Phil Singleton Moved to Asia and Came Back a Different Man | PoP 275

Phil Singleton provides tips on SEO

Have you ever wondered how to rank higher in Google? Or how to create content that you can use in various forms? Or whether you should do a blog series or just write a short blog of 500 words?

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Phil Singleton about how he moved to Asia and came back a different man.

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Meet Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton is a web designer, an SEO expert and an award winning author. Since 2005, Phil has owned and operated a digital agency based in Kansas City. In 2016, Phil and John Jantsch, of Duct Tape Marketing, co-wrote, SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs. SEO for Growth is an Amazon bestseller and has been listed as a top marketing book by Forbes, Mashable, Oracle, and The Huffington Post. It’s also been featured on MSNBC, Entrepreneur, and Search Engine Journal, and on many other industry websites. Phil and Jon are currently entering the next phase of their partnership by offering a training and SEO certification program to marketers and web designers, and creating a national network of certified SEO consultants.

Phil Singleton’s Story

Phil initially worked in an insurance company and was involved in analysis. He was, however, very unhappy in his position. One day, he decided to quit his job and move to Asia. He spent five years there, met his wife, and had a software company ‘fall into his lap’. Through working within this company, he learnt a lot about Google, web design, and marketing, and then decided to start his own business.

In This Podcast


In this episode, Phil Singleton provides comprehensive tips and advice on how to improve your ranking in Google, how to write a blog post, and how Google has changed their algorithms. We’ve also included some helpful resources in the form of video guides and links to Practice of the Practice’s Blog Sprint and Authoritative Guide to Blogging blog post.

Basics of Google Search

Google’s put the care where it should of been all along.

  • Google searches are constantly increasing.
  • Google’s algorithms have been adjusted to be more consumer-centric.
  • Regarding back links, Google will penalise you if sites linking to you are low-quality / non-relevant.
  • Make your website the referral source of all of your content.

Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking

  1. Have your website set up the right way
    • Understand the importance of blogging
    • Focus on specific keywords
  2. Create a content calendar
    • Blog series
    • Convert blog series into e-book
    • Make use of e-book to grow your email list
  3. Convert your e-book to a kindle
  4. Publish your kindle on Amazon and sell it
  5. Use podcasts as a guesting strategy

Tips For Writing a Blog

The longer-form blog posts are the ones that tend to rank better online.

  • Be sure to structure your blog post around targeted keywords
  • Mention current trends that are going viral on social media, etc.
  • Make use of sub-titles (h2 tags), numbered lists, and bulleted lists
  • Use media and include alt tags
  • Install a plugin like Yoast

Useful Videos Related to SEO

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Meet Joe Sanok

private practice consultantJoe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.






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