche and brainstorm

Think about your target audience, your niche. Who are the people you want to connect with? Take some time to envision the outcome that you are going to help people achieve and brainstorm these possibilities – the closer you can get to a deferential outcome, the better you will do when you start marketing yourself because you know what your goals are.

Brainstorm the roadmap, from start to finish – what are all the things they, your audience, will need to go from start to finish and how can you offer those things to them?

Build an audience prior to product

Having that audience before you launch is so important. We often say ‘fall in love with the pain and the people before you pitch the product.

Once you have a general direction, start working on an audience immediately because when you have built your e-course, you will need people to sell that e-course to.

Build your audience through the way that you find most comfortable in marketing yourself

Katie refers to it as ‘feel-good marketing’ – by putting your message out in a manner that feels best to you will help your message carry farther, and people will feel that they can connect with you.

Perhaps you can start a podcast, or work on a mailing list, write articles for websites you know your target audiences interact with or write your own blogs. Putting yourself out there into your niche means that when you start providing services, people will respond to your presence because they are familiar with it.

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