Patrick Willis on Unfinished Business at The End of Life | PoP 449

Patrick Willis on Unfinished Business at The End of Life | PoP 449

What are some steps you can take today to make sure that your loved ones and business is prepared should anything unexpected happen to you? Have you planned what happens to your digital legacy when you pass on? Who will take control of your business when you are no longer around?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Patrick Willis about unfinished business at the end of life and things you can do today to start preparations.

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Meet Patrick Willis

Having seen firsthand the turmoil of friends and family going through life-threatening illness, Patrick realized that the medical system which is geared up so well for fixing people physically, rarely equips them for the mental conflict that inevitably arises.

Seeing this void so desperately in need of filling, Patrick took his business experience and coaching skills and designed a program to help those diagnosed with a terminal illness live their best possible life. Patrick’s work pioneers a unique approach covering everything needed to complement medical care – from mindset shifts to household checklists to leaving the best possible legacy for their family.

Patrick became a business owner in 2016 finally escaping the corporate greasy pole. He is the father of five children, a leader in a local church and a folk and jazz musician among other things!

Visit Patrick’s website.

In This Podcast


  • Crucial points to consider when planning and preparing your business
  • Important steps to include that will make preparation easier
  • Preparing your business for the unexpected

Crucial points to consider when planning and preparing your business

  • Take into consideration medical advanced care planning, practical preparations, and digital legacy when planning and preparing your business.
  • Do research in order to gain knowledge.
  • Select a person that you can trust with valuable information.
  • Select a person to oversee the systems.
  • Ensure that employees, clients, and other businesses are taken into consideration during the preparation process.

Important steps to include that will make preparation easier

  • Create a password, LastPass is great for this.
  • Try incorporating a digital access code.
  • Create a cash flow system.
  • Only share business access codes with a person that you may consider to be trustworthy.
  • Set up a video on My Directives to give clear instructions to family members.

Preparing your business for the unexpected

  • Depending on the legal entity of your businesses you can always pass it on to another member in your team.
  • Start writing out standard operating procedures so that you’re not the only one with all the knowledge. This you can do gradually over time.
    Be familiar with who is controlling the content of your website, blog posts and marketing material. Ensure that it is owned by your business.

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