PoP 202 | Aaron Walker on Attracting the Right Business Partners

Business Partners

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Aaron Walker about attracting the right business partners.

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Click below to listen to the seventh podcast in this series, Create More Content Chemistry with Andy Crestodina.

How to create content chemistry

You can have great success, but no significance. When he slowed down, Aaron realised he needed to give more and help others. And, through that, he has gained more help. There are two types of people in this world, ‘givers’ and ‘takers’.

If you don’t ask, the answer is always “no”.

Setting Up Podcasts / Business Partnerships

  1. Personal Assessment
  2. What do you want?
  3. Steps for the day (to do list)
  4. Create a landing page with a lead-generation aspect, i.e.: give something helpful
  5. Set up interviews

Endorse and promote others and they will do the same for you!

His Book: View From The Top

Meet Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker is without question a veteran entrepreneur. Starting his first business at 18 and selling to a Fortune 500 company nine short years later demonstrates Aaron’s passion for succeeding. Unwilling to rest on past success Aaronstarted, bought and sold eight successful companies over the past 37 years. Having a strong desire for personal development has kept Aaron in a weekly mastermind group for more than a decade with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham and seven other notable Nashvillians. Aaron has enjoyed a 36-year marriage with his beautiful wife, Robin. Today Aaron spends the majority of his time HELPING MEN GROW IN SUCCESS AND SIGNIFICANCE as President and Founder of VIEW FROM THE TOP, a premier life and business coaching resource. Aaron‘s new book, View From The Top is guaranteed to motivate and inspire you to live a successful and significant life.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 202 | Aaron Walker On Attracting The Right Business Partners

[0:00] Music.

[0:08] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok can alison pidgeon session number two o two.

[0:14] Music.

[0:24] Practice practice podcast i am joe sanok your host episode host my co host alison pidgeon is here with me how you doing.

[0:33] Hello joe i’m great how are you i’m doing really good today i this series is so inspiring for me so today we’re talking all about attracting.
Clients i’m sorry no attracting business partners and people on refer to,
so the you can grow your practice and really help those people that are attracted to being your partner so alison and tell me a little bit about your journey in regards to not working attracting people that wanna refer to you.
One big take away the i’m learned is that you might find referral sources in sort of unusual places.
Am you know we will always think of.
Never gonna doctors or therapists as counselors and those are all good but i think that you know just sort of talking anybody you come across like you were never know what’s gonna come out of it and we’re actually.
In the process of making a connection with a local yoga studios very much into wellness and.
You know that’s not me the first place you would think but i think it’s gonna be really great source of referrals forest yeah like the pastor that married my wife and i.
I connected with him we moved back to traverse city and for the longest time he was my top referral source and,
you just never know the people from your life the people that you meet that are gonna say oh my gosh i’m so glad alison is in business i need to send people her way.

[1:57] Rate yeah.
Alright so to dive into an interview with iran walkers he is also all by him and just the second he’s gonna dive into talking about attracting partners that can just help you grow your business.

[2:11] Music.

[2:16] Just podcast we have here in walker he is with.
Question about an entrepreneur starting his first business at eighteen and selling to a fortune five hundred company nine short years later demonstrates errands passion for succeeding,
i’m willing to rest i’m pass success he started bought and sold a successful companies over the past thirty seven years having a strong desire for personal development has kept a run in a weekly mastermind group for more than a decade with the ramsey,
dan miller can ever him and seven other notable national billions iran has enjoyed a thirty six year marriage with his beautiful wife robin and today he spent the majority of his time helping man to grow in success and significance,
as a president and founder of you from the top,
right premier life and business coaching resource iran’s new book view from the top is guaranteed to motivate and inspire you to live a successful and significant light welcome to the practice the practice podcast,
hey joseph thank you buddy i appreciate you having me all also happy to have you by all means call me go that’s my friends call me ced love to love to be on friend terms with yeah.
Sounds good buddy yet well today we’re talking all about how to attract the right partners to be going to the series were kelly hadn’t talked about evaluating where you’re at louis house talked about how to define we’re at and we are headed.
Jeep happens and talked about planning and then last time we talked into custody about creating content which brings us to you so we can in the middle of a cheating a goal in finding those right partners.

[3:47] You’ve done an amazing job of being on podcasts and really pending throughout your career so i just love to hear a little bit of your back story,
love me how you got into the coaching side of things after already having a wildly successful career.

[4:00] Well i appreciate that thank you joe i’ll give you just a thirty thousand foot to be no review of started really early at thirteen years old fell in love with the business i was doing at eighteen years old i open my own.

[4:12] I had to do that with two partners because i didn’t have any money we came from a really really humble background formed a partnership god just really blasted we grew it to four locations,
a fortune five hundred company realize we were here they may be an offer i couldn’t refuse so twenty seven i was finished.
About this is the american dream you go from nothing to retiring in nine years until i gain fifty pounds was waking up in the middle of the day from taking naps my wife said you gotta do something so.
Went back with partners with the guy start with we built a very successful company over the next ten years where i work three days a week.
He worked the other three days and it was a marriage made in heaven until august first two thousand one i was headed to the office things are awesome here in nashville seven thirty in the morning and a pedestrian crosses the street,
to catch local busted look my way and i ran over and killed a pedestrian.
In that day to my wife come to a screeching halt i’m like oh my goodness surely.
That just didn’t happen to may me things are so good i’m forty years old at the time and.
Yeah unfortunately his name was henry okay he was seventy seven years old he didn’t look my way he just didn’t seem the right out front of me and literally everything come to a halt that day and.
I decided to retire again for the second time and idea sold my business to the next five years off.
I didn’t do anything we travel we built a new house i had to get my legs back under me which i do it.
And then rob what me up again from a nap she said you getting fat lazy again time to go back in the business and so we did.

[5:48] The guy that built my house from a did unbelievable job in st louis take your skills and my resources in this form a partnership we did,
over the next nine years we took that company to the number one position three consecutive years in middle tennessee and then it turned fifty.
And i retire the third time robin said i retire more than the law allows you.

[6:12] As you mentioned in the lobby and mastermind group for a couple of decades with dave ramsey and,
damn miller died and have been together since the beginning since nineteen ninety five when he started i was his number to sponsor or twenty one years i sponsor the show and,
have an amazing time and we grew great relationship out of that invited me to join his mastermind group where i met can abraham which now has a hundred fifteen books in print,
dan miller forty eight days to the work you love jeff moseley i know records dave ramsey lot of really cool guys but at the time.

[6:44] I didn’t have a hugely successful businesses but as a result of my after mining over two decades you know guys really did a great job in building their businesses they encourage me to coach.
And so they invited me to do their programs idea fell in love with it and then i started coaching i was in breaks and mortar,
you know for thirty years and this was a brand new space for me in that kinda leads us into how to leverage these audiences and so i started coaching now we have seven masterminds,
we have a community and i helped ordinary me and become extraordinary all,
i want to go back to that five years you took off after you killed the pedestrian cuz i just feeling that’s the kind of thing that.

[7:26] Could totally break somebody and i can’t even imagine going through that.
But during those five years when you were just can regrouping and recovering the what did you do what were some practices that you did how do heal from that and.

[7:43] Tell me more about that.
Thank you for asking that was really transformational period in my life because i’ve been a good person i was in a bad i wasn’t charles manson you wasn’t doing wrong things.
My total focus was on personal success.
And there’s nothing wrong with having things i love to have nice things i love go nice places i can’t stand it when people with money say money doesn’t matters like yes it does it very important,
don’t make it your god don’t make it your sole focus and i had to realize that i had great success but i have no significance.
But i wasn’t looking at where i was looking inward we had the place on the beach and then we had a place in the mountains at one time and.
We have a big house a nice car has nothing wrong with any of those things but i was embarrassed i said you know if i had been killed in that accident that they might legacy would have been he came from nothing literally nothing we had zero there was six,
person that lived in a 600 square foot house that my Dad paid $6,500 for that we later lost in bankruptcy so I know all about being broken for.

[8:48] Two successful in not having to work at twenty seven years old.
But there was nothing out where i had done for anybody else there was no significant amount of success is about what happens to you significance is about what happens to others.
And i really have appeared on shift tomorrow i can use it from now on i’m gonna be looking at work.

[9:07] And i’m gonna give and give and give and help in teaching coaching encourage and edify lift up.
And as a result that what’s cool joe is as a result of doing that i have become more successful financially.
It is just a natural reciprocity and what i did was is i traveled i was grateful that i had some resources robin and i spent a lot of time out of town.
God gave me the grace to deal with it i’m a christ follower and so his grace was bestowed upon me and i was able to work through that,
and i really need that in my life at that time i could’ve chosen to set down,
and been over you now to the curled up in the fetal position but you know it’s not important how many times we get knocked down what’s important is we stand back up and i just chose that day to stand back while.

[9:54] So when you decided you can launch the coaching business woman talk about the,
but these big ideas to slow down to spark innovation in those amazing moments come when your you least expect you’re in the shower and a long drive unit for a hike with your wife and you have these ideas and then this can a section is all about,
what do you do with those ideas so as you built that idea take me through some of the people that you invited into that process to help move it from.
Idea to actually something that could be your new approach in your career.
No heat away leverage to other audiences and i started thinking through how in this online space that i was gonna make a name for myself and i said you know i could block from now on the inbound commerce which we do.
Awesome record store this facebook thing i could start my own podcast is gonna take yours,
and one of the guys that work with me he said why don’t you start leveraging podcast audiences and get on podcast and this is four years ago and i said well that’s cool,
what is a podcast have laughing in he said well here’s what it is and he told me i am.
I said i’m not familiar with the space i don’t even know who to go and ask,
and so he said there’s this new guy relatively new this really built a name for yourself on to put new room fire john lee dumas he said you need to reach out to him but good luck,
he said three hundred sixty five people a year is all the interviews and got a list of people waiting to get also said down my patio and i wrote my story here’s my big thing joe if you.

[11:29] Don’t ask the answer is always no so i’m never afraid to ask i’ll ask,
in a minute because you know right the only way you gonna give us if yes write my story and is not in us here’s my story,
can some where to what i said earlier in the interview but elaborated can’t tell more stories that night i got an email back from john and said hey.

[11:50] I want you on the show and i leaned over robin my wife of thirty six years as a look at this is what they call an auto responder everybody gets this.
Next morning i get up look at my email there’s a different email address to john is here’s my calendar pick the day you bonus probably day ago he really does lol mean.
So i did the interview and my business blew up literally overnight have people from all over the world calling me hiring me to be,
coach and i said no while this is pretty cool so i started lamp working but the starter reaching out to others so we spent we literally the next.
Eighteen months fifty percent of our time reaching out to podcast host,
well done three hundred podcast interviews now two hundred eighty seven interviews last year,
in two thousand sixteen alone in it was just saying hey i wanna add value how can i help you to tell my story to encourage others in you start getting on a few the larger shows you know you get all of you the larger shows and.
One thing leads to another and then we started getting request i would be on our show in,
out of that came a business we started interview valet and we help people get on podcast is result of this so with not knowing where podcast west owning a business to help people get home podcast and i thought man this is so awesome these are million,
two million downloads a month some these podcasters getting it would take me years.
I actually speaking of social media marketing next month telling a little bit more of our story how to leverage their audiences to get on how to be a great guest while.

[13:27] I’m looking for years and listen four years thirty months three months so when you are first starting out.
Before you say entrepreneur on fire was on your read are do you have a goal of i wanna be on this many podcasts on them to have this me download there was it just,
i wanna get on any podcast will take to get my message out how to go to vet the podcast we here’s foot a lot of people told me early on and i don’t take a lot of,
advice early on until i learned that they really know what they’re talking about but i said if you can file the mirror and you gotta mike i’ll be your guest.
Here’s the thing though you never know who’s listening first of all second of all the,
extreme benefit that we never saw coming your first aaron walker on google didn’t exist three years ago you couldn’t find me with a search warrant,
you can google a run walker nail and out of thirty eight million inquiries i’m number one and i’m on the first ten pages so let me tell you why it wasn’t just for the podcast interview there are show notes.

[14:33] And because of the show notes there’s as ceo value to google will now google gives as ceo value to audio because they transcribe them,
and if you listen to my facebook lives are you listening of usual oftentimes hear me mentioning the community and masterminded coaching i’m using the words that seos don’t recognize that i’m trying to capitalize on,
so it’s not just the interview here’s the other good thing in here’s the argument that i use will say to,
any interview and i get a thousand downloads on mott,
that’s evergreen that’s from now on i’m still getting clients from three and half years ago office interviews that i did that they just heard him for the first time so it’s like you giving a speech every day.
All three hundred interviews all of the world you think about the multiplier effect,
yeah think about what that does for us like you giving a speech all of the world on three hundred different interviews every day.

[15:28] See there so many unbelievable opportunities of being a guest on a podcast in that’s just a proven method that we’ve used to grow your business how did one interview on one podcast and filled up two mastermind groups,
yeah one thirty minute interview one to two.

[15:47] Two mastermind groups so there’s this huge value to it yet so when people getting interviewed on a podcast where a couple,
best practices in regards to how to be good guests but also to make the most out of that with whether to call the action of the,
how do you go from jamming or gas to then filling your master groups without being assailed the on it.
Yeah you can do that here’s the thing you gotta have a mentality of giving it can be mentality of getting so there’s two different kinds of persons in the world there are givers and takers your one of the other.
Adam grant talks about in his.

[16:20] In so bring a giving mentality i even ask you before we go to show how can i make this a great show what do you want me to do how can i help.
What if you use that at if you bring the attitude of hey joe can you mention this can you tell me about the from the top can you tell me about this it’s all about yourself.
Yeah nobody wants to deal with that.
The natural reciprocity when you bring a giving attitude people wanna buy your product they want to buy your services they want to be around you bring light to the room you,
your bringing information you want to be helpful not to tell you stories for hours is to how we can implement that over the past thirty eight years and our businesses is saying how can i make you successful what can i do to connect to,
who can i introduce you to what other podcast can i get you on it’s that giving mentality,
in the how everybody else to be around you because you’re like dude you’re giving it up on your helping and,
what can i do for you see how he tonight so what we do and i’ll do it on the show just like i’ve done on every show you know there is a business side to this right i’m not the,
the tooth fairy on both there is,
things do you want to get out of it but what i ultimately want to do is bring value and then i’ll get so we give three documents away.
And i’ll do it only shows a great time to do it there’s a personal assessment that i wrote that deals in your identity your ideals your faith your family your career deals with every.
Twenty five questions that dive deep into you personally know right or wrong answers to questions i give away the second one is what do i want.

[17:51] Most people don’t know what they want and is even more if there was no geographic limitations or financial limitations what would you do with your life.
The most people don’t know most people are trying to get bigger better shot here faster just give me more money and i might well maybe that’s not what’s best for you.
Maybe you need to evaluate what do i even want in my life you don’t even need to make the amount of money some of the doubt that you’re trying to make,
to live the life that you wanna live no help you figure that out then step two productive day it’s kind of a to do list on steroids i give those away,
and when i say is i go to viewfromthetop.com/practice.
And that’s what landing pages for you so you go there i exchange your email and i exchange your name.
For those three documents and they’re very helpful there been downloaded,
thousands and tens of thousands of time to be very helpful but now it’s like in the future billy bob,
download those and now it’s like a billy bob are you interested in this is coaching practice i’m doing to mastermind i’m doing a free webinar are eccentric set for you build your list as the most important asset you could possibly home,
so don’t waste in the interview if you don’t do landing page because you get your message out now nobody can,
you don’t get anything right beside you hope they remember they go back and listen to it again but i got these tangible things in the hand that’s helping of get something helpful away.
And then you know we always has the podcast host a joke i did a great job.

[19:21] You can connect when your body center in this industry able to be on his shows well invariably i get one or two interviews out of asking the question so what we do though is even an interview valet week we certify people.
Why cuz you hate get a gas is not prepare we give them the equipment literally will,
send them the equipment so they sound good we will do their landing pages with their social media market.

[19:48] We do there pick shit we do the connection we do the reminder,
are you gonna show up and do as the interview so you’re prepared so gyro don’t have to worry about got some gay who hear him to have good equipment he’s not prepared he doesn’t show up he’s light.
In your time is valuable right we that everyone.
So we teach people this process and how to be a great guest on the podcast so that we’re both winners.
Yeah i already i think i have three or four interview valet people scheduled just after you and i talked a couple of weeks ago,
it was just such a smooth process of the podcast host.
And already i can tell that the quality of people that you’re sending my way is so much better than just a random people to reaching out to me.

[20:31] As a podcast hosted makes my life way easier to have these high quality people and i have basically a virtual assistant that i don’t have to pay the fine people.

[20:40] Help me out that the whole point of finding partners to find partners that.
They’re thrilled that you are doing what you’re doing so i’m thrilled that you have interview valley ex makes my life easier,
and i get to them and help the audience have better quality people and so when we get the heavy lifting,
yeah cause your white glove service you don’t have to do anything but what you’re good at and that’s interviewing the cast,
absolutely that’s the way you guys you gotta from partners you gotta from partners that it’s a win win for everybody if it’s just winning for you it’s not a great deal but when everybody wins,
everybody walks away feeling like this was a great exchange now you found great partners in the other thing that we do all the time and i’ll do it for you as well,
we promote the practice,
of the practice will get on our social media hey go check out joe with the practice of practice he is also great show got amazing audience will do it will put you don’t hubspot,
will put on meet edgar will play on facebook and we rotate through and will promote you,
i go to conferences all the time and all stand out and do a lot of facebook live and i’ll be promoting ray edwards hate may need to come early or just going to need to come and just going to dave ramsey,
you know entre leadership mastery series dan miller invite you guys need together and not get anything for that,
write up a new order for the john lee dumas just lost his new book and not promoting my crazy.
Are social me get a dime out of that but i believe in the person i believe in what they’re doing.

[22:13] And here’s the thing man you can’t just be promoting people for what you get out of it a little bit of money your audience will catch on to that,
you’ll be shortly but if you promo people you believe in and you do it here to okay i’m gonna tell you to listen laney.
Here’s the thing you gotta do it without him asking and the indelibly impression it makes on them is ten fold when they ask you the kind of the.
Expect you,
but i get on all the time and do endorsements for podcast host ugly didn’t do endorsements i’ll send out videos on facebook i’ll maintenance guys how you gotta go ray edwards,
gotta go jeff go you gotta go you know to go with the practice of the practice here’s what they do it is also it’s amazing you got,
in there like dude who are you right it’s a here’s the thing,
so the one its base turn that’s what they call me you said joe is your name by friends moms big day so now we’re on the ground that’s a big a movie the good of all.

[23:11] Here’s the thing now it’s my turn to talk about my book view from the top people line up inside the guy what can i do for you how can i help you know what cuz for years i’ve been promoting them,
for free on my own intentionally,
in the next thing you look up and you guys so many advocates there sharing your stuff is like oh my gosh then you get blogs that,
you’re mentioned in your talked about you know why because you’re doing for them before they ask you so guys listen.

[23:39] Reach out promote people that you believe in before they ask in when you do man will it pay dividends.
Such good advice i think about in for the private practitioner that maybe there just getting going and maybe they help with the cutting or eating disorders that then when they reach out.
Two other therapists that don’t do that or to a psychiatrist or doctor there’s real that you’re doing that work and if you can be promoting their work.
Just a small way do that we’ve done a mental illness counseling is we did a whole blog series about local practitioners and so,
the nutritionist about our favorite massage therapist or favorite primary care doctors the people in the court that we partner with it so is really putting them in the spot light,
we found that as a result i referrals go up from the people in it that wasn’t the point the point was just that is a really good primary care doctor in town.
And so it’s so nice that we are in the world right now where,
the more good you do the more the try to help people and help them grow their businesses that that’s a strategy for growing your own business.
Tell me tell a quick story maya yeah go for it okay so how’s the construction business we built million dollar homes and small commercial.
In our industry in middle tennessee which i’m a native nashville again so this is where we on the construction company we are one of the premier builders there were about ten in this area nationals,
boomtown if you don’t know it but now that is amazing,
what’s going on here so there was about ten premier builders and we competed on all these jobs all the time so we set when we get together informed association.

[25:18] Among these ten builders and we call them the master custom builder council.
Can’t listen to mail the competitors got together and we form an association.
I was an officer in that group and we met the for thursday and every month at a local bank in the conference room we started sharing.
Vendors we started sharing subcontractors we started sharing ideas,
best practices in the in the vendors got together set my goodness these are the top ten builders and we said if you will come to us and offer us a great price will all bar from you.
So they.
Make this a great price of the people couldn’t get which what happened it made us more competitive because the vendors say we use to tar vanished then we would do one or two parade of homes annually.
As a group we would donate the money to charity of the persons choice that owned the house that we were doing the parade of homes with,
listen as a result of us banning together to last euros in the construction industry those team builders we did a hundred and fifty million dollars in business.

[26:26] Sorry to see it go we done previous years because we band together we became friends we vacation together we help each other.
You see what i’m saying what you can do but when you hold your,
cards close to the vest and you don’t share and you don’t in enable others you don’t get the discounts you don’t get the vendors wanting your business,
you don’t get a sub contractors that you can keep busy with sub contractors that we shared i don’t have a house phone right now but billion eighty does,
go help them it kept them busy so it stimulated the entire economy now i’m like oh my goodness i didn’t even know we could do that.
And i was start marketing i was sure my marketing ideas it was good for everybody seatmate everybody rise right in that you can do what i’m talking about in any industry you’re in believe me we did it,
for years and it works and that is where you have to leverage these partnerships well i even think about telling hiking help kick off the series she and i become friends and she does consulting as well we share so much information back and.

[27:28] Same with julie hanks and other people that are consultants in our field and it’s amazing how when you surround yourself with those people that are doing the work that you love.
They find a tool and they’re like all of you see me and your for example and then we start using that or if you use lead pages or whatever the thing is that really is making life easier,
you all day can rise up together and you’re like this cohort of people that.
Yeah looks that cohort how did that happen so fast you can always move forward so much quicker.

[27:57] It has helped everybody because once you can deduct not to be redundant but when you continue to give thing giving the of it just comes back bother shuffle falls on the just keeps coming back.
And now you build the kids for your business you bill support you’ve got people that are standing in line to help you suck my book now i got people that are like man what can i do to promote it how can,
yeah give me an endorsement can i promoted her social media and the other thing the big thing that we do and i want to encourage other people to do this rarely does anybody do this we use video like,
crazy we do endorsements the video we answer e-mails with video we give shout outs with video,
i’ll send a video to joe and say joe thank you i did one recently and i won’t call their name but are very very very large podcast hosted i just got on and said hey you’re the best it was amazing,
i can’t even begin to tell you how much i enjoyed it was a thirty second video talking about how great they were it wasn’t,
fifteen minutes i get texts from iphones a ring this is unbelievable,
do you mind if i promote this to all my social media i’m like let me think about the second yes right its.
Now they’re promoting my videos my business about the um they didn’t ask for that i just freely gave it elected to do that.
We do that with e-mails house at my desk and our right to three emails and say hey joe just thinking about you and help you.
I’ll text people i’ll put them on facebook to facebook lives and i’ll be talking about joe and the practice of the practice you gotta go listen to show and next thing i know you’re sharing that because i doubt you right.

[29:34] And so that being other people hear it and then when you this is another little tip when you doing facebook lives the more you can talk about other people rather than yourself up a lot more views promise,
When you doing that it’s assigned to is the same practice and everything take your eyes off yourself quit trying to make the sale and try to promote other people have value in your business will grow exponentially,
wow so,
so when your just scanner from the nuts and bolts side when you do these videos you to facebook live do posted to you tube so that those people then when embedded or tell me a little bit about the actual process,
yeah we do that to do,
i do for facebook lives a week old coming to you live from the green way that’s an abuse of it as a fun thing that just started about a year ago i was,
there’s a green light on the street from my house i go there and walk everyday and this facebook last thing had just started getting kinda popular to pull my phone out of my back pocket,
nice i got a message and want to share.
So is walking that they’re not just do it up in front of me and i get facebook lie about scared to death of the what the crap what is this and how it has a big day coming to you live from the station camp greenway and i would had told my message.

[30:46] But five min hunger thing open up mr look at my from my phone lit up like a christmas tree and pay that will people come in saying they it was awesome love this and i thought,
well that’s cool,
couple days later did it again twice as much i started calming on the comments couple days later did it again and it just grew and this the thing is you all get thousand to ten thousand views.
Per episode every week now they just grow from a thousand two thousand three thousand views and then you interact.
So we started making a you tube channel with these facebook lol so we’re gonna take that.
Where at loading it to ray of our ev dot com real thing that transcribe sit in never making an e-book that i’m gonna give away on podcast interview so now,
coming to you live from the greenway their little daily five ten minute conversations tips about family tips about,
how to do things a business how to do what i’m talking about right now to it’s just in so we may be you tube channel but now we contribute to channel were gonna transcribe it in now you can also transcribe those and make blogs,
so you just use discounting re purpose and so many ways now you got any book i got a blog,
i got you to turn on your facebook live noon you can go in my granddaughter works for me and she does means on pictures and show going in take something out that upset ensure put it should go to camp all.
Yeah don’t picture of you put my,
one of us in there will tweet it out so now i’ve got six or seven things i can do that one facebook lol.

[32:23] Cuz you’re not re purpose in your content enough so there again it’s just another way to market yourself.
Holy cow i hope we have as much energy as you have dang it like it is just insane to see how much you’re doing do you have like how big is your support team to do all that.

[32:40] Yeah we’ve gotta see we got a full time executive assistant which is my daughter broke and in we’ve got to va is.
That work for us full time with one full time one part time and then we’ve got other ba is that on projects so it doesn’t take a lot and you,
it’ll be a relatively inexpensive i have won the Philippines that is amazing and does incredible work and then my personal executive assistant you know she handles everything that i don’t need to be handling so yeah we’re small thing when i act,
well the thing that just really kind of puts a big exclamation point underline highlight whatever you wanna say,
around doing what you do best and outsourcing all the rest jimmy jay z wrapping up the you know james on the connected you and i to each other,
it cost me is an easy wrapping up the series about.
How do you out source as much as you can and i think that this is such a great example of doing the things that only you can do big a can only do,
handful of things you at a time and you’re just doing and then you hand it off to other people to really make,
the kind of explode beyond just you know yet center uploading everything to video yourself for making them all yourself,
you’re doing the content creation that only you can do and i just love that you have done such a great job almost bring this entire series together for us.
Big day of every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want now.

[34:06] What a great question joe there’s a number of things that i could kinda go to two things that have been a couple mantras of my entire life when i was a child my mom would not allow me to say can’t.

[34:19] She would say you might not be able to do this but you’re gonna try and she has this little saying it was can’t couldn’t do it but could that all.
Enough develop that mindset my entire life that’s what success is a mindset and now my answer is yes i can do it what is it you want me to do with enough time care of wack talks about in her book mindset.

[34:41] With enough time and education experience and put your ten thousand hours and you can master most anything that you want to the other thing that holds people down,
yes for failure first of all don’t believe in failure i believe you either succeed or you learn but is a fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure,
and if you develop a mindset of i can do it and i’m not afraid to learn,
and if you wanna use failure as the thing that’s holding you back get over that if you’re missing an opportunity more than you fear failure you can be hugely successful.

[35:17] Wow big a you’re awesome head on over to viewfromthetop.com/practice and you can get his three worksheets,
hey i’m just so blown away with everything you’re doing and all the just nuggets of information you gave us thank you so much for being on the practice of the packs podcast.
Thanks joe have a great day buddy will you.

[35:37] Music.

[35:45] The interview with a dr walker on my gosh he is so amazing and has been just such a power house in the business world would you think about the allison.

[35:54] Oh i thought it was three i really liked when he was talking about regarding referral sources i think that often we forget how.
Appreciative those referral sources are of our you know services are expertise.
Yeah in fact he has attracted the right partners from like twenty years ago people like dave ramsey are dan miller the,
they’ve all been really reset the whole world of business and he’s been a part of that group is just it’s amazing that we got to chat.
Yeah i think it’ll get so tell me who were talking to today in regards to past consulting clients.
So today we’re talking to me and were is a psychologist and kinetic it and what i learned about what she said was.
That she needs a really strategic decisions as a result of consulting and it impacted her,
finances in huge way like in a years time she doubled her income and you’ll hear her talk about that and i think it.
It’s amazing she just decided to make a change and it made all the difference in her business man carried his interview let’s roll.

[37:03] Hi megan how are you today.

[37:05] Spam grey area good so today i have with me megan warner she’s a clinical psychologist from connecticut in private practice so may and tell us in a few sentences about your practice.

[37:19] Well i am gonna go hutchison for canon cameras right on the shoreline hundred,
please and postpartum and prenatal hell’s and dialectical behavior therapy other mindfulness based approaches and also in pakistan trauma slots finally.
The side while this unit is that’s great.

[37:42] Yeah that’s right so tell us about what was happening in your practice before you decided to start consulting with joe like what was the impetus for sharing consulting.

[37:53] So sorry before we started i was driving around yesterday my kids to school and received all the practice spot kathy jones first and,
any of the rest of us like westinghouse information is what is the essence great utilizing it especially in.

[38:12] I better get a space for i have lost the longest to do list in the world is still really overwhelmed about the steps to take,
to meet the press in really happening actually get paralyzed by the length of the usa to be like well,
what is this like too many things i can tackle at the same time i was getting really busy with my insurance based clients is really easy to get that much time and it was kind of.
Paralyzed i decided to call him cuz i want to set aside time for myself to,
just invest in building a practice and not be distracted and also i want a business and joe i need your guidance to like organize my thoughts and a sign how to prioritize stuff and not start shit and.
Okay great so then when you started consulting with joe versus how things are going now do you feel like you’re structuring your time even on a daily basis and a different way.

[39:12] No like anybody be suspended please structuring my mind frame in a different way like my is about developing a practice a lot more center at it i’m a lot more excited.
I’ll be there at about,
the choice is making in terms of the process for internal is just lazy stars like what’s the one thing you wanna do you know that’s very helpful needs it one thing and then also kind of like is this how i want to practice to look like i’m connor,
play referencing is i actually want long time,
okay so you’re kind of more focused now and like the big picture and are the small things i’m doing every day or every month.
Contributing to that vision that you have for the practice yeah i’m looking at a picture and i’m worried he’s like what i’m doing.
Okay great yeah so what other changes are result of you seen because of consulting like our,
have things in your business change for you yes sir when i started consulting is mostly seen managed care in your,
people i wasn’t suzanne is in early practice myself like,
where again wasn’t making much money based on that i was working very very hard being patient lol and i got insurance and i,
i would say seventy five percent of my practice is private pay explain and that’s increase my income.

[40:43] Peter mac like it’s almost double that actually by the end of the year made a couple that so the first year i think has a fifty seven thousand and then.
I’d like to send them my yamaha wasn’t is this the severe specifically w no visible means of fifty seven thousand probably be in the early almost almost apple that quick wow that’s amazing.
What say you does god yes you don’t take any insurance at all anymore.
I am sixty insurance lady take medicaid and think is important your good about that like it’s really hard to find providers in on this,
so when can i get that take medicaid so i can make it this friday twenty bucks on the practice but taxes here while but i’m taking their marriage here okay.
Yeah i think that’s amazing that you did that such a short amount of time cuz i was think about getting insurance panels being kinda like a long process is you don’t like quit them all at once and like have your.
Claim these drop off but it sounds like you just took this like leap of faith like okay the self pay clients will come and it worked out.
It was painful interest is to stay on as far as like royalty to current clients alarm stuck around surprised how many stick around and the other is strategic decision-making that,
i would strongly advise people when you get insurance can only get on a couple so like i was only around the cross blue shield site and have to get off in a minute healthcare i have a bunch only have one so it was a little less painful.

[42:15] What way to stop it was a tough ends harm you know week to week at my class.
Can i get anyone yeah good for you get free when you feel like your feelings about your business of changing sister consulting.

[42:33] Yeah i actually am happier as its too much happier life like i am i am a lot more deliberate harsh on my timeline,
and when i go to practice official specials last just let things it yeah i think the conversation earlier it with joe about,
thanks it look momentum feels like anxiety i think you know when you’re having amendments kitty is exciting but it is also in anxiety in the last concentrating it and i have anxiety,
that is manifesting in my body last training is to practice and investing more electric and i just don’t have that you know and my i’m okay.
Yes you go out more common in control of what’s happening in my mind for mosquitoes actually in are working perfectly and me and they were the time could,
set up the hill like because of consulting you have a bigger influence your community or you’re able to.
Kind of impacts people in a different way than you weren’t able to before.
That’s a great question um yes so the short answer is yes to some things i was wanting to do with the practice.
I want to run groups atlanta going speak more and get toxin the doctors that i really enough time as is drowning what i have so,
you’re wanting to use on started the skills group and we’re actually just announcing that this week and i’m gonna.

[44:05] Set the flare like today sir certain things like it goes to fix a lot of time after consultation meetings and it several hours a week at the,
this is a big thing it’s a profitable thing you know which is which is positive but it’s the much needed thing in the community there just isn’t enough,
how did this go scripts and arm so so happy that we’re gonna be able to offer that the community,
oh that’s great then you are able to focus on providing services that you feel like are really important and that your passionate about.
And that something that the community needs as opposed to i’m just.
Drowning in like manage your marriage for example you have a whole list of us were happy,
be very very delivering control holistic or someone around in exchange for an event for the community and lattices as a trauma group and,
there is a monster and i’m just trying to be very late slow and steady and center lifespan acting increased about,
like it’s gonna happen so that it is happening in this it does need to be.
Can bacon breakfast right yeah that’s awesome and i think to when you run groups you know you might be.
Offering treatment to a whole segment of the population that may be can come for individual therapy because of finances or whatever and so they’re still getting treatment even after yeah.

[45:28] Exactly and somebody better anchors on.
Seven trauma unit really need electrical electronic at the house so much to see other people and how they’re coping thing.
So my question is if you could give the folks listening kind of like one or two pieces of advice that you learn from joe that you felt like really helpful with those be.

[45:54] Definitely the most powerful piece of advice i got from him was the word home things down into this one banks are you not gonna miss craziness your call it like i bring down,
yeah and to serve like unload all this stuff that i had in my mind and all these ideas and things like today in and he would help,
no guidance like okay let’s take one thing like what’s the one thing you can be doing the training does call the next call,
and i just made for so much more do able to me i was able to care for the rest of the stuff aside and say i’ll get to that eventually but i know my one task and that was huge for me.

[46:31] That’s great and it’s funny because i think you’re like the third or fourth person to tell me the,
raise hell according to the american yeah like how important that like just focus on this one thing and like the other stuff can wait because i think it’s hard,
when you’re doing it alone to realize what that one thing is cuz it’s like oh these five things in important,
you know like i need to be doing things but then he banjo after i go it goes really good thing like none of this is really the most important thing like these other for things silly.

[47:04] Exactly and for me that’s readings it comes from the start lock on it like yeah cuz that was the five things feel stressful but one thing is like okay i can handle and ray.

[47:17] Will megan thank you so much for sharing your story with us and i think it’s amazing to hear how your,
it’s is grown and looking forward to hearing more about your progress in my pressure awesome thanks so much thanks have a good day thank you to.

[47:32] Music.

[47:44] Else would cause interview with megan and idea of being paralyzed by your to do list i think it’s such a common thing that i see in my consulting clients and with a lot of counselors what about you.
Yeah i think if you have that under printer a mindset like your mind is always working thinking of ideas and who i can make this better i can offer this other service and.
You know the things are great until it gets to be too overwhelming and then you’re not taking action yeah yeah yeah through as the disagree with it.
That we just get so much in our brains we consume so much and there’s so many great consultants out there that are giving away free and awesome advice.
That we consume and consume that and its like it’s some point you gotta stop heating get off the couch and go do something.

[48:31] Ready yeah i and i have yet i think most of the people i talk to kinda have that same sentiment,
yeah absolutely well if you want to watch the three part video series its over at practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo i’m so excited about this video series cupla media has been an incredible job,
he looked beautiful and having amazing music it’s just i’m so proud of that is probably,
the thing the content i created the most proud of with practice of the practice and head on over the racticeofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo.
And you can download those all totally for free thanks so much for letting slison are in two years and into your brain have an awesome day i will talk to you soon.

[49:15] Music.

[49:21] This podcast is designed right after thirty two information and we got the subject matter covered it is good with the understanding that neither the host the publisher or the gas surrendering legal accounting clerical or other professional information.
If you need professional should five one and head on over to slowdownschool.com to find out what were doing this summer and come rock out with us in traverse city.

[49:43] Music.

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