PoP 180 | 12 Days Of Practice: Four-Day Weekend

12 Days of Practice

Today we’re talking about a four-day weekend with Joe Sanok.

In This Podcast:

  • What it takes to have a 4 day weekend every weekend
  • What I do
  • Planning: VA answer calls www.practiceofthepractice.com/assistant to apply, work on design, trello, passive income, boundaries to not get sucked into work, flexibility to sometimes see a client.

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 180 | 12 Days Of Practice: Four-Day Weekend

[0:00] Welcome to the twelve days of practice series had an over to practiceofthepractice.com/12days that’s the number twelve days,
you can download the twelve days of,
act of god that goes along with this twelve part series up in over there and you will get resources infographics and what awesome things to help you launch two thousand seventeen and an awesome awesome way,
give us practiceofthepractice.com/12days.

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[0:54] Come to the fourth day of practice today we’re gonna be talking of four-day weekend so on the fourth day of practice joe gave to me.
Four day weekend three slow down steps to website questions and in on us money mines at.

[1:12] Well today we’re talking what it takes to have a four-day weekend almost every single weekend.
He was back in the summer of two thousand fifteen after the most awesome conference that i really was inspired by kelly and miranda and julie who had put that conference in with me,
to really start thinking about how i could utilize my time even more efficiently,
and that summer two thousand fifteen i scheduled out to take every friday off.
And you know there was times i had to can i sf if something in there for the most part every friday off and then it,
in two thousand sixteen and most awesome conference i remember kelly higgon was doing a talk with his walking us through thinking about your ideal day.
And in my head i was thinking summers coming out of a five-year old a two-year old that awesome wife and we just got new stand up paddle boards,
they thought i’d love it to wake up go paddle boarding with them the five-year old and two-year old sit really well on the paddle board course they were life jackets and everything,
and i was thinking what if i did that i could go do some consulting and counseling for a few hours and be home by like four or maybe even take monday and friday off.

[2:24] And i thought you know my wi-fi tried that for the summer where i took mondays and fridays off and tried to be home a little bit earlier,
and tried to have some boundaries of my schedule to work we really hard during those three days but to not burn out so much that i didn’t get to hang out with my family.

[2:42] Sister blocking off and it took a little bit of time.
But i can see now that for most weekends i before the week and now let me tell you a little bit about some of the exceptions.

[2:53] Four days a long time to go for clients if something comes up.
And so i always check my email her later in the day on friday so i might spend a half hour to an hour and friday.
Checking a little bit america cleaning things up from the week maybe scheduling in my calendar for the next week what sort of things i need to work on,
so always archive e-mails and then it might say work and this thing and maybe tuesday at ten fifteen till ten thirty,
so i’m really plugging in my time telling myself exactly what you said i have like an email to do list to have an actual like i’m going to get this done schedule and give myself a timeline.

[3:29] And then on sundays are usually do about fifteen minutes of you now clean up or go through just to the things that i know i don’t need to take action on,
i’ll leave things as new e-mails from nine to work on them,
and how do some quick responses to things and there monday morning i might do a couple quick e-mails but really i don’t schedule much on mondays,
unless once in a while i have a client that they just have to see me on monday if there a client has been around for a while then i make an exception for them.
Then i usually try to pack around them a few other clients just to make it worth my time to come into the office.

[4:05] So that’s not where i make exceptions to the for the weekend of for the most part,
on fridays you can a family fun stuff in and mondays we did made more errands and laundry and grocery shopping in grocery shopping so that really weird but what is it take.
To get to the point where you can eliminate certain tasks from your plate.
And i’m really excited cuz in two thousand seventeen be interviewing a huge taxpayer and where,
right now this guy’s been and some of the top podcast in the in the nation and we can solidify the details again out who that is but it’s one of the top teachers of how to outsource things.

[4:44] But when that happens you need to do is you need to start thinking about.
Well what can i take off my plate so for example in a virtual assistant in answer your calls,
so you can head over to practiceofthepractice.com/assistant i’m actually the process of hiring someone right now that i can’t outsourced all of you,
because that’s when most frequent cause of his high find someone quality,
the answer my phone to schedule it understands grasshopper understand simple practice i’m just gonna train somebody that outsource them is of you when i apply for that,
your head over to practiceofthepractice.com/assistant and then there’s a bunch of other things you can take off your plate so for example you can,
we have your design work with that your design work you’re not gonna do that yourself have somebody else do even if you’re good at design.
Search that somebody else i know it’s saying my designer sheets and handful clients and she’s continuing to take on a couple of clients she’s amazing and it’s something i used to love do i still love design work.
But it’s just not a good use of my time.

[5:50] Also using things like troll oh which is a project management system to really keep track of what you need to do you keep track of your assistance keep track of those projects.
Is well i’d say to have that forty we can you wanna be using technology in a smart way to help you get more done i know when counseling owner who has set a kind of their own system for billing and everything.
And they pay virtual assistant play ten hours a month of monitor all that you think about a few things and even fifteen bucks an hour.
That’s a hundred fifty bucks a month you’re paying someone to use your system that has to stay updated when i use something whether it’s simple practice,
is there a difference scheduling software and billing software to make it a lot easier for yourself there so many technology solutions so.
Things like me and or i use that for social media to grow tea through a number of the things i wanna promote i use to pay someone that would schedule all that out,
but it was cheaper for me to something like meetedgar.
No does that mean i’m not active on social media no it just means it might great content gets to be rotated through over and over that i can actually engage with people.
Also for me i set up boundaries to not get sucked into work and so i might set a timer if i know that,
i am having power until my next appointment,
i’m a set my timer for fifteen minutes and then not with my phone not like anything other than the project i’m working on so get way more done during those three days than the typical days.
And then you have the last little tip that i have about scheduling a four-day weekend is realize you need to have some flexibility and sometimes you claim to be hard on yourself.

[7:30] What would your partner or with your family in talking about the schedules and what’s with the stuff for you in may be that.
You just stopped seeing clients at noon on friday and have a two and a half day weekend,
maybe it’s that you cut one evening out or maybe in that phase where it’s like you’re gonna sprint,
and you need to run full tilt and at some point you can send a date to that’s printing because there are times that,
of building a website times that you’re seeing clients you’re taking me when you can when you’re in the start-up phase and then when you get to have a growth phase.
You gotta start really looking your time how do you scale beyond just your own hours and so when you get to that phase you have to realize that sprint is over that was a chapter,
it is time to slow down so yesterday we talked with three steps to slow down the spark innovation,
so that’s it your for the weekend tomorrow we’re going to talk about five blog post ideas.
Thanks so much for letting in two years and into your brain have an awesome day and i will talk to you tomorrow.

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[8:40] This podcast is designed right after the thirty of information in regard to subject matter covered listing with the understanding that new the hose,
publisher around the legal accounting clinical or other professional information if you need a professional you should find one.

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