PoP 190 | HIPAA and Tech Peace of Mind with Roy Huggins

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Roy Huggins about HIPAA and Tech Peace of Mind.



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In This Podcast:

Technology can protect you, but you need to be diligent in keeping your files secure. Make sure you use strong passwords and make use of a password management program to keep track of your passwords.

Make sure you use the right software, i.e.: practice management system. Confidentiality in Private Practice is extremely important.

Keep your tech away from kids!

Check what information companies that you work with hold, specifically with regards to your clients.

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Meet Roy Huggins

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes you need a little help.

When it comes to digital ethics quandaries, security and privacy in your practice and other tech concerns for therapists, sometimes you need a lot of help. Roy’s happy to be there for you when you do.

Roy consults with helping professionals, one-on-one or in groups, on topics such as these:

  • Making your tech setup (computer, smart phone, tablet computer, email, texting, etc.) HIPAA compliant
  • Policies and plans for handling client security and privacy in an appropriate way for your practice and your clients
  • Ethical quandaries surrounding digital ethics and HIPAA
  • Some aspects of online marketing

Roy also can help solo and very small group practices perform a security risk analysis, which is an essential part of HIPAA compliance and just a good idea for keeping you and your clients safe. Risk analysis also lets you get out of the stressful rat race of trying to find “HIPAA compliant” products and services — an activity which is not, ironically, HIPAA compliant. For those with whom Roy consults, risk analysis can be performed via phone and takes anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours depending on the complexity of your practice.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 190 | Hipaa And Tech Peace Of Mind With Roy Huggins

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[0:30] Music.

[0:54] I am so sorry to have been here today i do this weather and our with roy huggins that was all about,
in two thousand seventeen reuters been on the podcast think this is third time,
and so we talked about doing this webinar but also then sharing it via the podcast and i’m so excited,
it’s our long winter that we just dropped all sorts of value and i just asked him all sorts of questions and it turned out really awesome,
so it is a longer episode but it’s super detailed and super into just a lot of kinda what he does rigorously looking at her in deciding.
If a specific products will help with have a compliance for practices so without any further ado i give you roy huggins.

[1:39] Music.

[1:50] Good afternoon possibly if you are on the east coast or watching this recording later couldn’t be any evening.
It could be 3 a.m. I’ve seen I’ve seen in her a lot some of you guys you come hang out at 3 a.m. I seen you could be in a different country.
Now i have no way to get a question in a related to being far away so.
We can answer the next question what’s the topic.

[2:23] So the topic is its with the title text using my hurts it’s happened in heaven private in twenty seventeen so big topic is primarily chloroquine privacy the me in the.
Where do.

[2:39] Yeah yes of modern technology actually protect my privacy from people who really want to violated and is left in bottom of the dui violated so how effective is my smart phone to keep me out those annoying nosey bad guys.
Right yeah especially from the main theme right back in the course of last of what i was and other things as well like i email works that things are as well.

[3:02] Okay yeah yes i already got i am ready to go.
Excellent good to great right okay cool so brian anything else you want to tell us about technical stuff in moderation last minute text before you started i don’t think so okay great.

[3:23] Is it just arrived use question marks communicate with us and that’s all right.
Alright take away wonderful roy i’m so excited to be here and lots of people are coming in still roy huggins those of you who don’t know is the mastermind behind persons under attack and someone i met years ago and,
he is my ipad through and what i’m super sorry about today,
is that this is sort of like can’t live office hours which will be talking about a little bit later but so cool that we get to experience.
I’m good thanks man dominion excited for a while it’s nice to actually get going and doing it.
I know i know tons of people emailing me and excited about it was super cool of you the training in is at the end we have a goodie for you to stay already and i don’t you don’t wanna miss it it’s gonna be only available to people,
their live in the short period of time right after this wedding r you just added to.
I did a super special that you and i added tax to roy right for when i have no idea.
And yeah that’s cool that’s,
yeah yeah yeah so the question is starting with is contact actually protect us i mean why not just have no paper files and just red stuff in late on fire.
Who i don’t know why you would want to be in his head constantly i know the different portland’s said i.

[5:02] It does it does this to the show distraction okay so,
yes will be in michigan to listening to you to reveal something action movie about it i actually keep paper records myself but i don’t,
and i have some record on my laptop because i do on my thirty.
So because i’m in therapy isn’t always at my office my file cabinet i keep records for those plans on my computer.
And so that actually gives you one of the good reasons for electronic records besides just cultural pressure right which is that like I have them there cuz that’s what the clients are.
Alright c have a the records of clans so that’s reason i keep those that’s only if you my records the vast tonight when ninety percent americans are in a file cabinet written on paper in.
An office in downtown portland so i actually have no problem with that to me why do that if that’s right for practice so you should do,
do you may find various pressures insurance companies or integrated care and are mens to do a truck or you may just find tonic actually work better for you that’s actually think.
Why motion of nations are doing it just that it’s what works better.
But the question whether tech can protect us answer is yes i can its it’s hard like.
You can a course to requires more daily.
And there’s a couple of reasons for that one is one of electronic a seizure spread it around when electronic and using the internet.

[6:40] And you don’t have a strong security set up.
Its easier for a guy to get to it i don’t have a little break into your office to get your files if they can if there is a file of a mess somewhere that’s not very well secured.
What can potentially get them from the comfort of their own after base right which makes the living room and kitchen wife in hacker base like it has a.
As i have read isn’t look-alike so here’s a thing like so if you keep the records and cloud service and with electronic health record services on.
They have the other computers are in these big bunkers.
Send me the word banker the sum of my niggas like they are in their data centers a place where they keep the computers for the cloud services.
It is centers are usually heavily secured areas but there’s a data center on the third floor of my office building.
And if you woke up the stairwell the central stairwell you usually every is sterile floor just looks like there’s two door in you gone to the floor and started dealing with the third floor of the data center is.
The doors and reinforce inner big steel plates.
For the locks and they have a bio metric and so smart cars and biometric them print and there are cameras that can see everything all the time and always warning signs everywhere.
And that’s typical davis and so the physical security is really strong.

[8:08] But if you have salem if he’s have a bad password for your account all that i need this to just get your password and they can get everything.
Okay so what’s the yet lol mean that’s what is right that’s what that’s happens the password is what protects your account so if you have a bad password,
if the bag i can figure it out then into your account thing is like a really simple thing but the,
people don’t keep track of what’s a good password or i can remember fifty passwords like nine so i think that something that small can you can be like the data breach,
yeah but yeah so that’s the thing that’s why you want to know how to be able to remember 50 passwords I have a trick for it would you like to know it I would like to know it.

[8:58] Well i train myself to mass of meditation to memorize password now is actually a call from engine ranking of your brain and the,
is it i don’t know i figure member id and password is the most important thing i can do with my life just former so i can mail.

[9:24] Give me the screen stop hogging the screen brian me present.
Very well thanks yeah show me screen.

[9:35] Alright silly as soon as kinda so like i was saying i’m evil shit to you should it is just.

[9:47] Hello also begin adding and joe’s in joe’s in the lower friend when right okay alright so i use a password manager program called when password.

[10:01] Every turn master mention program for an unofficial told you about them before right yeah i use last pass and.
Hello yeah they the best answer right so like this i just like this one last best action option to i’ve often and was that so like.
I only know my one pass-phrase and all my training programs we teach pass-phrase it’s a fun little trick i do i will see that this is all of my passwords.

[10:32] Make all the sex during here in every single password.
And every single password is this big long message characters and i have no idea with any.
Because i don’t bother memorizing there’s no reason to memorize them i just number as the one that loves me into this thing and i have this thing synchronize with my phone so if i had a new password my phone gets it.
Within a few minutes i had my phone and this and get than a few minutes and has great like i actually can go to a website.

[11:04] I hear you can see the person attack front page right over here is my plug-in for when password if i go to the.

[11:14] The login screen.

[11:21] I love the memories anything i just click and it fills in the password there and i just click log in.

[11:29] Look-a-like that password is dang yeah exactly and I didn’t even make it.
But i need the password my password program it for me that’s love me in my site right i have i have there for everything.
I have a from myself so let.
Okay now you missing actually go up so high spec battery do basically every single time and i make an account and any sites in service.
I actually just go up to my little one password thing right here and say generate a password for me i could fill.
And that remembers it remembers where me that password for me.

[12:09] Right so like next time i come back to in knows that when i go back to that site that’s my password for that.
So what i’m hearing is a lot of times tech using tech to protect your privacy is often,
saving you time is also increasing your security but you need to know which of these tools were spend your time and any people like damn you just that stuff so that we don’t have to go dink around figure out what works.
Exactly that’s not right yeah and like that so love the i love the password manager because it actually encourages people to do good passwords.
I’ve had people say that once they actually kinda gotten a group of using it.
They actually got excited and make started running and all their websites and my changing all the passwords after manager cuz they were like oh god this is so simple and easy and the password manager you probably the third of your.
Your most important low hanging fruit security work just using pastor mandarin tank.
Yeah so the other ways we can use tax protect.
So like using the right software really like using a choosing the right style for options and the problem there is when i see the discourse around that might i see a lot of these letters to discuss this that someone.
It is disabled and on the facebook group used to be a little finger it’s now say speakers to say has not right and i got a hot stuff like that there is on facebook now so people ask the same questions over and over.

[13:41] Like you do you know like,
yo it isn’t very easy earnest and hammer out those guys right now they tell you to the moderate those groups i can probably see the same technical questions five times every,
hello this is it alright and the thing is people ask the questions use of rain in the question of i never had a complaint this or complain at.
And that you frame it that way you’re unlikely to get good results mean sometimes when answering.
Wasn’t what i think when recording you do is you do is have a reviews and evaluates different software isn’t like your just say this offer to help.
How would you look for in a hit the review when you’re evaluating tests i get the question where was this have been compliant and is good and see if you don’t have review on it but like how do you go through that process.
I will say it’s like okay that’s a good idea of telling people how we do this so we are paid service which were gonna give you,
discount into the this whole thing so don’t go by yet winter and one of the things include is a single have appropriateness reviews and the reason why we call him that and the reason we have that whole concept is because.
Even if a product that you get it compatible with your happenings you still have to consider how you use it.

[15:10] So for example nearly every practice management system has feature where we were reminder clans of their points.
At what point are myers is fantastic everyone wants that both of their business plans one that the problem is they always do it using on security answer text message.
Right actually quite a few the fax machine systems will actually call your client on the phone and leave a voicemail or seven recorded messages says here payments at this time.
Write the solution for most of them but i don’t use those either text or email is unsecured messaging.

[15:46] Revealing to the internet is that your client has a mental health appointment.
Hello it’s so you can have a secure platform it’s called hello comply and if it’s all those things and then the way that it communicate to the client may not be appropriate or may tell the world in a way that they,
hey persons got a constant when it.
Yeah right if you can consider that way cuz of tenancy to think about security is that the stuff and something that’s kind of defined by law.
And it is of course has a lot of friends right but is also ethics and if i just set you as an ethical therapist in your supervisor to the mute your give people have to stay up under your and if so like if harry here talking said,
yeah it’s in the sun security email that’s open to all look on the internet that says its says when someone has a therapy appointment.
What would you rather say that about that contact right now just of out of a hole in my pocket through,
how they came to that conclusion like to try to teach my counselors then supervisor to think for themselves because in just a few short years they’re gonna be on their own whether or not i want them to be still,
i am walking to the decision-making process and walk alongside and have the team that we have,
group supervision walk them through what should have considered this because it so that it’s more than just use the answer is like the supervision group more,
hey like to learn to think for yourself about this stuff in the same edit your teaching people to have a progress reviews right yeah exactly and i need you i.

[17:24] That’s really good answer and records because i’m looking for is in the state that the confidentiality breach.
Bring the existence relationship is a confidentiality issue that you have to check in so you can use a security now,
right that’s the thing i expected us a f hoe though the same as the expectations,
is it it’s on like no other so i answer to that goes right so i need but of course it so that ethics teacher where i have to teach them off concept of god.
In the first place you know i would say like that difficulty is that would be equivalent to walk in the public square and yelling process were your clan hey your counseling appointment with we have an xl pc is at five pm tomorrow.
Alright something like that that would be the cause exotica doing that and so the thing is there a potentially,
your client can say i want you to do that i want to yell across the square with my appointment is going to remind me,
i know it’s a privacy problem i understand the privacy problem and uncomfortable i’m going to accept that is the risk clients might be able to do that.
Under the new no freezer for when watching this you need to find out if your ethics do that and if your license in ore city.
I have a certain allows the client to say yes i want you to send me those in security no infection and that’s why the bags mandarin systems go ahead and do.
That’s why they go and have it available right because they know it’s possible and it but it still your responsibility is the.

[19:02] When i talk to people make the systems and i talk about that now i guess of course you know we assume that are customers understand the responsibilities and,
and i didn’t use the product properly,
hey or hey they don’t live is about the we will do and we if rejected us in the clan assume that we so we really have experts that monitor are on liability and our own projects,
that’s right that’s exactly and so i know that requires and technology education which is why we have these reviews,
which is probably directly with people been saying on their screens of time in this me talking so these reviews are there to show you what are those things that this product is up to you.

[19:44] Right like what’s the best so i hear we have proton mail which i’m becoming interested in this than the product for the time now and it’s actually gonna.
Is a potential answer when later questions about,
getting high and privacy to clients in new haven privacy situation code on milk and one other options actually i would say about that question for proton mail,
it’s pretty cool it’s very summery hush mail or two very true or the other security email system that are available but they still got a few,
points about where you need to be aware that point where you could end up creating a security breach or just,
what is the planes and i can’t find enough no badness comes out right so like all of these reviews having them call me at six.
Where you say this problems with this product for we think there’s an issue with using this product but we actually find it problematic with this company.
Open the comments no so the best we tell you that you need to do this at your piece of the puzzle for making sure that this is both a complaint and also scare.
Price of not run pro time and get a bunch of them have managed everywhere pass resistance to give you some advice.
Turn on the tv is logging because you need you neither advance logging service for you have a compliance kind of things like that is a kind of product compliant doesn’t make sense to use the last of these things you have to do.
And the thing is not having not that hard to do we just need to know do so.

[21:15] So any products you can sign up for and then there may be six seven and how many notes the,
what’s the most you’ve seen and one of the products you for right now what time as the most of six little like bullet points that are hard and i would have no idea that i need to do the things to make it be the most secure most ethical.
I want you to make this quick steps that right yeah it can i use it is that you need to evaluate your suffers doing so that you can,
so you can use the properly can i use that idea with no service are,
right now that’s what their stuff is for this is yet you don’t know how to do it i mean like to know how oh how to go through and look at each level security and for most counselors i.
We are taught of god school no-no anything to her.
Well yeah even i have i don’t have time to teach my students detail exceeded especially when chris sommer last term.
Ten hours of teaching the students about the basics of insecurity and have some kind of license people joined class.
And after ten hours everyone’s like this needs to be a full three credit course does not enough.

[22:27] And that’s the system account that’s were coming from persons inner tank is really how much education has to be done so yeah that’s a thing as a back to summer course stuff to like answer the question of whether can secure us.
Smartphones is actually come a long way towards being able to secure information.
So you can actually an iphone does automatically begin the long pass code if you don’t have a pass code.
You’re interested in anything because someone can just get a pass code which is what the fbi wanted to do with the shooters iphone last year and they want to apple to make it one apple to give the fbi the ability to make unlimited guesses of the guys asked.
Cuz normally iphone won’t let you make more than ten guesses and i’ll make you wait a baby tonight and gas.
Yeah i quick side note we have a ipod touch that just plays music in a lobby and that’s always there for me and i went out there one day and it said that it was frozen for or locked for a one million some minutes,
can that happen when it is seven years some kid friendly break into it is taking them.
Yeah the only thing can on there was cameras lose any brain.
That’s so we think of a smartphone security guys were products actually code is called investigation repellant for smartphones are the new name.
Its is this a smartphone security guide but it actually got that maintenance was in forward want to have more.

[24:05] Hey buddy the.
Yeah nigga saying we talk about long pass code and the feature where it limits gases we tell them we tell people in the guy be careful not to let kids play with your phone.
Cuz they can not walking on your phone cuz they just play with your password screen to watch the management addresses,
yeah we have a picture of a kid breaking phone that’s a good anyways that i can use that to me and super cool so how many like no most iphones for example you just need a four digit code to get.
Oh no saying anything you hear let’s with the lynx considered a good code.

[24:47] Hey sorry i get that i miss something was there enough so this is my long enough rain.
I’m driving to fuck us twenty care yeah that’s twenty characters twenty alphanumeric digital like or wacky v,
what is sin punctuation numbers are kinda stuff and i can do that i don’t actually think everyone should do that i do that because i don’t ever use this to get an i just do my from friend.
To get to my phone so i twenty characters super password for the bad guys who steal my phone right so i don’t have to canada that pass code every couple of days.
Right now the weather is in a hundred and my wife has a fingerprint on it to the back in case someone else needs access to phone.
Ex i have i have confidence of information on this phone.
Is stored on the phone so this is an interesting for you guys that you can do that your tech can secure the stuff so like,
is there a phone conversation with after having question of the,
for example i’m going to training so where people talking attack people know live in some areas tack that on the security parts of the word of the scary part and i seen people say things like,
never ever use a smartphone to handle confidential information as senior smartphone is always infected with viruses senior smartphone can never be secured.
No that’s true anymore that’s the thing is one point of was true but is not sure anymore after edward snowden leaked about nsa spying.

[26:20] Both apple and google really stepped up and said.
Not doing anymore and like you know what you feel about government surveillance which is not actually what we have to protect against where it is to protect against criminals and also just accidentally disclosure nice people,
when is that that level security also means that we have fantastic skating terminals.
Write my phone is this contracted if i wasn’t if this was an android phone i could easily put on it and you or should i fire will.
And i know where you can for this contract on an android phone you have to sue to go to settings and select for this contract.

[27:03] Renny set a strong passcode for encryption and your phone is really,
looking for nike and the thing is you have to have certain songs hundred that so the for the average counseling is like,
what’s fair what’s encryption like we need to go in all of that but how do you figure that stuff out when it’s like,
shoot out great right but how the heck to do that will you say you come gallery stuff because all that’s there available to you,
and when the strider membership you can come ask me and she lives in bryan wax help you to understand the face guy like you know will help you that all the time that if you remember but you also,
but i am using final that the free materials or just by buying ce courses if you want to get the free mitchells have some low level to high level stuff.
The course is have a deeper and then our membership actually has videos that actually walk you through doing it.
Make us a video that actually demonstrates changing those settings on an iPhone and Android phone to Windows computer in a Natchitoches computer.
What’s the connections have a video that shows expense of how to do each thing that’s a membership level the sci courses table the concept me ethics and law.
And the free stuff will give you kinda were talking right now you cancel this contract you can send a longer pass code it’ll tile stuff,
set so that’s example i was thinking about him with tongue the team clients of they don’t respond to email they don’t have calendars,
really on the way to my appointment is a text message no there’s this new app called state signal texting or something like that is so that is like a ride will you do like.

[28:45] I have a valuation on that what would you look for in and see signal any other new thing that,
it like it is through the process for your answer using this before you i’m sorry i didn’t is it okay okay well that’s a very have reviews signal.
Set the three years i’ve signals you only reveal we have that’s available to the public you don’t have to be paying members here signal review.
And so when we talked about heightens heightened Privacy Law show you.
Why bother so thin looking for when you review biceps signal that option because of the signal is not a product is designed for healthcare.
So that means that the people who made signal were making it with intention and shine they are getting a japanese.

[29:34] Is that actually why my skin my signal review using one copy and six notes.
Right like it on my screen it now and it does a lot you need to do to make your using it in a way that works for him and ethics.
However we still actually zero here we actually happening for it we use a big happy yes to do we recommend.
Despite the fact that do stuff is because it’s so private rice and is also super easy to use its just happen your phone.

[30:03] This is an app on your phone and you just go when you texted he is super easy so what am i looking for one of the things that i do when i look for signal first i find the co what’s the company that makes signal.

[30:15] So who makes this restaurant so signal private messenger.

[30:21] To okay looks like it’s open software systems mean by you take a little longer to verify this but no open mr make signal.
Okay so i wanna know is this company with somebody i’m actually trusted me information.

[30:36] Right it’s like not getting issue do they have a picture of a confucius with a compliance and a guy with sums up on the front page i guess that’s all i got i’m not really trust that no one knows this trust company trustworthy but the thing is i also know.
That i’m just a counselor i’m just a single guy i don’t have the power to get a company to give me all the kinda at the station materials than a hospital can do in a private hospital system was checkout signal.
Making condenser whisper systems send them white papers about technology and after stations about other security procedures and all this so i wanna know just things like.
Do you know what everything office is and if they do it how often did and very importantly very important i wanna know what information do they end up falling for me.
And what do they do with that information and use it again what information do they in a holding for me and what do they do with that information.

[31:36] Nothing is such an important question because if we aren’t thinking about what are they doing with the information and over and over here about what is data breaches are inappropriate use of of clients information and,
that i got the underline that because i underline it to.
Okay great thanks and why others are on the line and i sometimes feel like an idiot light up your life is what does this research for me as is no question asked real experience that it is an idea of asking company.
What information you hold and other what we do this now but yes but what information do you get but what information of mine you get if i do you every gather information my clients.
When i communicate with a client would you gather about what you hold onto.
What do you know about and then the thing is if they if they hold on to anything at all about clients anything at all including just the ip address to use the service from.

[32:33] In other words that they just have a law that says some of his ip address connected with roy’s account on this date boom they have to give me a business associate agreement.

[32:43] Right anything even just that little bit it says i have to have a business associate agreement with them at that point.
Me so that’s the thing signal i spent days like handing them and looking for information outside sources about signal because they claim to keep nothing.

[33:04] And they claim that he’s not even the ip address to access from when you talk to me.
The only thing on any users signal is the day that which you may have access signal.
Which is probably gonna be every day because your signal happens always talking to the signal server saying hey do i have any messages and so basically that’s the most.
And are they doing business associate agreements with clinicians or like well i only care about that if they retain any information about my clients.
Okay now all the research indicates they do not and i actually want any company claims that make of the claim that i want third party confirmation.
I don’t wanna just take me because that’s a pretty big claim for company to make to say that the keep nothing and therefore there’s no business of human necessary.
It’s a big claim so i want to confirm that side parties and i got some of that was with signal that i got confirmation that also got things like they were subpoenaed by.
I think massachusetts or somewhere somebody’s were here and it was some stay some go them for an ambitious in the michigan seven am,
that is and i don’t i don’t know whatever i was those memorable know about it so that something is this your s redwoods national forest right,
yeah that’s right down there up there i don’t know they run sodium states a penis signal for information about people asking you messaging signal.

[34:35] And normally this weekend would be legal signal would have to turn information over the thing is they couldn’t if they didn’t have.
So we have evidence is that of pressure actual test signals claims and it came out that they do not get information so that tells it and have there was color conduit as an exception to the business associate.
And so they are true conduit right now the problem is any time that you conduit that means there’s a lot more responsibility on you.
To make sure that your information like a free sample whatever you exchanged texts with a client you need a document written in the whole text message but have a docking station.
So the problem is that means that signal doesn’t have a copy of your message so you lose is lost that you can rely on them help.
Rite if you lose your password you can’t read any of your messages.
The signal can’t reset it for you because it because i can’t see your messages state they have no way of doing that and that’s why the empress review signal has six notes on.
Yes that is all you know is telling you things you gotta do to make sure you don’t lose your messages.
Right cuz it isn’t ethical duty to maintain messages gotta right but that’s having a look for several different company like right now is and i am working on something practice.

[35:52] What is a practice management system and the company wellness reviews so far and so we find things like they have a have a reminders.
Right now me and the record keeping obviously right so obviously the retained an arsenal of information science.
So the first thing you do you do business social media yes of course it.
Hey what do you do with planned information do you every e-mail or text in information yes we do with a criminal minds okay so we need to know about that.
So there might you that process you need to use of you going to do a primary my best having look for.

[36:29] So one thing about that is my business question of is.
There’s a difference between when you look for in a product to make sure you stay compliant and ethical.
Where does he look for a product to say protect your client from it’s a cuban government surveillance.

[36:50] Or look for to make sure that you are keeping the information secure against some heightened threat you know like 3 that will maybe you know that you may be all your clients are domestic abuse victims.

[37:04] Write that point of complains enough.
I need to make sure that you are using products that help ensure that the that your clients themselves get the privacy they need from the people who are threatening him right that point just using siri knows not enough because you’d using the person’s home.
And the abuser has access to their clients computer and phone.
No passwords and can go view your sister messages to school secure message using them in a complaint are taking a client right but you can still help you.
So there is a couple of questions here that if you don’t mind is jumping into natural people on this as i have clients his privacy news are getting higher and higher these days,
what tools can we use to communicate with each other on maintaining that have,
then god displaced despite increased risks to their privacy sweetheart ravenous signal few other tools to communicate with that is.
Yes means so the interest is in use and i’m figuring that the person ask that no i know that was in our initial we’re gonna answer this question but was it come from somebody,
um friend that way increased by virginia cinema being mean by that is taking a couple of things.
Becoming that just gave of their work with mr brown’s victims and so.
Justin just using the usual secure messaging system isn’t actually to protect them because they’re of user access is their stuff another password and they can read messages to.

[38:34] Where is the same as a message that came from a therapist is not enough that can read contents right so bad right that’s one kind of increase privacy.
Another one is have a client who is an activist right and it’s a big concern around here in portland a lot there is an outward shining maintain the privacy of the after this class warrior clan is a muslim.
Right or something research and we’re worried that they’re going to be monitored at high level by the way in every game political but.
You know when it comes to picking plans that’s political sway goes right so like at that point there’s could is two different kinds of protecting sick that you can determine the way to think of protecting privacy.
No one is just protecting against criminals were there and just really san angelo.
If you can file a financial interests your fine and actually filing financial interest can be relatively easy to do.
Make it interesting for them to try to hit your financial interests and they were trying.

[39:36] And it has expensive truck right when is the abuser you need you need actually really like him out.

[39:45] And what is the government after year welcome to govern actors have a lot of resources.
What’s the difference between anti criminal and anti of user.
We’re at the government me so anti government for sure you need something where the services you use cannot reveal things the government because they don’t know anything about it and the signal is one of those options for texting.
Next introduction recommended by activists.
And by the electronic frontier foundation and you can see my screen that you got this picture edward snowden picture brush my hair or huge privacy people like they love signal,
earlier i should you put on mail i’ll show you put on the actual website for tamil is an email option with.
Cuz proton mail is similar to signal.
In that they then quit your email all of your mail using encryption should they don’t know only you know.
So they can’t read your mails even if a government aspirate on milk and if they subpoena put an email that to turn over e-mails and when be able to cut you another encrypted and the pro tamil people chat and cut up now.
You have android or password and or turning it.
I need an investigation after understood before whatever review it’s very well that we think its arrogance if you wanna mail option that is not just anti criminal canals anti government.
Are medical insurance side proton mountain dew signal can do that do not use phone calls.

[41:20] Although you actually use you can use signal do phone calls.

[41:25] I actually will do phone calls that’s not what we answer is four but you can use it to secure for as well if you want to use those tools for having privacy.
Beware that if you wanna do heightened santa surveillance privacy.
Why also means and have the compliance the vent diagram of how those things come together as a little narrow.
Right now because he wants you to be the government because of a need you retain everything.
What you have to have documentation of everything you’ve done and a lot of this offer that’s not for anti surveillance is actually tries to get rid of information once you fixing to message.
So you need an option that will let you progress surveillance also retaining your info which is where we have these use a signal and coat on.

[42:15] Yeah so that the recommendation that number of calls yeah i wanna things to location services on your phone.
Wake you might wanna have your mother phone has a setting for location services which means it’s your phone is figure out where it is i guess at communicating with gps are with local wife it gets location you may wanna consider how to turn it on and off.
So you won’t turn on when you need it and then turn off when i have to be using.

[42:44] Alright because that’s one way that a smart phone actually ends up being weakness in your privacy is it can you located.

[42:52] And clients who need that you consider asking under the same.
The church was so another question here is that it doesn’t huge changes to have in two thousand sixteen but this person said i haven’t found how to comply with them what is changes and it actually happen.
Yeah i saw that i don’t know what they’re talking about backgammon making a the thing is the.

[43:22] What is what is what i think that’s wrong apparently know the.
I hate you heard from other people talk or make reference to the that happened changes like what the.
I supposed to got i missing something no one’s business and,
welcome to disney question to come in and will have some of the questions at the end but i feel like.
And maybe you can tell me if this is true the people that do the office hours with you it seems like we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg there’s so much around have.
Security deposit be confused with.
Alright to me having just one webinar re checking a blog post that doesn’t even seem to capture the i’m going gives the counselors i’d love to hear more about the,
what is the hours that you do and how you up with that idea and maybe some of the outcomes easy for people to participate in this.
What is your intent is also not just adapter does the person is right like the,
the problem is it’s like i started doing training zoom in twenty ten,
remind me to eleven i and a course it i’m not gonna teach people like your to change the settings on your phone because there’s ten different kinds of fun in the audience,
right now my is expensive do that also their ethics training for start telling you.
Specifics ethics training starting in sonic doesn’t matter right does this just details it was gone eleven find out how to do that stuff right apparently not i have very real quick that.

[44:53] That my efforts to help people find how to do this stuff it’s like it’s not there is no guidance so i started writing articles.
To the purpose of my articles initially was to be resources following resources for people from a training next.
That tells them here’s how you do these things are here’s this particular product in our review of how it works with it doesn’t work this is it doing that i learned very quickly people need it more personal so i start drinking something.
The thing is i don’t ask the same questions is not is not a judgement has indication we have very similar knees.
Right and so a lot of stuff can be net is saying will instead of me so you pay me two hundred bucks an hour to talk to me personally.

[45:37] What i just have a thing where i just get on the same time every week.
Anyone is subscribers this can come asking the questions and record them so that when the next person has the same question they just watched the recording.

[45:51] Alright enough to follow us the making ice light yeah hello that i do have a huge library of videos answers and,
just a walk people through exactly how to do things because softening there’ll be weather like this there be questioning consulting it doesn’t get filed away it’s the fact you categorize that,
just injection library,
that’s right but it is not funny thing about these letters that don’t quite a few things like this and bryan i discovered this a lot inspection what to do about it.
Is it nice it helpful but doesn’t give you all the help you because it’s not your most therapists can’t take this level of info walkway within figure out the rest.
That’s nice set up feasible than the organs and so that’s what we like we started to invest more energy in the officers and we have things like the video health center and.
Which over here i’ll show you that like under the house and.

[46:50] We may have made a bunch of these videos a little walk you through it to do this past it over here we got.
Where is that it’s any where were also working on making a better organized fyi life so that this,
video here that may be dandy staying there tutorials guy next door is an australian accent because he is going and like it is just,
as you like this video literally walks you through activating for the based encryption macintosh.
There is a shiny macintosh because that’s the kind computer looking at sun down here got in windows seven windows eight windows ten android phone.
Show you how to do all of those right so no lease things what are you do we have a guest do it we have the purpose of using office hours be missing the idea is that you need an it department and you can’t afford one,
hey so we end up being like we’re gonna be the managers of the departments.
That’s kind of our idea of where the but we’re not just managers it were like professional man is it because the actions and your ethics and we know compliance so they action beyond just it.
So that’s the idea,
when i am i love that you attack i turned counselor turns tech like the you have had experience in and all the different sides yeah so very,
even just like to one of these tutorials.

[48:21] Yo you think about if my computer got stolen like protest happened to claim information and so how much to me is that worth it,
in time alone just trying to figure out how to take care of that little loan and all that security violations reporting rental,
told you about some of the people in when they first start doing office hours in joining a gym i think infused over around the house usually start and then after they’ve been around awhile what the happens.
I know that are very confusing overwhelms yes and that’s actually why a couple of months ago we added the feature.
Which is all over four courses on taking security are now part of the subscription.
Son of a c hours include the subscription within us to do that we added that because people can enter confused and i am not being like well this one hour course well actually after all those questions.
And is like not buy another course and the yeah yeah okay with that yeah well at the moment you binoche that awesome yeah so late so that there’s eight hours and that and that we actually recommend the people you your work your way through those.
And then the thing is questions arise in and bring to ask questions arise bring to us start your process risk analysis which is the first thing you do for a compliance,
stop the process bring the questions to start the process bring the questions to us and we find that happens is people start very anxious and being a lot calmer.

[49:48] And the people actually start to get the point where they people often report feeling really good about.
No i live this stuff figured out instead of keeping it over their head and trying to figure how to get around it which is what most of my colleagues are doing the transfer how to get around it because they don’t have a lot of time.
And it’s very complicated and i don’t feel like they can do it and everything we do is help you feel like you can do it because we can you need.
Yeah but i think even just like what’s two hours of my counseling time worst,
the how long will it take me to figure out all the stuff on a loan it’s not what i wanna do i mean i’m glad you do it right because this is a hundred.
I love you i’m there for you if only for that is on the front of it and.

[50:42] Yeah but you’re writing on my side of god.
Not many right like a year of the subscription cost out using the fees for one or two counseling sessions one half cancellations.
What’s the whole year cheshire people that paid shred now cousin got one more question station before that and what is the page that we can talk about kind of giveaways we’re doing the answer that last question,
that sounds great okay cool so you got a personcentredtech.com/pop.
Four packs of the back is that joe’s joe’s company for a great if this is landing page just click this button and we’re gonna give you twenty percent off the first year.
And so is normally two hundred fifty dollars this will give you fifty dollars off.
Your first year so that’s to counseling sessions usually for most of us so this is the housing sessions depending on where you are but for what it’s,
are you shouldn’t be three v three mr like no new messenger and turned three minutes at whitley let’s talk about.
Looking for you but nothing comes up for yourself but the fifth gear could this ascribing twenty percent off.
The first thing five or ten then five first stand and yeah in the first ten are gonna get a copy or smartphone security guy for free.
So we get a flight to fired if you don’t give you a fire in your but it’s hard to action so we want to take action get a smartphone security guide.
And if it goes off and go to totally just offered something just for and what does your link to life by the way.

[52:15] Yeah i’m still in my paperwork it’s in the people that own private paper and practices or that wants you can’t grow that uses for hundred and fifty dollars and also has a contract for adding ten ninety-nine contractors to your,
set your group practice also has a supervision contract so most my consulting clients will take that’s their journey instead of instant flowers have the right at the,
so i’m fifteen out where the attorney fees just have them look over that so i’m gonna give that paper packets using,
in fifty bucks away totally for free but only to people who sign up for this over the weekend so it’s gonna go away right now early monday morning on my day of the week and,
say when turns to monday at twelve one and its done so so you’re gonna buy anything specific hey what’s up.
Using the is that okay yeah so,
yea tomorrow so you gotta for sure so that’s usually hundred fifty bucks you gonna get your road boys smartphone security guide as well and then also you can,
right blonde for his office hours always do so i can recommend ray highly enough mean number of years which is my go to have a guy,
she is keeping up with these things that i personally don’t want to take the time to keep up with and so i can just go to roy he’s on it shows me,
exactly what to do and where to invest my time and my security efforts anything else recruit people should know about signing up.
Yeah well yeah due soon my if you just sign up any trouble in for a person center tech com is does a lot of helping people figure out not to sign up but also what to do after.

[53:57] Initial welcome you in and should be available to answer your questions passing also shy about asking if not sure if it’s right for you just office and asking is happy that yeah consults.
And we’re all set to play elsewhere if not for we.
And where were rental company and what you us always ask question why is the guy i think that i have directed people tenure practice oh yeah that’s true that’s and yeah.
Some physical and breaches questions and write something you really want right now me and will let you know if,
yeah okay so that last question here is what keep someone from hacking into your computer and seen the passwords generated by your password manager.
Oh okay what you doing well has a password manager stores your password in an encrypted format rights on paper mind ticket right so the.
Right now it’s right now is unlocked so if they can get it fix it on the computer access if they could see all the equity is password if the package in the actual password or just come in and it is.
Not a good because i’m like that would go over here and select reveal.
And i would really fast don’t do it don’t do it now if the like.
Normally the only reason is amoxicillin locked the main thing like that a little browser extension table thing and click on my web browser that thing lol that selection locking after five minutes.

[55:36] Alright so long it’s locked what that means is that you can’t ss is with the interactions and placed in friction is locked so the only way i can possibly read anything in that file is to know my pass rates goodman pass raises the evening friction.
Asking for help text them back monday to the wife directions awesome but hopefully everyone knows by now that winters awesome yeah,
what and lastpass is to seize everything you have to put in your hours to hyper secure password into it to con un lock on the other passwords we now when you have,
nc the passwords if you can i don’t know how,
because of the times it was the realist to insurance i’m sure there is a last i’m tack from trip so so it’s usually hidden until you sign in any way.

[56:25] Yeah its like its really nice to have a dispatcher matters are designed to survive tap by click the right spots in those things and it never even see your ass no idea and password for yeah it’s great.

[56:37] Really huggins from personcentredtech.com/pop this is ben amazing any final things that us just keep in mind as we head out into the counseling taxable world.
Yeah well i think the thing to say isn’t twenty seventeen we know this could be.
A lot of changes in tech and so one thing that worries me is this have been talking about for a couple of years now i’m really to talk about it they think it’s the time that we have to think about it we have to be involved in tech.
We as professionals and me and you will just to level you need to make sure clients are safe that’s all i need.

[57:18] Right so like the problem that we have is that ever since about two thousand or two thousand one busy after nine eleven.
The government has been rolling privacy laws.
Which means a penny rolling say the ability to use interaction projects ever snowed next to get a really big thing and bringing companies around to say where to lock this down.
If you didn’t have all the political stuff going on this is being political which is a very mixed bag for us even ethics same as having a hard to be political so disclosure and,
maybe even abandonment problems can occur a kind of political something you should take seriously i don’t wanna dismiss that is actually a hard row to hoe for us if we are politically aware of tech.
Without losing weight i just thought you like you know if you’d using christian features on your phone.
You can actually set up for you meet the safe harbor from his prison additional that means i lose my phone i don’t have to report to anybody.
Because of the infection features of my phone when i set it up.
But les is in the lock i have safe harbor from region of vacation because of the encryption is not awesome in the same thing for my laptop.
My holiday blues like it how can your local him and help the turning likes to joke like you can sell the specs on the stephanie day with all the clan record still on it.
And i wouldn’t be a breach because of encryption by the way that’s don’t do that the fuck i talk to them but like but i can do that and the reason why is because is awesome take the company’s.

[58:54] The side to give us because of political things that happen.

[58:58] And so if you don’t get political on the sense of protecting the tech i don’t care what party were because actually been the democrats who been messing with of last eight years it was the,
republicans for the year before that is just whoever’s in a government doing it doesn’t really matter what side you’re on.
Alright you gotta protect the tank you gotta protect their ability to protect plants this stuff can access to each other.
And this stuff is used to take care of clients so we need to take care of it not getting involve some knowledge of what’s going on.
And some of his unwillingness to see yourself as a person is involved and i seen their has given us so responsive i’m a therapist i shouldn’t know anything about tech.

[59:40] No i’m a service i don’t know anything about tank which is a totally reasonable thing to say.
They say i’m a therapist i shouldn’t know anything about pack and that’s why i get worried because if that’s your attitude were gonna lose it.

[59:53] Hey so do the active this and i really want to say but nothing that was on my product for a isn’t anything we should be aware of do the active duty list and.
And and you take it do.
Examine if you have something inside that says to you that you should not pay attention to this and we have and so have others may be aware of it.
Is the complete attention and how to protect this so we can protect our clients that’s the actual message.
Write a thank you so much for not just this webinar of all you do for our field to help us be smarter with our technology have a complaint and also that you just this approachable guy that,
is hiring counselors worldwide so thank you so much for all the work you do,
and thank you how are you there listening and i can’t go over to some of science and practice of the practice next week weather and not my fastest personcentredtech.com/pop,
i’m getting twenty percent off to get the guide and also get the free paperwork packet,
thank you for the work you’re doing such important work in the world and your clients and the community,
i have a cousin that don’t think enough so i wanna thank you and have to roy we thank you for attending thanks for all the work that all of you are doing.
Have a great rest your week and thanks love pretending they think from joe house next to.

[1:01:14] Music.

[1:01:22] But thanks so much for sitting around or running around or listen while you’re driving to this interview discussion with roy huggins from person attacked,
if you want to take advantage of that deal it’s personcentredtech.com/pop and that free paperwork packet with that,
you know what if you order it just forward your receipt to me and i will send you a code to give you that the deal has ended through person center tax,
but i will be offering that until we see the end of february two thousand seventeen also head on over to wecounsel.com/professional,
over there if you sign up for the professional program you could your monthly webinar with me as well i’m gonna be doing q and a it’s a great and affordable way to do some consulting with me if that’s been something you’ve been on the fence about.
I’m not talking about how to find your ideal clients online and offline networking growing practice for two thousand seventeen it’s going to be awesome,
awesome thanks so much for letting me into yours and into your brain have an awesome week i’ll talk to next tuesday at this podcast is designed record thirty two information in regards.
It had a cover is getting understanding that new the host for the publisher gas oven legal accounting clinical or other fresh fruit professional information.
Can a professional kitchen with the thanks of man sounds sexy for your intro music.

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