PoP 137 | Blogging Day 2

In today’s podcast, I discuss everything you need to know about getting started blogging. We cover:

  • Links and keywords
  • Building more FOCUS
  • Steps to grow

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



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Pop 137 | Blogging Day 2

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[0:09] This is the practice of practice podcast with joe sanok number one thirty seven.

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[0:27] I’m go sonic your post welcome to the practice of the practice podcasts and here in the radius in the q building in downtown traverse city.
Hope you’re doing great today yesterday we dope into our three day series all about blogging so if you missed yesterday it’s important you go back in here because it really sets the tone for today’s podcast i wanna make sure that you get that.
So head back yesterday and make sure you subscribe to the price,
podcast and also we just got approved for google play with the android devices so we’re gonna have like a billion more people have access to this podcast.

[1:07] Yesterday recovered can the basics of blocking the foundation keywords so we’re gonna take the next step and what do you do in regards to contact how do you create content how do you stop getting,
stock pillars that perfection writers block all that today,
the first had a five day blogging course that has been awesome to see people opt into and to see the people spots you know everywhere from i have dread to i’m worried i’m frozen to you i’m excited and i can’t wait to blog,
and its going to be just really great content really great resources to walk you through five days of blogging,
i to really hope we get some those first blog posts kicked out and if you are blocking i have taken up that next level,
it’s one of the best things you can do to build your expertise build your business and to show your authority and request that you know what you’re talking about.

[2:00] So head over practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog and that’s the number five so practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog.

[2:09] And you can send a free five day blogging course and five days in a row kick your butt would be awesome.
Let’s talk a little bit about creating content.
One of the most frequent questions i get is how do i overcome writer’s block or am frozen or i just i’m looking at the.
And i would see the best thing you can do is to stand up and walk away from the screen because you’re not gonna get anything productive done in that fifteen minutes to staying at a blank screen anyway.
So do something productive or exciting or fun i think going for a walk.
Doing something with your family or your friends watching something on netflix doing yoga and then while you’re doing those things observing yourself what gets you excited.
So maybe you in a walk next door good do a yoga class and the practice of practice renewal our offices right next door to yoga studio so they won’t go do some yoga.

[3:07] Just observe what’s happening in your body and your mind what you’re doing yoga and then if you were to start make those into some bullet points and what they look like and just wait for things to calm.
Because as you start to grow in awareness and experiences that really can help fuel your ideas for blocks because initially for start up.
You’re it also have ears to hear eyes to see in the world like where these opportunities use not aware or open to all when something happens this would be a great blog post.
So a couple of weeks ago i talked about getting she spare rhino in nepal now that story didn’t necessarily connected business at the time.
But as you move forward in life and you learn more and more is revealed to you and your experience more you start to see things with new eyes and,
more than you can start to see things with eyes around blocking the military helpful so you’re in this yoga studio.
Imagine that your first bikram yoga you decide to do something new.
You go to bikram yoga it’s like a hundred and twenty degrees in there you’re just sweating so much you didn’t bring enough water you just wanna leave,
and maybe it’s just not a good experience and no for a lot of people be like that the hot yoga but maybe for you.
You’re in the manual around all these people seem so into a and there’s so mindful and mike you’re just like i’m not there.
What kind of like whiskey right from that you could rent one that’s about why you should stretch yourself and try new things even if it’s terrible.

[4:42] And so maybe somerville appoints might be your contemplation stage interested deciding to go do hot yoga for the first time,
maybe that observing the in the moment of trying something new you realize that you don’t know whatever else knows,
you didn’t know to bring a bunch extra water you didn’t know to hydrate for the two hours before or to not see don’t appeal whole time.
I have done it before so it may be.
You don’t how often you know you’re in situations that you just wanna leave and maybe actually delete maybe got up and left the maybe you got up and left the hot yoga so when do you decide to leave and when you decide to stay.
And then maybe another plan might be afterward you feel better than you expected to feel even though the actual experience wasn’t a whole lot of fun for you.
And then maybe the next main point would be gonna consider going back so the blog post is that a progression.
Of your story but then you’re going from zooming in on this bikram yoga experiences zooming out and saying what something more universal here so that they could be something that inspires you,
maybe you your therapist to talk to people about anxiety.
Yesterday we talked about keywords we talked about those types of things maybe get idea around yesterday we use the example anxiety symptoms okay so bullet point one might be what are what is anxiety.
A ball point two maybe frequent symptoms of.

[6:14] Blow point three might be things that are often mistaken for anxiety ballpoint for might be quick interventions for anxiety things like sleep exercise help your diet.
Book five might be when symptoms are too much how to ask for help or when to ask for help.

[6:34] And then maybe start so if you have your bow appoints anything but once a time that i feel anxious that i feel comfortable sharing as a therapist or business owner that i don’t mind revealing.
So maybe you know last summer we are on the ferris wheel with my four year old daughter and it looks like it was no big deal and then like.
Getting ready and you look like all the screws are there but i realized the pull up this first we’ll only two hours in the packet back up and go to the next town and.
I knew it was a safe for us we’ll but as the thing was rocking back and forth with my four year old i got kinda.
Hyper sensitive over and i had a sit down really and make sure she’s not looking over the edge and even though she’s been safe it really caused a lot of anxiety me.
So maybe toaster like that reveals some anxiety in yourself the feel comfortable sharing you can go into your five bullet points and then you,
close with your story in reference your or close with the reference your story and then hit those five bullet points.
So even though deep anxiety is much more than a ferris wheel we all have those ferris wheel moments,
we know what anxiety is now we know many of the symptoms and that if we exercise and get better sleep it’ll naturally reduce can some of the baseline anxiety we also know that there’s help out there,
yeah there’s an extra steps people can take to see i just painted out the wire frame a whole blog post about anxiety symptoms.

[8:08] And then i would and my bio so in related to what you just wrote about joe soundtrack is,
traverse city councilor in so maybe a link that back to home page because you will have the internal leaking is a traverse city counselor that helps men women and children deal with anxiety symptoms,
and live a more fulfilling life or something like that and i am a picture and maybe a link with the phone number or contact us page.
So when your taking the time to have your own experiences that you can draw from you then have an awareness that.
Everything is a potential blog post when you’re driving into work and you listening to npr or the ted radio hour or podcast.

[8:56] All of that you have opinions on and those opinions can become blog post so for example if npr has something that’s about brain research in a new study when you get your office find that study.
Read a little bit more about it to agree with that you disagree with that,
what can people take away from other you tube videos that are trending right now the you feel like are really bad for kids are they really good for families with the reveal something that use therapeutic even though it on the surface it’s not their pubic.

[9:29] Search every where you look when you see things that are popular they’re growing that are being reported on the people are asking questions around.
How can you spin that trans jack is the word how can you try and jack that into a blog post and give your opinion.

[9:45] Blessing and with is another thing that i hear from a lot of people that have joined this free five day blogging course.
Is that they feel like they have nothing new to say nothing new to say and i want to challenge that because.
No one has said it like you say it if i talk about anxiety symptoms i might tell a story about a ferris wheel i might give examples that emphasize sleep cuz that’s super important to me where is you might really going to howl.
Kayla nutrition and low carbs are really important to you,
and then you might tell a story about that time that your dog ran away and jumped in the river and you jump in the river after him,
and you are sorta strong swimmer but there’s a moment there when you like we and not sure i’m as strong as i thought i was and.
Like a custom anxiety see you’re going to bring your own thing.
Into the blog and even if your saying where on the surface seems like it’s exactly the same as me.

[10:47] It’s not because you are your own person you have your own experiences.
It’s more important to start getting yourself out there as an expert in the same way that you would you never say well i’m a therapist and counseling like there’s thousands of therapists for bra pretty much the same in washington be a therapist.
No no you tube say.
Yeah i’ve unit training in the specific area i’ve been trained as a marriage therapist and i also want to the common sense parenting training.
And i utilize news in my session to help to teach mindfulness and the you bring all these different things to your sessions that make it unique because of you and your blog is just a reflection of that exact same thing.
So when you email and say i nothing you to say i’m probably just gonna send you back to the podcast because i just said it.
You do if you’re awesome you’re doing amazing things and you think differently that i think another therapist think and you’re gonna have way different opinions.

[11:45] So tomorrow we’re gonna dive into the visual side of blogging.
So today we can’t content how to create content how to have it near your passions that you’re experiencing tomorrow we’re gonna go into the visual.

[11:59] Head on over to practice and the ppracticeofthepractice.com/5dayblog that’s the number five day blog.
That’s gonna take you to sign a form to sign up for the five day free blogging course and people are loving it i hope they really.
And you guys rock thanks for letting me into yours and into your brain has an amazing day and i’ll talk to you tomorrow.

[12:25] This podcast is designed to provide accurate gosh little this podcast is designed,
provide accurate in the thirty two information in regards to the subject matter covered is given with the understanding that neither the host the publisher or the gas surrendering legal,
accounting clerical or other professional information if you need a professional you should find one cheese pizzas.
And thank you to the man silence is sexy for that intro music you guys rock it for me.

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