PoP 200 | Jay Papasan: The One Thing To Plan Your Goals

The one thing to plan your goals

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Jay Papasan on the one thing to plan your goals.

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Defining goals

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“The Day Before Vacation Miracle”

We get so much stuff done the day before our vacation. You’d o things you would never normally do because you are focused on one thing, i.e.: going on vacation.


Set aside time to focus on repetitive tasks instead of getting ‘sucked in’ by not setting a time limit, i.e.: answering emails.


What is the one thing I can do, such that by doing, it everything else will be easier or unnecessary.

Make use of time-blocking, i.e.: setting appointments with yourself.

Have both short-term and long-term goals, i.e.: weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

Meet Jay Papasan (PAP-uh-zan)

Jay Papasan is a best-selling author and co-owner, alongside his wife Wendy, of Papasan Properties Group with Keller Williams Realty in Austin Texas. His most recent work with Gary Keller on The ONE Thing has garnered more than 300 appearances on the national bestseller lists including #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

Jay serves as Gary Keller’s co-author and executive editor on best-selling titles including: The Millionaire Real Estate AgentThe Millionaire Real Estate InvestorSHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough TimesFLIP: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit,HOLD: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth, and The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. He also co-authored SHIFT Commercial.

Before joining Keller Williams Realty, Jay served as an editor at HarperCollins Publishers where he worked on such best-selling books as Body-for-Life by Bill Phillips and Go for the Goal by Mia Hamm.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 200 | Jay Papasan: The One Thing To Plan Your Goals

[0:00] Music.

[0:25] Welcome back to the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok and alison pidgeon how you doing today alison.
Awesome read i’m doing great this is so fun to be having a co host the ashes more often.
Yeah hey yeah yeah yeah yeahs yuck you go on vacations be like alison money just to get the podcast for a little bit and i know the in good hands.
Awesome i will eat you like right now i’m follow that street so today we’re talking about planning your goal this is step three from the seven practices of the practice we’ve covered,
evaluate your call can where you’re at with things what’s artie worked and we talked to kelly higdon about that.
Last time we talked to luis house was starting something new or amplifying something that’s already established and today we’re talking with j pappas and,
the writer of the one thing is correct or the one thing about scratching the score,
else and if you had the goals that you set your casket of core items are dress share this when you have a new goal what are ways you can a structure that out.

[1:27] Yeah and,
i was actually thinking about that and i have a question for you not using how do you balance out you know cleaning and then taking action cuz i feel like a lot of times people get bogged down in the planning and then they don’t take the action.
Yeah so i usually start with,
and what’s the big idea and so last see on the flight actually to bring your practice christina and i had the idea of slow down school and have the conference we’re hosting this coming summer.
And so i had this big idea and eyes scatter we had this big so i sketched all these different ideas like we could do this and this and this is so,
i just honestly just let my brain go wild and my brain goes wild frequently,
so i just try to capture that while this and then you kissed starting to think back of.
Okay so now i believe ideas that we can numbers would make it worth it for me to spend months working on this really big project versus just you know doing some consulting clients are,
yes some counseling clients and it may not be equal in regards to finances maybe i’ll make less for the hours i put into it but to me hosting a conference and continuing to level up and bring people together i think,
it continues to grow myself and the things that was kinda ancillary things that go with it too but look at the bottom line finances away need to have happened,
i’m running some numbers around sponsors around ticket sales and then it just kind one foot in front the other so i,
when look at you summer cans that are right on the water that i know are you just on the road from some of my favorite hiking places in the world.

[3:02] Nexus lever sand dunes which good morning america rent america’s most beautiful spot which i’ve been to hawaii,
and i don’t know of good morning america with the whole but will take the promotion from good morning america but this camp is like literally like right next door to the sleeping bear sand dunes national park.
So when i looked at it,
make sure that fit within my budget and then it’s just like let’s catch out what needs to happen so i wanted to make some videos so i contacted cupla media influence out to do some video promotions that’s the three videos people can get for,
and really just like breaking down micro goals from there like what i really need to do each day to launch it what i need to do to,
sell tickets to make it happen what i need to do to make sure that people really understand.
But how much this is gonna change their lives beyond just this one week we have together the super conference,
instead it really is going to help them you’ll reduce your hours of working increase their income and have some strong habits of slowing down,
so they can really have the sparks of innovation that a genuine believe genuinely believe are inside his counselors but need to come out to change the world and so for me it starts with these big ideas,
there are just pizza making money i hope to make money off of it but ultimately it’s also about helping counselors to have more fulfillment more impact influence and income,
and then it just to have that the big energy behind it so that’s why i said he of and i am going to outsourcing my goals but that’s how can i find the steps for that.

[4:31] Okay cool it was funny i went through like i would a did five more minutes of talk about my goal and mike nelson.
How can i know again can you hear me now who is this right so without any further do we have ga passes and the co author of the one.

[4:50] Music.

[4:56] We’re back with the practice of the practice podcast series were covering the practices of the practice,
and the last couple weeks we have been hitting and some of the practices that,
you can do you and i’m going basis and as a reminder that first one is to evaluate where you’re at so looking at your past and your present can we are headed to really evaluate what has been working,
and then second we last time talked about how to define what you’re gonna be working on that and my starting something brand new on my amplifying something that’s already established.
And today we’re going diving into planning core items and we’re here with j pappas and who is the best-selling author and co-owner alongside his wife wendy of pappa zana properties down in austin texas and i.
Yo g got my radar when i read the book the one thing he co wrote with gary keller,
and this guy in his writing is just incredible and the fact that he said yes to be a part of the series just blows my mind i was actually sitting at burger practice at the conference i held down in asheville.
And i got the email that he had said yes at that conference were talking about what was our own next big thing that we wanted to work on,
answer for me it has just managed to get jay to come on here and talk about his book that was number one on the wall street journal bestseller list,
it’s been number one on my bookshelf and jay thanks so much for being here on the practice of the practice podcast well blessing here’s a little and it.
No pressure at all right i will say this i get my deepest satisfaction and yeah you write these books and gary and i will labored.

[6:34] In the dark you know behind the scenes for five years write the book in the number one thing you what happens now that helps people.
And so say yes to someone who’s given their life to helping other people isn’t easy is for me.
And like my favorite audiences are people who help people teachers in this case counselor so to me this is a very huge opportunity and i want to thank you for having me yeah it’s just for me,
i think i was just on the brink of hitting six figures when i read your book and it just from a financial standpoint i’ve more than doubled that post my monthly income report every month but,
beyond that it’s just help me focus in on where they want to spend my time and that’s more with my family that ceo exercising being healthy contributing to my community and.
So much what you guys wrote about really just has helped me in that area,
what is stock with for people having read the one thing me give kind of like a big picture summary of the concept of the book now looking to dive indicates and the big questions you guys ask and how people can consistently,
could be framing other goals and chunking them to achieve them on a regular basis sherman fundamentally the book.
Asking the question how can we be as productive as we want to be the subtitle is in the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.
And green i have really strong feelings about anything that you want to put into practice.
It really does have to be simple so it’s funny that you read or amazon.
And most of the five star reviews will talk about the simplicity of it and most of the one star reviews will complain about something.

[8:07] And i can’t win for losing right but you’ve got this idea i think if you’re going to do something on a regular basis most big success is a long journey.
And so you need to have a simple game plan and we walked emerson theories with a lot of research to try to back those up.
And not make it a personal experience book but if i had to dislike give you the elevator summary it’s really about how do you take something that a lot of people understand my prayers principle.
No twenty percent of what we do will give is eighty percent of our results but will not there had to say of course and i believe that but i don’t know how to put it into action.

[8:45] And so i think that the book from the reason it’s doing as well as it gives people simple framework.
For acting an eighty twenty on a daily basis so that i can achieve their goals.
Yeah i think for me personally but then also my consulting clients it’s often really hard to let go of that eighty percent that’s not giving you much results like what you see niggas just letting go of.
Yeah those things in poured your heart into but just not working you know i mean i was chatting with a good friend of mine he’s a podcasters aims peter lied.
He does the social outcast and he was laughing cuz you read the book and it has a to put all this effort into having you know inbox zero every day.
And you’re booked is totally worth my mind is now i know,
that was an activity i was heavily invested and i put a lot of time effort and thought into doing but it didn’t matter so.
Now make it really tangible right you know should i attend to my work or to my sick and then dollar okay any person with a heart beat says will your sick daughter okay your priorities tell you what you should and what also what you should do.
And for me and a guest of asking the focusing question which i know will talk about it some point but it’s just figuring out what my one thing right.
When you know what you one thing is for your business or your practice or your parenting on your relation whatever area you’re focused on.

[10:18] That should also make it clear what you’re able now to say no to.

[10:22] And is the practical example would be read about this in the first book the day before vacation miracle and i don’t think that’s even original state was the first time i heard it.

[10:34] The day before vacation we get a lot of stuff done and the reason we do is because we know that we want to get it done so that we can go on vacation and not be looking over our shoulder.
And what’s more telling than you know getting the dog to the kennel and stopping the newspaper,
and getting the house clean and get yourself packed in checking in for your flight and you the laundry list of stuff you have to do to go on a big vacation is all the stuff that we don’t.
So that’s the thing like we don’t spend time reading of junk mail,
will go off on facebook for hours you know you tend to be a lot more focused when you’re very clear on your priorities so yeah i think it is too full like i don’t worry about this don’t sweat the small stuff is easy to say.
But you will miss you really clear that is small stuff yeah i think it’s like when you really set boundaries around your time is gonna be at the office.
You get more done during that time do the work that you do the work and expense to you whatever amount of time you give it and so a year apart says lol right right,
and so a year ago i started taking fridays off just to see if i can work forty that we,
and then this summer i added mondays so just tuesday wednesday thursday look how much can i get done in three days and be done by five so i can do dinner and put my girls to bed,
and it’s amazing how like things have continue to grow and expand even though i’m working fewer hours but and this hi i’m more focused during that time.

[11:57] That’s perfect and so let’s go back to the eighty percent.

[12:01] Females are necessary evil for me right and i have a lot of partners that they expect a certain minimum level of communication for me.
I mostly think of my email as a giant sinkhole in terms of focus you know he it’s a time warp you go ahead and you’ve handed your priorities over to ever happens to be in there drives me crazy.
And it’s not has a proof progress the level where it really is gonna show you what’s important in their suit waiter at all so you’ve heard bashing right.

[12:32] Yes that’s the part of the information i have read the audience may not have heard of batching it yes i’ll give the quick explanation,
you take things are tend to be repetitive and email is a great example of a necessary evil for most of us that has to be also quite repetitive.
If you put really strict time constraints on and then you’re batching it to your just focused on this activity instead of.
Every time you see that little notification show up drop throughout the day going to your email i try to go in early in the morning for about thirty minutes around lunch for about thirty minutes and at the time i leave the office for thirty minutes.
And i’m actually very strict about this is twenty or thirty minutes and i’m in here i usually set a little time are.
And because of that you are very highly focused and making that thing go quickly cuz it is a little red headed.
You start to four letters you knock out a bunch of things at once you copy bunch of people in one email the knockout five priorities or maybe you just pick up the phone call someone to eliminate fifty e-mails.
But you get really proficient at doing something because you give the very small sliver of time and that’s the only thing you focus on that’s how i define batching and i use it mostly for email,
and i think that’s a great place to start as we talk about complaining core items because one thing,
that i talk about in the section is really having a mostly micro goals there five to ten min it parts of a larger goal,
that if you find yourself sitting around somebody didn’t show up on time you answer to work on those goals so maybe with some through if,
if a counselor is set a specific goal and there gonna amplify something that’s working but isn’t kind of as brown as it could be over there starting something new.

[14:10] Like how do you in a productive way to set goals chunk it out decide how you’re gonna do what and when and how and the what towson habits around have that cleaning of core items.
Sure i think it starts with the prioritization of them right we have to be sure their core items.
And we eluded to this like a little earlier there’s a part of the book is a thing called the focusing question.
And you do color channels i do it will only save me but.
Go ahead we put in there are people don’t have the right now but it’s what’s the one thing i can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary.
And in our experience most people actually know the answer and i feel guilty for not doing more.
Hi what’s the one thing i can do and as a father right such that by doing it everything he’s really oh you know i should spend more time reading to my kids or but usually the answer for mister becomes quickly.
But i just had it stopped to ask it so in our business and stake for your practice anybody weather there self employed or a business owner write your.
If you stop working.
You don’t get paid money by using your time for our still self employed even though you’re independent if you have people who work for you and who are earning money when you’re not working it’s a business regardless usually number one thing is.
How do i make sure i have a steady stream of clients if that question hasn’t been answered that usually is the first priority for business.
And we will tell people you take your number one priority and i’m just gonna presume that’s it you correct me you know this industry better than i do you gotta get this is seven services and that order.

[15:51] I was an early in the day.
When you have will power that attention we can go down to when your most likely to do it early in the day we suggest that people time blocked.
Meaning just like you to keep an appointment with a client you make an appointment with yourself to do a very specific set of tasks.
So we could real estate agent in real estate books for about two hours every morning you need to be in lead generation reaching out to past clients looking for referrals whatever it is you do to get clients.
You dedicate a certain amount of time doing that and it happens early in the day before the rest of the world the way hopefully,
so that you can make sure that it’s time without distraction and is consistently gonna overtime mcculloch time walking is just as simple as making appointments with yourself,
and j would you think like psychological benefit is of doing that the beginning of the day and can’t finishing it versus having that be yeah we start at three o’clock before your like ready to go pick up the kids from soccer.

[16:49] A few others is to fault so there’s that the act of doing it there’s a study that we actually had add and i think our third printing so when it was printing some out of the book the where would have to study.
It was published in the british journal of health psychology hope they got that right your audience so i missed vested.
And i think it was in two thousand eleven and basically they asked a three cups of people do twenty minutes of exercise a day.
And the control group obviously right there was told to do that and motivation group and they were told why exercising for twenty minutes with benefit them.
And then they have a group called the intention group.
And the key factor here’s the tension group got the same motivation as the motivation group but they had to make a written commitment about when and where can we do the twenty minutes of exercise today.
On this day at this time at this place all exercise for twenty minutes and what they found is that the control and the motivation groups.
Worked thirty five to thirty eight percent effective effectively with a statistical air there the same.
But the group that had to make a commitment and time and place which to me is essentially a calendar invite you in it where am i gonna do this.
We’re ninety one percent more effective now the real me even before easter like chunking out how you gonna complete a goal like figuring out when you’re just gonna quit playing the plan and plan to work.
That’s one of the first steps yellow mean it’s the woody allen like you know.
With a ninety percent success is showing up will make it a point to show yeah neighbors in the successes planning to show up and committing to it and then showing because it is super simple like.

[18:25] I have the employees and i’ll get to the second benefit i got my fingers crossed you can see its own forget it.

[18:31] Have employee security group settings have business in it and we need to do accent you have that person who wants to volunteer hey i’ll take that moment that.

[18:40] If i know that the individual is.
I might wait till after the meeting or if it’s a safe environment say awesome winter unit.

[18:51] And sometimes will see that look on their face with a they stop and think and i’m making a commitment right now actually don’t have time to do you see the look on their face.
And then you can help them navigate will you to cancel something else or take something off your plate so you can do this or do i need to get some outs and i don’t think people.
Make that middle decision i say yes without understanding with where their going to be doing the s so that’s huge i think first.
And the other half of it is what we called will power and i think psychologists would often refer to self control.

[19:27] And it’s a little bit like the battery on an old phone early in the day we can have more of it.

[19:34] And every decision we make tends to drain it down and you can literally measure people’s will power if you’re giving them will power related decisions.
Test of concealing are hiding their emotions or you know having to really focus on something you little e can measure the glucose dropping in their bloodstream.

[19:54] And so is it a nutrition element but we tend to have the most early in the day so when you ask why early over late.
First and foremost like on the rainy days when you don’t wanna do it.
You need that you know where there’s a will there’s a way that’s really powerful you need to have that available.
So you’re more likely to have it early in the day it any other time so that’s the second reason and.
If you just unsuccessful people most people who are truly amazing like they’re living extraordinary lives.
They’re not just having a great day before noon a lot of them are having a great day before a day and.
They’re getting so much important stuff done there meditating reading their journaling there exercising their eating having quality time with their spouse.
For most of the world is or if they’re up there still on facebook it’s so with i just noticed with what you said about the before a group it wasn’t,
they’re checking their emails they’re like checking the voice mails it was like slowing down meditation reading cat with their spouse tell me more about that has a really lately been really interested in,
how cool setting ambition and ideas comes out of slowing down.

[21:08] Well i’ve been on this journey i am now we have a thing called a sixty six day challenge in our book that the best research we could find say takes sixty six days to form a habit.

[21:18] Can you try to make these micro commitment to one thing that will really move the golf course and i’ve been trying to meditate.
Yeah i’m an author i can think a lot of hard for me to turn my brain off and i tried unsuccessfully three times to make that habit.
I’m currently at look at my calendar thirty one days into my fourth attempt and this is by far the farthest i’ve ever gotten.
And the only reason it’s happening is literally i tend to wake up when i wake up i don’t snooze or any of that when my alarm goes off on my phone.
I hit snooze and then i immediately transition to a three to five minute meditation so before i have to do anything else.
For me that’s the time of day when my mind is often the quietest and if i tried several times it after breakfast after my shower,
and my brain mri on a million miles an hour i think the farther we get into our days and i don’t have scientific x that in evidence on the cd now asking a brand new question.
Three years of the journey so thank you for that yeah um five billion.
We we start to accumulate more and more things as the day goes on right we wake up i have small kids so to me around seven o’clock or quarter to seven.

[22:36] I have to start now thinking that just me and my spouse but also about me my spouse and my kids,
yeah i went dog so actually the first thing i can think of after i get myself up and go to the bathroom brush my teeth is to walk the dog with gas like.
Nothing about when you were can i have patients in your schedule and.
Yeah maybe there’s a conflict with a coworker all of these things as you encounter them or about to come to them.
That’s when your brain start to really engage with them and i learned this really for my kids my boss told me that my partner gary keller were talking about you know he used to make a big commitment either pickup is ten to walk his kids to school.
And is it why is that yours if you wait till you get home at five thirty at night and say how was your day kids is gone.
But that’s already happen that’s a past event for them and always the same find at.
But if your driving in school and you say what’s happening today still talk to about if you there when they are getting on the bus or you’re picking getting off the bus.
It’s very alive for them because it has a proximity maybe in time so i seen a lot of different levels but i do think that we tend to have.

[23:49] And stimuli earlier in the day and it progresses.
For me and listen to rap but when i put my kids to bed is like the next time that i can be really quiet ins when the great was sort of like anything,
how many times you wake up in the morning just like have a big fight with your spouse vs at the end of the day it’s like,
you know when you’re exhausted that’s when your like at your worst day and so,
the quality time with your kids like is your saying i drive my daughter to school every morning and one of the things we do almost every day is,
what are things you’re thankful for and she’s five and now she’s like,
come up with is really cool things but it just is so also have many cool way to like start shows be like the pink,
close to the right and i didn’t notice those things for pointing those out it in so like i loved that three stars on your tag a plain your core items,
i’m so once you can get into your day and used established here’s the one thing that’s gonna make everything else easier,
the surgeon knock out some e-mails to network are get more clients like what are other ways that you can chunk out that goal to really can i know how to keep moving forward on it.

[24:54] Cool there’s a framework in there that i.
I didn’t i never really internal wise my i think jerry teach it usually is but probably two thousand call goal setting to the now.
And it’s really framework for going out into the future and coming back to the present.

[25:10] And the problem is that most of us have is we have an aspiration oh i’d like to build my business to six figures right are three times six years we have some goal.
But we don’t know where to take a year or two years to get there but i don’t know how to behave today to make sure that we’re making that happen.
So every year my wife and i to a one day retreat will get a baby sitter or else and little ego remove ourselves in november december and insert city are five your goals and when your girls.
We’ve done this for nine years and we’ve been following this program say you go out.
And you say we’re gonna be someday right just a general aspiration for an in for a business person will business look like when it grows up.
Well based on that you maybe wanna be a national company go public or having a practice in your town whenever that number is our last ration as you just fine it in loose terms based on that where would i have to be in five years to a house on track.
Awesome you write that down and that’s pure crystal ball guesswork right.
The way back was in there and say based on that five your goal not that someday to five your goal what do i do this year thought i was on track for that.

[26:20] And most people can make a pretty reasonable gas you’re right back down in the work backwards to what i can do this month to be on track from a year already this week to be on track for my month.
What to do today to be on track for my week.
And you’re moving backwards in time its like that puzzle a gibson amazes they give kids on that you know i come back of ammonia.
And it will take them ten minutes to do it but if you start the mineral and work backwards there no wrong turns right.
And so when people say begin with the end in mind i always heard that know how to do it.
As of this framework is kind of what i believe helps you chill things down and it’s not summer shutting down the little pieces though it is.
You’re also in a progression when we call that lining up your dominoes in the book what do i have to do today to be on track for my wifi to do this week in trenton month and so forth.
And i use on just a piece of paper of how i break down my goals i have no goals i have five year goals.

[27:18] I have to have it done i’m looking at it right now before it what do i have to get on this october in my business and my personal life and based on that but it done this week.
So each day when i walk into the office of actually before i do.
I look at my goals for this week which have already cuz i spent ten to fifteen minutes a week aligning them right.
My calendar reflects them and i just want to get on today and that to me that framework of.
Do you have a bagel with out there and do i know how to behave this week or this month based on that thank you that’s a lot of guidance which might be very different for you than it is for me based on where you want to go.

[27:58] So like in your calendar do you have like every morning from like eight to ten that you work on that goals can move forward cuz i’m thing about counselors.
And how our schedules make it filled up with clients or other things and use it can make that cut appointment with yourself what is your personal calendar look like to make sure that you keep focusing on that daily weekly monthly annual and five year goal.
Sure it starts in the morning so i have a whole morning ritual which is not about business but it is about the energy i need but the last thing i do before going to the office is often i will look at my calendar.

[28:36] And so each week and each month and each year so there’s to find periods where i reset my goals for this period of time and make sure that my account reflects that.
So my day colored seven forty five because the walk out the door i’m preparing to go to work i will remind myself of what my priorities are for the day.
So that my subconscious mind everything you start working on it.
Most days that’s gonna began pretty early on with the team meeting we usually do stand up.
Are we just very quickly so what are one thing for the day is what our top priority as its own need help i want to know what.
And we go to work so between call at eight thirty and noon is kind of wondering time.
I like to get my quality writing done then i’m kind of an introvert so also make sure that i do any networking if i can early and that’s my first e-mails of the day,
at thirteen o’clock usually outgoing stuff i’m trying to meet people and i’m trying to set my agenda on the world that sort of thing.
And i really try to get my most important work before noon now if i were to practice and not sure that would work because you know.
Eight o’clock and not sure what the hours for your meeting with clients but you those are dollar times so i might be doing some of that before the first appointment time.
If i was in a different role and definitely my work to my lunches.
I tried to make that working sessions with other people or a saturday session for me or i’m able to knock out some of the eighty percent so it’s not bothering me so i have a break around noon.

[30:15] I usually have quick stand meal knockout my b day email session reassess my priorities of the afternoon because sometimes there are brush fires and things have to change.
And then i work on whatever the assignments are usually lower priorities in the afternoon until i do my wrap-up session so i can go home and not to work with me.
That’s kinda random of my days i translate holy like thing one thing that you brought up that i think would be a good a lot of concerts might think is all but,
yeah i don’t turn somebody away like that money that i could be making but i would actually say if this is something that’s gonna make everything else easier like is it worth giving up that one eighty am client,
so that you can keep moving the needle for so in thinking about k one at clinicians to my practice on go from solo practice three or four people here.
What’s your life gonna look like if you have four people that are working full time that you’re getting a percentage of what they bring and or you know that there making money while you’re not working,
so for example i just went to seattle with my wife to a marriage conference for five days.

[31:18] Eight counselors are still doing counseling always got my life is much easier and more profitable in if you go to a marriage conference,
and make money while i was there and so is the business ownership is way in it so it’s like one of those things where do you think that,
thank you are around my business i with him i’m gonna lose this amount per hour fight to work on that but,
no like by me doing is other things actually made will my hourly can be so much better because we’re the number one practicing town always other things so,
i love having it i just i light one thing i don’t know if you did not get what’s my wife doing a real estate practice but i think it’s true of any practice like this if you wanna go from.
You trading your time for money to your creating opportunity for other people to do that and you get a percentage of it like business ownership.
What are the number one mistake i see people make a start really getting good at what they do right they enjoy what they do and got into it and i start to be able to charge more money.

[32:13] Instead of capping their lifestyle and using that excess money either get more leads that bring more people orders to for better people around them they just let their lifestyle keep going up.
And so they can effectively lose that a day impatient because their lifestyle depends on.
So i usually tell people you know get to a place where you’re comfortable but as much as you can freeze it you don’t let your lifestyle determine what happens in your business kind of level off their freeze it.
And either train your time now to build a bigger business so you take that eight or nine am session.
And turn that into recruiting other clinicians and more patients for them and it will start building a foundation for business but people who don’t do the first have a really hard time position transitioning to the business.
Ha i love you just said cap your lifestyle because like that fits so well we really are just getting to know each other today and that’s it so much of.
Yeah to my work is better yet run your income and influence but also your impact and for me it’s like the world are so many people that have it less often is that just spend money just cuz you have it to me is ridiculous and so.
The idea of let’s have more time with their family camper lifestyle.
I love that what are some ways that you’ve seen people can a capital lifestyle that may just be maybe two or three quick practical ways people could think about.
Well me said it said to go write me seven income go where the this is will take for me to be happy i think there’s.

[33:44] Plenty of research that most marriages stop fighting about money and have about seventy five thousand household income so if you didn’t know number and start their release take the,
the argument about whether we can afford crunchy peanut butter generic no name brand don’t want to be part of my life right don’t have to say and i also want three lexus is in the driveway and i mentioned you know so,
at first the year to just consciously set some goals around what is it that you know i need as distinguish from what i want you want your needs to be taken care of.
And then you can say now based on that were going like gerry confessed to me what he’s building number one real estate company in the world.
That means they’re almost all of his big game’s as he made them instead of taking the money out of the business you reinvested that’s how he got the number one.
He said i didn’t invest in infrastructure in my number one investment was in other people if you wanna have big fingers and really high achievers around you pick one as big of income opportunities as you have.
And is it was rare for me the highest paid person in the building even though i own the business because i was trying to surround myself with amazing people,
so that framework that strategic understanding of,
get to a place of comparable and the engine ford but look at all that extra over the top as an opportunity to invest in people and infrastructure that will eventually make you financially free.
Haha that’s the point i remember hearing warren buffett talk about when you get body’s first like bubble gum machine and he and his friend who invested in it.

[35:19] Like he is friend want to just take the money and warren convince him to buy like two more bubble gum machine is and then they got pinball machines it’s the same idea like how do you,
create something that keeps paying you overtime vs light and is getting all right now.

[35:34] Well i mean i’m lucky i had a mentor that role model that for me in gary’s lives that he lives what he preaches at a very very high level.
When the one thing came out it was for me as a writer the biggest financial opportunity of my writing career.
Because we have bigger vision you know for like the first.
Three years other than taking money to pay taxes right because you have to pay taxes on income what you put in your pocket or not.
We didn’t become the money in the business because we know that there is something bigger happening.
And how does an example i capitalize to like i could have gone out we could have a greater house we could have a great in my car all the things we like know what.
I have a vision for something that’s bigger business and i hope i was looking for the right person to lead it and it took me almost a year and a half to find him but because we did that we were able launch entirely new business earlier this year.
No i’m so that being gary and his partner jake was fifty fifty partners so what you have to have a vision like where you wanna go and based on that.
How does that mean i need to conduct ourselves now but knowing that it was easy to leave the money and let it ride.
But like this more about that it would like he can see with three candy machines were done for a friday other guy had even thought about right,
man there’s so many directions i think that we can go with this interview but i just say love to hear kinda some final thoughts on goal setting things that maybe we missed you just a wealth of information and i’m sure there’s other thoughts you have any,
and can a final things on goal setting chunking figuring out your one thing to work on.

[37:10] Um i think that most people publishing this know whether of a priority as they go their number one priority to figure that out,
size first off right there figure out what your top priority in was make this is a business posthaste in your business what is your number one priority right now.
If you don’t have a long range vision for your business go ahead and schedule out me does it need to be a fifty page.
This is plan may i describe that on one page it says someday go five your goal and it can be very naive and plane because all we do know is what’s the basic action we need to be taken out can be moving us there arrest can happen later.
I think people need have a sense of whether had it and where they are not you cover where you’re at earlier in the series but it’s vitally important to have that and i have a cake having it with you all the time.
I have my goals lily in front of me every time i open my notebook where i take notes might my bookmark.
Is my five year my when your goals and i have my little gull tracking she or i have my in your monthly and weekly right on top.
So i never lose sight of them and they don’t get loss of i was gonna tell people practical stuff it in writing don’t care you just care.
No pay tax title page notebook are you going to get a car formal tools and a website i don’t care just do it because that will give you a clear reason to say yes to it needs to be said yes and also table to say no to.

[38:38] Yeah i think that love the point of even like your bookmark has your big goal that your working on because you’re when you think about the human brain and how we’ve developed to just like.
Preserve calories so that we can continue to survive,
and use of calories in existence like if your goal is in front of you all the time you bring doesn’t have to work as hard so that,
reserve a taxi work go rather than think about what was the go already to work on the go all like so many things is just like keep it for me.
And keep it simple right just keep it simple like i hopefully what i’ve described sounds simple people it really is an,
and you’re taking action no matter how small every day you’re probably gonna do the rest of the world,
i used a ramsey and have lunch with him bro oh my gosh that’s why we like each other he,
should the story finally got to hang out with a billionaire he would name them but i’m assuming it was buffet and ask them what your favourite book and he said the tortoise and the hare.
Yes no matter how many times i read it that tortoise always wins and i get told i’m saying that because.
Must really extraordinary success is very much of him ice on the oldest tables we all know and go ahead and just make studies progress not down that domino everyday and how small it is.
And if you’re diligent overtime you’re gonna outpace almost everyone else there’s a lot of people who jump in.
Rookie of the year and your market look amazing but most of them can’t maintain that pace and i don’t have a vision of where they’re going.

[40:13] But if you know you’re finish line as he just plot away those plotters the great angela got workbook grit talk about this a lot bigger plate right you will have an amazing life just keep it simple and take action everyday,
wow you probably already hit on this but every counselor in the world were listening right now but would you want to now.

[40:33] You know what i was thinking about this and what are the things i think a great counselor does is there not givers advice to look at what i would call coach.
And the people who ask amazing questions and my journey this book is all about asking bigger questions of your life.
I would say because of what you do professionally you’ve learned to listen and ask amazing questions and maybe the best gift they can give the world.
Is to share that skill with more people.
How can we help other people ask better questions for their lives i discovered essential to my mission to help people.
And i try to do it my kids it’s so hard not to tell them tie your shoes but ask a question of the horrible example but to ask a question of his them to self discover.
That i need to do they need to do so that they are learning and that is being told what to do that makes sense yeah totally doesn’t feel like.

[41:30] I hope all of you are listening really have some light bulbs going off in what j is saying because the things he’s talking about.
In so many differ ways are things were tight grad school so when you make a treatment plan with a counselor with a client,
you’re breaking down goals are breaking down steps are asking them that you know the miracle question if you woke up tomorrow and your depression is gone how would you know like.
These are tools that are now being adapted to business and so i hope that counselors after hearing j talk about all the stuff that you feel like.
Oh my gosh like i have these tools have to re frame them around my business in the way that i would have had them for my clients so j you are spot on his and so amazing to have you on the show,
do you wanna connect with your tech with your book what’s the best way for them to connect with you.
If i can visit onething.com and that’s with the number one so the number one.
Saying dot com they can find me i actually am yeah those little thirty minute windows three times a day i check my social media tells personally and people reach out i’m happy to answer the questions and we have tools.
For goal setting on the site and they’re all free and they are welcome to use.
And we have all those links to in the show notes as well it just had an alert packs of the practice quicken podcast we will have links there,
to all the stuff that j and i talked about today j think you so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast.
Thank you for having met what i said earlier you’re catering to the audience is dedicated to helping other people and i could not think of a better off it is sure this message was so thank you for inviting.

[43:04] Thanks so much.

[43:06] Music.

[43:13] The interviewer cheap happens and i loved alison would you think.

[43:18] Yeah i just really like that whole concept of the micro goals because i feel like we can get really lost in the weeds with,
you know this big picture and people have a hard time breaking it down into smaller pieces inside and that’s a really important thing to remember.
Yeah i was thinking about when i was building can flow for the three part video series i would just squeeze in ten minutes here fifteen minutes there,
and work at it cuz plug away give feedback from people that i trusted.
And when you break it down like that it just makes every goal we more manageable and you can just gonna eat away at a little bit at a time rather than cookie to sit down work for four hours.

[43:57] Rate much less overwhelming yet and you can get more done than two of so who are we talking to today.

[44:05] So today we’re talking to gordon brewer who actually met you at the brew your practice event love guard he is so.
Yeah yeah and with school him that you know he server is perfect is about ten years ago but recently added consulting for a private practice spokes and.
No that was his big impetus for reaching out to you because he wanted help sort of setting up that other stream of income for himself so i really enjoy talking and nice well lets listen to this interview with gordon brewer.

[44:39] Hi gordon how are you today hi alison how are you.
Ten am talking to gordon brewer he’s and l m f t from tennessee so according to this a little bit about your private practice.
Yeah so i’ve been in private practice for quite a while really have been in private practice for the last ten years has started out part time and then move more full time.
In the last five or six years and the two thousand fourteen i started a group practice.
Kingsport counseling associates and.
So i got a group now and i have three well actually for their therapists that are working with me part time as part of my practice my heart yeah yeah.
So so i can you also do you do some consulting work to yes i do i have.
I have a blog that i started in february this past this year actually and it’s called the practice of therapy just simply practiceoftherapy.com.
And really what i’m hoping to do with the blog and my consulting is really just kind of.

[45:56] Share my experience and what i’ve learned.
Is i say i have learned a lot the hard way and i don’t think other people should have other people should have to do that so i’m really starting to share how i,
buy new journey and sharing people can of what i’ve learned over the last ten years of being in private practice since.
Really can i get that happen going so yeah yeah i think there’s a lot to be said for learning from other people’s mistakes.

[46:28] I agree i agree and,
and we can all learn from each other definitely especially the those of us that have been practice for a while so yeah how are you were at your practice when you decided to start doing consulting with joe.
Yeah so when one of the things that i had.
You know that’s it’s an interesting journey because i started listening to jazz podcast practice of the practice about.
Well i guess about a year ago and just really found it very intriguing because.
How’s got a warning a lot from him and his expertise about my own practice but i also recognize that i had.
How do i have a lot of experience as well one and maybe a little different take on things that are not that not that did what he does i have absolutely heard a lot from them and check.
Or so much that i wanted to start consulting with them because i as that i mentioned him early on is it’s not.
Not what i don’t know that it’s me that’s not what no.

[47:45] That worries me is what i don’t know that i don’t know who that worries me so there’s lots of stuff that i don’t even realize i don’t know about consulting in private practice actually.
It’s september i signed up and went to the brewery your practice event in nashville with.
With house interior and when the car in joe and just had a blast just really kind of connected with joe more personal level.
And so we talked about what we can do to kinda five to know about private practice but also by consulting practice.
And so that’s how we gonna get started so started doing some individual consulting which back and in october really.
Yeah so every practice did you feel like you got a lot of really great ideas for how to get started yeah absolutely.
Is it as a major that’s really kind of on two fronts from a one of the things that i think joe does very well.
I’m one of those people that gets easily distracted by,
ideas are so it’s kinda like okay so there’s a chicken so let me go after that there is something else let me go after that it,
what i realized is my one of my short comings is that i’m not a great organizer of warning to better the older guys but.

[49:21] One one times if i’ve got a lot of choices of things that i can do.
What jail he’s helping day was as we say in arkansas all things what’s the one thing and i think it’s important.
Saying that i have gain from job to get and the consulting with him so the what is that what is the one thing in my private practice it’s absolutely how to continue to grow by client base.
But also monetize more efficiently by.
Raising my rates and then i really kind of picking and choosing which in charge panels i decide to be on,
i really with the consulting and the things is really warning what yes my mitch within my consulting and really.
What what would be a good shift for clients with me is a consulting client.
So we’re really holding down and all that that’s great and the you’re gonna be.

[50:25] You’re gonna stand out from the crowd if you are able to show what your niches yeah absolutely has a yeah that’s great so.
Do you feel like since you have been consulting with joe what you do on a day-to-day basis is different.

[50:41] Yes it is i think one of the things that joe has really can i got me back in touch with again this is stuff that i’ve new but really looking at.
Planning my day out a little better and are really giving me some new tools.
To do that i’ve always used ever is kind of one of my one of my tools for cannot planning by day.
And joe of course introduce me to travel to and trow i just works better and is a better to.
For the planning my day out and helping me stay focused on the one thing,
you know what we’re really not great multi tasker even though we might think we are and so being able to just focus on one thing and then also.
Joe has helped me were have to better patch what i do know the words just.
He puts it checking out that time during the day.
And just focusing on the one thing in the moment and getting those task done and then moving on to the next one thing you because i think that.

[51:56] That is come up with a few other people they were talking about how helpful joe was with helping them structure their time.
And working more efficiently so i’m glad to hear you that the same.

[52:08] The same good advice that you’re it any other the other thing to just about use of time that i’ve only gained for joe but really from the breather practice if there was.
How to better use my view virtual assistant i really have not been using that person to her fullest potential.
And some really recognizing okay what are the things that i really need to be focusing on.
And not spending time on whole lot of administrative stuff that i could really can’t doctor that virtual assistant to do for me gas is easy to see what.
Could be delegated.
Yes yes yes yeah yeah do you think as a result of consulting you have seen your influence grow in your community or even the on your community.
Yeah it’s a widget which interstate is.
A couple of weekends ago with dinner presentation have the tennessee counseling association.
And i think i really agree with people understand what it means to network.
I can not be intimidated by that can just open up a whole lot of doors.
Course for sound so one of the things i did a presentation on grief therapy at the tennessee council association.

[53:45] And just made a lot of great contacts in the water good relationships from that in addition to that met some other folks that were interested in consulting.
And so it and recognizing to is having conversations with people about what is that they need interest.
Can a fun fact which was really just kind of shocking fact i found out that only one percent of the therapist or people in.
In tennessee that are in practice or license or in private practice when i thought that was just incredible and so.
One of the things i recognized through that not working and they’re going to that event.
There’s a lot of people out there working for agencies that are just not content with what they’re doing and so i think it.
It opens up a whole lot of doors for people wanting to go into private practice and really being able to know how to do that and what’s the best course of action to take to be able to transition from.
In agency work into private practice which i’m kinda biased it’s very fulfilling yeah like.
You can just that whenever you’ve and you could potentially have a whole bunch of consulting clients because,
yeah me and just your area there’s a lot of places people who are in private practice and maybe just need a little bit of help to make the jump.

[55:19] Absolutely mount absolutely gas green so my question is are there any.
Nuts and bolts are pieces of advice that you got from joe that you feel like really stood out to you that you think might be helpful to someone else.

[55:35] Yes i think what one thing is really having a clear understanding of.

[55:45] I have your vision and where you wanna go of really understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing.
Number one but also having a clear plan of how you’re gonna get there.
And i think what joe is help me to do it’s really clarify that more for myself.
And will i can help get much more laser focus of how to get from.
What i’m doing now to where i wanna be and what that looks like in the future you create.

[56:19] Don’t think you can you know if you know that your angle is then hopefully you can execute our little baby steps it takes to get there is absolutely.

[56:30] Well thank you so much for every.

[56:37] Music.

[56:46] No such an awesome interview with gordon my gosh i love how he talked about time management and batching and you and you have a private practice for ten years.
And then to say i’m gonna take it up a notch that’s so inspiring and i don’t know how you feel alison but it is just so inspiring when someone says the i’m ready keep taking up a notch.

[57:07] Yeah its cool here and talk about them for your practice of and how he had such a great time there until he got to know you as a consultant and could see how you’d be helpful to him so.
Yeah it was great yeah we text each other and i know that if you lived in traverse city we would definitely be for.
Friends because it’s not like we have so many things in common outside of just kinda consulting and counseling.
I love how he went into my time management and patching for me batching is just such a good way to get so much done in a short period of time when i have my podcast equipment set up a to do a whole bunch of stuff all at once.
Do you use bashing for yourself alison.

[57:46] I do i especially if i have some kind of writing tasks like blogging or something like that like it’s that was sort of like your either in the flow of that are not and so i cannot wait until i get in that.
Mindset and i try to write like five block both at once will so did you plan those out or is it just like whatever with you having kinda sketched out before you do the batching or is that just like administrative.
Sometimes i do and sometimes i don’t it just depends on how the ideas are percolating at the time for sure so sort of like fluid batching process which i think is better cuz then you’re not just like.

[58:20] Here’s my only way they do the speaking go with your own like bodies rhythm’s to.

[58:26] Cool and next week or not next week’s were doing a little bit more than once a week with this on next time we talk with any christina from our immediate one of the world’s top website companies media companies.
Indie wrote the book it’s all it’s as ceo chemistry is all marketing canister.
Should a seventy auto at the beginning of the next flight out but it’s a great but was on the books that will help me start retired google,
he’s gonna talk at all how to build content to attract your clients are going to be talking about step for which is to create to create something,
the really provides value and demonstrate your expertise can’t wait to talk to in the if you guys to meet my friend in the.
Again head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo,
can you get that three part video series its gonna walk you through exactly how and why to slow down,
as well we can move them into a deeper teachings on the seven practices of the practice and that one thing you can do this year,
it’s gonna be a game changer for you to continue to level up to have more income more influence and most importantly a stronger impact on the world.
Thanks so much for letting alison and in two years into your brain have an awesome day will talk.

[59:36] Music.

[59:49] This podcast design project thirty have information regarding the subject matter covered it even with the understanding that neither the host.
The gas or the publisher rendering legal accounting clinical or other professional information if you need a professional you should find one head on over to slowdownschool.com for more about this summer’s conference.

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