Podcasting 101 with Billy and Brandy Eldridge | PoP 489

Podcasting 101 with Billy and Brandy Eldridge | PoP 489

Are you curious about the inner workings of how podcasts work? Are you considering starting your own podcast and would like some advice? What experiences might you expect if you did start one?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Billy and Brandy Eldridge about podcasting 101.

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Meet Billy Eldridge


Meet Billy, the resident beta male. For Billy, this is a place to hang out with other beta males and the people who love them. We’re redefining what beta males look like in the world. He has learned to embrace his best beta self, and he can help you to do the same. As a therapist, he understands the need to belong.


Meet Brandy Eldridge



Brandy is an alpha personality who is embracing the beta way of life. She feels alive when connected with people, whether that is listening to their stories or learning about their passions. Forget small talk, let’s go deep together. Come to the table and let’s have some life-changing conversations.

Visit their website, connect on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to the podcast here.

If you want to be comfortable in your skin and be the most authentic beta male, then the free beta revolution course is for you. Sign up for free.

In This Podcast


  • The various phases of podcasting
  • Monetizing podcasts
  • Mindset for podcasting 101 Killin It Camp seminar

The various phases of podcasting

Billy and Brandy both started off scared and excited. They were both inspired by the people they connected with and spoke to at Killin’It Camp.

The phases then shifted to feeling overwhelmed and inexperienced when they started actually producing and publishing podcasts for the public.  Together they often reassessed what they needed and wanted to do for the podcast, where and what their goals were, and what they entailed.

This redirection helps to retain the focus and drive to keep pushing forward, even with some uncertainty present. There is a lot of vulnerability, fear, and excitement. They worked to make sure that what they spoke about was or is their lived experience to keep authenticity and integrity. This effort meant that they grew alongside their podcast as it developed and expanded.

Monetizing podcasts

So I would say our hopes and dreams are that it becomes something that monetizes itself in a way that lets us have a more intentional life and be able to spend more time with each other. That’s what it’s all about.

Billy and Brandy discuss the benefits of creating a system that brings in customer feedback into the content making process so that the content being produced relates back to direct customer input and interests. This will help to create an ongoing relationship between listener participation and the podcast’s growth.

Encourage listener participation with webinars, e-courses, freebies, and so forth. There may come times when you hit plateaus as Billy and Brandy did after their e-course

Focus on engaging with the audience before creating and selling a product prematurely, otherwise it stands at the risk of not succeeding as well as you had hoped. Taking moments during your podcast to reassess your goals will help you to stay on track with how things are while keeping in mind where you still want to go.

Mindset for podcasting 101 Killin It Camp seminar

We’ve learned some of our biggest lessons by messing up and not taking ourselves so seriously and just putting a mic on, plugging it in and hitting play.

  • Come ready to brainstorm
  • Come with ideas of things you are interested in and want to try out
  • Be prepared for some of the uncertain phases you may go through
  • Remember that they, and other successful podcasters, have both failed and have succeeded and you can learn from those mistakes and lessons.

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