PoP 203 | How To Blow People’s Minds By Over-Serving Them With Brian Canlis

Over-serving people

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Brian Canlis on how to blow people’s minds by over-serving them.

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The Story Of Canlis

Brian’s aim for Canlis is to become the best restaurant in America by simply putting others first. While the industry of fine-dining is usually run by fear, they are attempting a different approach.

The challenging part is getting your team onboard with the new direction you’d like to take them in. Brian, however, does not fire team members, he allows them to ‘fire themselves’. You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole. People need to work for an organisation because they want to.

Canlis holds a lot of meetings to discuss how people are feeling and what their thoughts are about the working environment. They arrange social getaways and gatherings as well to initiate healthy relationships between the team members.

Meet Brian Canlis

Brian Canlis returned to Seattle in 2005 after 12 years of studying and working abroad. His college education saw him in England, Austria, and Spain before finishing a hotel sciences degree at Cornell University. Commissioned as an Air Force officer in 2001, he led Elmendorf Air Force base in winning the coveted Hennessy Award for the Air Force’s best food and dining experience. Just prior to his promotion to Captain, Brian was transferred to the nation’s capital to help lead an elite protocol squad that played host to world leaders and international heads of state. (There’s a good chance you’ve seen him saluting the President on CNN.) Lured back to the restaurant by a desire to join the family business, Brian joined his brother Mark in leading the company – and is now President. While Mark is the leader of staff, guest and community relations, Brian focuses more on business development, product reinvention, and future opportunities. Together, they make a dynamic team who are just as great at being business partners as they are at being brothers. In his spare time, (and often at work) Brian enjoys photography, and serves as the company’s official photographer. He married photographer Mackenzie in 2015 and isn’t nearly as talented as she, but she loves him anyway.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 203 | How To Blow People’S Minds By Over-Serving Them With Brian Canlis

[0:00] Music.

[0:08] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok and alison pidgeon session number two or three.

[0:15] Music.

[0:25] Welcome to the practice and the practice podcast i am jose sanok your host and i have alison pidgeon with me co hosting today,
i keep seeing host alison sorry like i’m a co host i’m at the host and co host how you doing host alison,
i’m doing great thanks this is fun so even bash recording a whole bunch of kids in frozen stuff and we’re towards the end of it and so that’s pulling the everything but back a little bit so that you can see what we do in,
this side of the microphone that we’re talking about over serving your clients white support have amazing customer service today lcd any stories or examples of can a service in your private practice.
Yeah it was really important to me was if,
you know someone called looking for counseling and we were able to help them for whatever reason we have a list of people you refer to that we know me trust,
and we don’t ever wanna for turning someone away without some others for resource to reach out to,
find out if they can get counseling somewhere else,
i think that that’s really important so did you develop that list by connecting with counselors you new or is it just sort of like his and collect her things about.
So mostly it’s counselors that i actually know personally that i network with and that i feel you.
Are trustworthy and comfortable with and i would you know feel good about sending my own family member to them and so that sort of what i use to make the lists yeah i think that’s really smart and.

[1:56] As we look at our practices especially of having a private practice is something you want or something you have or maybe even mix model and alison does.
For me alison’s serving people over serving people is just one of the biggest differentiate hours.
So like for us we have a refrigerator full of just awesome beverages of your starbucks frappuccinos the great keys in their coconut water,
so the people feel really taking care of they come here and excited to come.
Yeah i actually just bought changing table also them that was part of moms who bring their new born with them have a please to change the baby and i just felt like.
As a parent i really appreciate that like a restaurant have changing table in their bathroom yeah that was really,
that was really important to me that was something that we added with when i was a new dad i was a little bit militant about that and if there was a changing table in the men’s room,
christina i do it all taker into here and i do i’m changing a one of their tables of the restaurant cv like so embarrassed like you don’t have to be disappointed.
We want equality for men to change diapers its stupid that they say only women get.
How do i know a little peek into my buy visually and the side will today be a brain cameras co-owner of cameras restaurant one of the.
Nation’s top restaurants where the world’s top restaurants i am blown away at the types of things that they do one really cool thing that he’s gonna talk about.

[3:28] Is how their top executives every year get to go on all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world to investigate other people’s restaurants and so he’s gonna talk to ride a do that and how is totally changed how they do a bunch of things in the restaurant,
and then he’s gonna pull all back and what we can learn his counselor so it’s just an amazing interview with brian cameras.

[3:48] Music.

[3:56] Well today at the show we have brian can lists and he’s the president of camera switches and amazing restaurant in seattle washington and my wife christina and i went there earlier in the year,
and brian has an amazing story,
he’s been in the air force where they actually won the coveted hennessy award for the air force best food and dining experience,
just prior to becoming a captain he transfer to the nation’s capital to help we know the protocol squad that played host to world leaders and international had the state,
and as the president of camels his the hands of really making things happen there and his brother mark who leads with him it’s are the visionary brian camus welcome to the practice the practice podcast.
Thank you to be here yeah well christina and i we’re out for the got man training,
out in Seattle we were going through it as a couple and there’s this big storm coming through Seattle and everyone was like hunkering down and we were like you know what we might be able to get into canvas tonight.
And we showed up and just told the person at the front that we have heard you and daniel miller’s podcast and,
we were treated like royalty and i was blown away and i’m like what in my series about serving clients i have got a brian cameras on the podcast so.
Tell me a little bit about the culture of camera ask is it just blew me away i think we.

[5:19] Guys we love it we do we are restaurant i think we’re.
Restaurant full of people who are necessary restaurant type people about and tired of this restaurant where to bring down.
Is anyone go work in another restaurant where kind of.
A group of folks and who believe and mission that is different perhaps then many other places we.
Love serving people and got the average person we hire on the dining room has zero to.
Just barely experience but the people who love serving other people actually are our mission statement which is a.

[6:09] We have seven people often fall asleep immediately thought we this is a mission statement we live and die by and talk about almost on a daily basis it is to live out and grow the idea of its worth.
Putting other people first so do i attending in this restaurant as an experiment or laboratory of could we get.
Can we become one of the best restaurants in america not in spite.
Of putting other people first not as a handicap that we have to treat each other in that way but could become the best restaurant in america because.
We put others in front of ourselves in so you your historically especially in fine dining the did general.
The more pattern our method of training has been to motivate your fear that the only way that you can achieve greatness.
Where the great high actual lines and the world of fine dining is.
What’s your fear easy sometimes on tv with the whole saudi chef thing like that’s insurance in some kitchens.

[7:23] And that’s your not it doesn’t work mean there are some incredible institutions in this country that motivate through fear and shame and.
And yeah it works out.
That’s not something that gets me excited about coming to work in the morning is creating a culture of fear in order to achieve being the best we wanna see has a possible can we.

[7:53] Can we become the best and.
A different way and we haven’t seen add on and find i mean it’s dentures was going up there but that hasn’t been model for us and for generally lot of our boys over to other restaurants.
But in the kitchen off and come about the experience they haven’t seen ever before right soon so i.
She has had with also generational restaurant was always at the core is this something you and your brother brought in or if you happen.
And so my grandfather that the restaurant sixty six years ago and.
And i think it’s fair to say that you he was so passionate about excellence and perfection.

[8:38] He didn’t motivator fear that was his style people loved him dearly but they greatly feared him my parents took over the restaurant.
And in nineteen seventy seven when he died and they were famous for this new idea of motivating through.
Love have loving each other loving the gas loving the employees in a way that was.
I think a lot different than the way it might my grandfather and it and its in there last passionate about.
Being the best restaurant the world so it’s my grandfather was is best restaurant where a guy at whatever expense and then my parents were known no we need a lot of people and love each other and never got some of our staff.
At whatever expense that is not an often though those are the two sides you have that you gotta see any restaurants that is just love each other or we got the world class restaurant so much.
It was my brother who came and sat with white wire to have to be mutually exclusive why can’t we.

[9:47] Be the best restaurant world by loving people so that’s kind of the best kind of fun.

[9:54] Fun experiment were working on here’s displays yeah so when you guys came in and you’re like let’s bring these two modalities together.
What were some the first changes you had to make to bring back the excellence and fine dining and food while also keeping that love.
Well we did the first step was just getting an education and we didn’t know cuz i came back.
To the restaurant in five thousand six summer in there and i in the world of unending i’d only known.
I cannot restaurant and died and other restaurants in your house in the military i wasn’t really in a place is going to do fine dining and we got nominated for an award.
Yeah and for a change door for best service in the country and with a great about it and we went to new york to see if we have one it.
But why in it the other three or four nominees are on your city so we wouldn’t visit the mall let’s go look at the competition sure and every restaurant we visited just.

[11:03] You know blue socks off we think we i remember we brought our service director the guy in charge of our service exam is david with us to new york.
And at one point the restaurant blue house on barnes which is still there today and one of the best restaurants in the world he just.

[11:23] Throws his head for head down on the table cloth and leaves it there making a thump if he was so overwhelmed by.

[11:33] At the level of service that they were providing was such a higher level of sophisticated and beautiful.
I mean i was it was very humbling it was very overwhelming we lost the war and you should have an.
Eight hundred societal that was them that was the moment of oh we may be where the best restaurant seattle but where we have.
We have so far to go if we wanna be my best restaurants in america.
It’s so what are what are plans that was made it was member and i at having glass of whiskey which is how most decisions are made and looking at ourselves saying hey do you wanna run.

[12:17] Do you want to stay on the same channel directory of the brush and we inherited which is.
This really special really beautiful and delicious and incredible restaurant where the team and the staff and guests and everyone loved each other to no end or do you wanna try to come.
One of these places that we just president york city.
Which is a complete a level and we said hey let’s go for it and said i think of that education not getting schooled.
What’s that was the first step of knowing how great a distance we had to travel in the first thing that we did.
I think we went to the low hanging fruit.
Cuz that’s the least scary and highest chance of success in so weather was.
Gosh changing our for coffee program to go from point a to point b having.
I’m either in the it was easy to change the wine program to change the topic program to change our ten o’clock to change our play where to change or stem where to change.
In our to go back i spent six months designing this beautiful to go that looks like it almost like a purse which is my hope for the things that.
People wanna use it any be using a lot done using them for to go to laminated so i can keep using it yeah there really pretty the clock and yeah so.

[13:50] We will be at a low hanging fruit which in hindsight was not the smartest decision i think it was the safe decision.
Then they the hard decision was to go after the members of our team in.
Who were aligned or not aligned with the direction we want to take the restaurant that go cuz i feel like that’s so hard when you have people that have had a certain direction and i’ve actually dealt with some of the settlement on this counseling where.
Like i know we have to go as a team and there are people that are on that bus with me like was it yeah coaching was just were fired on aol or what did you do.
It’s funny we don’t fire a lot of people we let them find themselves.
Hey mom meaning you have a heart to heart conversation with say are set the time.
And we said hey man you’re great this is been great this is where we’re about to go.
And this is what it will require of you and this is our hopes and dreams for that position.
The job i use to have it no longer exists would you like to apply for this new job your first in line but you have to prove us that i wanna be the shaft of campus two point o.
I was great being the shaft of campus one point o but it’s up to you whether you want this job.

[15:27] And in that case you look at it and said no from the side of head but otherwise it was a great let’s find a place for me to go.
We have them get a sweet job done in napa and we have that out of the parted ways very amicably so it was.
And we went out and found a guy who is aligned with to everyone to go so.
That’s what we have to do with that kind of our gm and with our shaft and with our the different key members of our team was being really clear and honest with them saying.
This is where we wanna go and more importantly this is how we want to do it.
And perhaps you have an manage this way in the past we certainly had some minutes i fear people in our restaurant.
And are you interested in becoming the type of person or you over to my house like don’t fit a square into a round peg and.
Always when honest vulnerable congestion about it.

[16:33] In the few times that people at the restaurant they self elected to leaves and you know what that sounds great black and it was it was a good way of i i don’t think it’s fair to go to someone and say you’re around.
The the pain is trying to you need to leave but that’s i don’t think that’s.
Kind of thing is true cuz gosh you the most important question we ask in an interview.
Which is nearly every employee is how working and can’t must be become who you are trying to become as.
Hands of those two things don’t align it than me hiring them is just a very selfish.
No i’m just gonna use that right i may use them to get what i want but if you are that if you’re a staff we have about a hundred people on staff.
And if they all believe that being at this restaurant is helping them become who they are trying to become not just what they’re trying to become.
They didn’t wanna come to work and they love who they are becoming.
And i think we’re always growing and becoming and are also getting created so.
If i the manager says no i wanna be a triangle i don’t wanna be a square numbers they’re awesome this is the restaurant for you like you’re in the right place let’s.
That’s what i’m together and figure out how to help you become that person and that also happens we had people say you know this new direction you guys wanna take it.
I’m on board and how to do it but let’s figure it out together in so that was that was fun serving year.

[18:13] Your patrons really starts with your can i look at the environment that was the easy stuff to switch over but then,
starting with your staff and making sure that you have the right people in the right positions following have the culture that you and your brother were setting.
Hey that’s before we even really doe vent talked about what do restaurant with the rest experience for your patrons.

[18:38] Yeah for sure that the building of the of that team and a commitment.
To that team i mean in time the people are shocked they say.
Like i go to work at nine in the morning and they’re wondering will what do you do all day before the restaurant opens in the work of running a restaurant is.
The majority of it is before the gas get there and we need them out of meetings that we hold around.

[19:07] I got you just shock you and i recently read a book called death by meeting by patrick lindsay using my favorite business offers.
And i was sure in the book was gonna say you need to have left meetings and shorty meetings cuz that’s what i needed the book actually says you do not have enough meetings.
You need more than and they need to be more organized i’m appointed and more so now i even have more meetings which drives me nuts but i.

[19:35] We we spend so much time.

[19:40] Strategizing we so like i don’t know this and she not we’ll does a team of six people that that are the executives of our restaurant me and my brother and then the chef the service director is that the dang guy.
The wine and spirits tractor and operations active tournaments the office and the business side so there’s the six of us and we can’t.

[20:07] Still that team so much time and resources just this year.
We to be close the restaurant for a week and be for them and their spouses to costa rica where we stand with the staff is spend all day at the pool and we stand with me for about ten hours a day.
Am strategizing on how to work this year can this is going to be relevant and take care of its people to take care of gas and we do pretty well.
Nicole and allusions ever on restaurant in those meetings so that we can custard and outside the country often.
Bad but we also,
send each one of those executives to any restaurant they wanted to go to in the world to have an experience at one of the kind of top ten restaurants in the world so we says so we did lema.
Tokyo paris and london this year on seventy two hour trips which they will come back and the full report store entire staff.
About is that you learn you have to let the world to learn and then we do let’s see every quarter we do a twenty four hour offsite with that team every week.
We do a two hour meeting we have one then we every other week we do to our meeting which is only focused on.
Create a waste of serve our own employees and then we do every fall something called camp can last for we going take over.

[21:43] We got a into the woods and do a camp in here i can’t fire and we claim the woods for twenty four hours with them and a few other key managers.
Just to build relationships and just to create intimacy and just hangout with you exercises where.
Call the hyphy where we send a manager in front of the at the fire and you stand there because it’s actually hot and everyone.
Sitting down goes and tells you all the things about you that they don’t like that it’s called help getting her team yet to finish the sentence i think you hurt the team when.
And so on and which is a really vulnerable really hard thing is for seniors the order i go up and see and i have a young manager saying i think you hurt the team.
Well and you pretty fast this is a real one i just got.
And i think the way you say hello in the morning is out of obligation and i don’t care.
Will and i was like oh cost and if so.

[22:52] Great and then they’ll say i think you help the team when you do this so that everyone.
Center the fireplace drinking whiskey and hear from your ten to twelve co workers and how you’re hurting the team me that’s awesome stuff man is hard and messy and now it every.
Restaurant workers signed up for that some of what he lived with you should hang here is it’s so this whole series about slowing down the spark innovation in this part of is like goal setting part but.

[23:25] As individuals we have to slow down but i love that you take it up a level and set our business we have to retrieve to like shut down the restaurant for a week to go do these things we have to get away,
and do not use the cost to go places which is to.
What income of the week of a high end restaurant i can’t imagine the financial investment you’re making sundaes one gotta be able to track and see some these amazing ideas came out of sending so and so to paris and we will coaster rica and.
Tell me about what’s come out of some the singers other cool ideas and new implementations that came out of when you guys stepped away from the restaurant.
Hello i was recently closed for five i should be totally honest because from monday through thursday ms open for friday and saturday cuz i don’t think a night saturday and,
but we actually but the six executive stay way for the full week me letter number two is run the restaurant for that first weekend which is fun for them to do it while we’re gone.
But see.

[24:27] Cool ideas that come out to me like japan was we change the whole way we think about plate where after japan.

[24:36] Yeah and the whole way we think about bar where i mean what japan is doing.
In the world of craftsmanship is is a different level and so we’ve gone from having.
Not a while and actually it’s a combination of my trip to london to london ways for example they.
The high and bars every single drink has it on class right to the glass itself is an ingredient in.
In london it’s beautiful and their and crafted so if i would order an old fashion your order,
and it had like those of time and their own separate special glasses that are built for that drink it’s very difficult and inventory you have to.
It’s going to japan we found those vessels that would fit who we are as a restaurant as a culture to from a guy standpoint that can be individual stems for every class and.
An archer to costa rica that stands from getting around that did the six of us and saying.
You are full bar program is not ready to be we go to other bars around the world and figure out where we’re falling short but our god instinct was were behind so that’s kind of evolution that you go you have this.
We would be with japanese giant sticky notes where all are all the areas where we feel like we’re falling behind in and what are planned to.

[26:07] To get educated first and what our plan to execute and so this year at a grocery trip when of remodeling our entire bar we.
We added a second bartender we change the orientation we change our summer program and we change our bar menu program we wanted.
Restaurants very expensive as you suck as is everything in the bar all the food is like fifteen bucks or less.
So there’s an entry point into our restaurant which feels like you can come experience it and not have to.
Shut your whole paycheck,
i am leaving so just waiting for your table to get set up to not just have to stand around awkwardly but he would you like to have a seat here will take your coats right now and it was just like oh yeah of course like woah why does not do this,
yeah and so on and this is this on a lounge and a program and all that comes out of.
Drinking a margarita coaster co with the team and then the truck gone already educated and come back and execute but that’s kinda the reason we done.

[27:15] Quit the wee wee wee taking we took out.
Three tables out at the restaurant which is a huge hit to revenue in order just for them to be more space for gas to feel like it’s more luxurious now that was a really hard decision that we made weeds.
Went to the tasting menu from four courses to ten courses which was a hard decision to make because.
Again that hurts revenue because your turn time goes from tune-up hours to four hours for a tasting menu which means you don’t get that table back which means i can’t get.
Two sitting on the same table even though the menu is very expensive it’s not twice as expensive right me.
So this just the decision from a branding point of view to have a long form tasting menu is a terrible way to make money but a fun way.
Am i really most importantly for our kitchen so that it cooks in there feel like they get decrease the that’s on the cutting edge and that’s how you again retain a great staff so it’s these are decisions that you’re making that.

[28:25] That are tricky yeah like when you’re running the numbers look as the president.
And you’re like really give up three tables and we’re gonna have people sit there twice as long vs.
We have better quality and for the long game we’re gonna have a better quality restaurant which may make us more money and be with my babies are prices like howdy how do you figure out.
When you see nor keeping that tazer or where to begin that course.
I think the difference is we were very clear about what is the rule and what is the strategy and i’ll tell explain and.

[29:05] Will give it half time at a soccer game and you’re tied in the face the championship and the coach gathers the team around.
He’s not gonna say hey guys we’re gonna go out there in the second half and we’re gonna knock the ball out of bounds and we’re gonna non taxable their hands.
And we’re gonna keep falling on the field the entire time and everyone stay on sides.
Go get them like you don’t when the game and you don’t motivate your people through rules now rules are important like if you could provide about every time you get the ball.

[29:40] You’re not gonna win the game right so you have to follow the rules to some extent you can go to the mall about once or twice and is gonna be fine right so we look at profitability as a rule to the game.
We we have to be profitable most of the time or the restaurant will close but in order to buy plates in japan.
I have two of the ball right in order to remodel the lounge have to be probable we will the restaurant will crumble right you have to take.
The profits of the business and reinvested in the business or you we will look like a very ugly sixty six yrs old restaurant.
Right now it’s happens are very beautiful to central restaurant because we take everything we making the best in the company so you have to do that.

[30:28] So we don’t see i think a lot of companies look at profit as the strategy like that’s how they’re gonna win like that’s the goal.
And we don’t see that it also probability is not important to us again that’s what everyone who signed up for this just i think our values we.
I’m all for making money am all for that and i’m all for doing all the other stuff first.
So again i’m missing is the living room yeah that’s with putting people first.
And that’s what’s important us with a vision statement which is what does it look like if we carry out the mission seven effectively.
The vision statement about being the best restaurant country serving each other in a way that makes a starvation resort in our people are always growing and most english only and professionally.
They those are the things that we make these decisions out of pay if we take up three tables.
It is gonna better give us the chance to push the mission and vision statement for it are we gonna break the role of becoming probable not run the numbers it’s gonna it’s gonna her probability.
Fine if you could keep us in business and there five years probably.
Is it gonna make our gas walking out the door seal better yes like will that he doesn’t business yes so we were always eats happily trading profit which in some years is remarkably me low single digits.
But it’s enough to keep going in but again we’re motivated by the mission and vision when not motivated by.

[32:05] Buy a paycheck at the end of the at the end of the year you both my brother and i make a salary like that’s what we live on we live on the profits of the restaurant so it’s just a different way of going about it.
As far as rules strategy again great food for example a lot of restaurants with the great food as a strategy will say that the rule.
You have to have a food it’s not the fucking on like the very soon people won’t come get a lot about that you get it right.
So and again defining what is a rule and what is the strategy and which ones can you break and which ones can you not break.
That’s the one thing that we.
That we need about for hours with i love it the service side it has been talking about vision and staff development dreaming visiting other countries and now it’s like we finally get to the actual customer so,
so christina and i walk into your restaurant week we talked is the first person menu from your podcast without miller on the guys had this kind of customer management system that.
Can i tell other people within your business different things so,
it was amazing how seamless and white where our server came over was like all of you guys are from traverse city michigan and you’re visiting for the got man conference and you heard,
bryan on the podcast and am like you in trouble your marriage lin are we call that got me in the city guys really back from lunch yet so.

[33:38] What was the total,
has that always been core values that something the you of can really instituted in recent years i imagine technology has allowed for us to make big jumps forward and that kind of customer customer management,
but talk a little bit about that system about why that’s important and for the customer experience.

[33:57] Sure we you know it was me walking the front door there’s a giant.

[34:05] Current door it’s again japanese charger door that’s on the wall something that my parents hong.
About thirty years ago to symbolize their philosophy of service and a current or back in japan was.
Where you keep it was the inner most or a treasure house and it’s where the village we keep their most.
Special things and it was like fireproof and had multiple locks so that all the different village leaders we each have a key so that not one person can go and steal from and had to take the community and.
So if the if it’s the safest place right and so we look at the restaurant as people are bringing to us their most.
Cigarette and special.
I think assets which is not there while it but it’s their time and their memories so nice your one.
Sixteenth birthday with your daughter like that’s gonna happen once or it’s been trying to close a deal.
That you get one shot at that or it’s on dining with my aging parents and i’m in town that might be your last chance like in people bring to this restaurant.
Please lock john’s of experience like date may they’re coming to campus because tenant has the matter for some reason they’re not coming to just.

[35:32] Have their stomachs filled up right there coming because they care about tonight for some sporadically reason and so we have to guard that and treasure that like.
Yes like.
Hello my imac but the jewel of the janet that is so like the current or out front there saying hey can you please hold this thing.
And can take care of a few hours can we trust you.
With with tonight and so when you look at up that way that everyone working the door is as a is.
Hoping that i can trust you and hoping that they can be safe i think yeah i think safety is what is what we’re selling more than more than stakes so.

[36:23] Because of that because that’s the end goal but i guess feels that they’re safe with what they brought to.
We look at any way that we can go about delivering and stuff to live in.
Delivering on that promise at which is why which is on our two or down or basement on the walls in please and is this keep your promise that says keep the promise and before.
Every service members leaving that the priest shift needing mothers in the kitchen or the dining room the leader will say will shout out keep the promise and will respond shouts out.
It’s the monster of which are staff goes about service and so.

[37:09] I think it’s only the trend often in fine dining on the country right now or even the world is that.

[37:16] The guest comes and kneels at the altar of the shaft.
And is subject to whatever the shaft decides to do so you don’t get to order you don’t get that like you can take your camera out because that’s not cool and you don’t get to.
There’s all these rules and you’re just lucky to be there use like it have a reservation and here’s what we’re gonna serve you and we don’t care if you have allergies or i mean who literally it my wife call the restaurant and he found out that.
She has allergies and please don’t come so and it’s interesting we will look at fine dining as.
There is no way that we know how to serve at table tonight.
Until we enter into a relationship that table yeah it’s like so you say you said that you were that’s one thing i haven’t said that.
Then the services of brian wants to give you a tour of can less and have behind the scenes and.
For christina and i to be out west without the kids and to be at this really nice restaurant and then have someone that i heard you on this podcast as a great restaurant that you personally give this to our.
Just shows how deeply you guys hold the weight and responsibility of your business and as a counselor i really resonate with that in the same way the people walking with that sixteenth birthday.
We have couples that walk into accounting practices were their marriage is crumbling or their kids behavior is off the hook and i just love how you articulated around food how you guys approach that and the parallels with counseling just so amounts.

[38:57] Yeah it’s funny.

[39:01] They are in that i was like ice in kick in counseling with my wife mackenzie.
I love the say that because yes it’s funny how i can think is maybe at a better restaurant or it really is a.
About understanding who is the across from you and how to get and their world and how to figure out how to love and serve them but you can do that until you know their story.
And so yeah we hope to learn are get story just a little bit just enough so that we know how to serve them.

[39:41] So i personally when you think about slowing down you got dis active restaurant that you guys are visioning in doing just innovative things i’ve national or world level.
What are some your personal habits to slow down so that you can continue to spark innovation and ideas.
Sure it’s me i am i used to live about three and a half minute car ride away i live downtown in a condo so that was my commute and then get married in.
We rent a house there’s about twenty minutes away and was dreading the commute has what like that that sounds so horrible how many lose my three minute commute and have a twenty in traffic thirty minute commute.
And what am i.
Greatest discoveries was how much i loved my commute because it forced me to be quiet and slow down and be able to transition both into work mode and then in the family mode on the way home.
So when we started looking for a house.
We do a twenty minute circle around the restaurant and we’re only like outside of that cuz we i needed space and distance make this space can be kinda all-encompassing but.
To get away so i.
Long for my car rides to and from which is normally either a podcast or just quiet or maybe some music but.
It’s it’s chance to be alone which is special to me i also it’s time we.

[41:18] We just moved to this working out in the woods a little bit an eleven hundred acres of.
How old are the forests are i live on a quarter acre is my last dot orders that it is part which is a hundred acres of forest that’s the best when you don’t have to pay the property taxes acres of old growth forests.
And and that is my it’s still the trails and there’s a little lake and there’s a creek going through it.
And i start my daughter on.
To my chest and take my dog out and just woke up and that’s holding my.
No special time is just a walk when mackenzie was pregnant.
And probably what every day for about an hour just to get the dog out and.
Have time and space that to me it’s either driving or it’s walking in the woods and just making time for.

[42:22] Yeah having it and having space to think it’s sunny i just.

[42:29] And i just had accomplished with michael gone ger of liturgy sn younger yeah band at.
And he was telling me he does ice sonos sensory deprivation chamber he didn’t cl we have you got what we do the twenty is a place called yoda.
Oh my gosh like you use got me going its crazy is mind blowing and it’s hard to like stay at your head.
I think i need that is really hard to do but i’m very curious about could i slow down and now is even when i’m walking.
In the wise quietly my mind is racing as i have lost that sucker down first flow they did there and,
he seattle is our first time doing it i was my mind was everywhere i was like all over the place and then my second one was.
It was crazy like that was that was the better one by a landslide so high yeah we went to the left we went to the one that’s just called float there in seattle and the,
had some first timers on-line discount and the next day like if you can the next day you got a bigger discount so we loved,
i need a good repeat buyer thing there and now they’re getting national you know podcasting s the matter papers podcast sponsorship and if so you’re welcome says that you’re welcome float,
send a bunch of free things over the bryan singer testo floating up.

[44:01] What brand new cover so much ground i feel like we could just keep going around service are there any,
areas around service that we didn’t head and the feeling very important one make sure that you can hit on before we do that last question about what you want every counselor to now.

[44:18] I want the guys number on my next question lucy it’s service and.

[44:29] No i think we kinda i think that well let’s see.

[44:36] No that’s just today the topic but.

[44:42] Here is the whole thing about tipping in america right now and i think it’s i think the cancer that has destroyed service.
I was just in japan a different trip just last week.
Any i’m in japan usa some the greatest hospitality you’ve ever experience and if you try to protect them they’re offended because.
I know brings shame to them because how dare you think that the service and they just offered was.
And what’s for money taken out of their heart and so there’s no tipping in japan the.
So you got a country with some of the best service i’ve ever experienced in my life in a culture don’t you dare compensate me for this is who i am as a human and this is our characters of people.
It was mind blowing to me am it’s sad that service i think in america is becoming a commodity that you pay for.
And it and i don’t see that changing i see it maybe even getting worse.

[45:56] And i think that said to me at a chemist leaves we wrestled with this quite a bit weird now.
That animated thing in the restaurant and repair or staff a flat hi hourly wage.
I think together what of for many reasons but for a lot of local administration will not pay a little bit the most.
Beautiful service you get someone is one when you’re not expecting anything in return and i think that some of the magic hopefully the new experience yeah was these are people who are serving because they actually love doing it.
Not because it’s why not because it’s how to get compensated.
I hope that there’s now this trend going a little bit in the states which is some hope.
Around the elimination of ticking i think is only as healthy in good thing.
That’s house after yesterday’s final thought and service and ceo bryan if every counselor in the world were listening right now what something that you want them to know.

[47:08] Question about anything like about leaving what been going let.
You’re well see now that’s that would be male counselors.

[47:21] I’m so tired of couples come to the restaurant where the woman is dressed beautifully and then man looks terrible.
And is that a good price i get in men dressed better in this world that counselors tell men to dress better than that will sing leave their marriage know the whole on.
Shirt every counselor i’ve had such a positive and wonderful experience in counseling and.

[47:59] You know i think it’s a ticket to the idea.

[48:06] You should work at a place that is helping you become who you want to become.
And if you’re not doing that then go find another job it’s sad to me that.
I’m so many employees and employers don’t look at the work place as a place to grow personally.
Cuz if you’re not growing at twenty doing so whether you’re an employer then says and start caring about.

[48:37] What is happening inside the lives of your employees in your business and are they become many people they want to become and if you’re an employee.

[48:48] Go find a place that cares about you in that way are fight for it or say to be a cause of change them on your team members of and is it show up and get a job done lets show up and try to become people want to become.
Cuz is just awesome and you know and.
Is something what is presented here we were still trying to figure it out we scrub at all the time but released.
Can a couple together team that light that is aligned in that and that’s and that’s a very special place to work everyday.

[49:26] Unbelievable advice brian my heart is so full account everything you say i’m like yes yes like i just love how inspiring you are and how your.
Taking industries like restaurants and it’s so much bigger than restaurants that is about people it’s about experiences but service,
thank you so much for sharing with the practice for the practice audience if you guys are ever in seattle head on over to can list brian campbell as president of cameras.
Thank you so much for being a practice the practice had it so much.

[49:57] Music.

[50:05] Allison i loved the interview with bryan canister can this restaurant the fact that the invest so much time into their staff just the service at their restaurant is on believable anything stand out to you in the interview.
Yeah i think there are so many important eco is and i think a lot of times as clinicians we don’t always think about customer service cuz we’re thinking about providing treatment and so i think about.
You imagine your client,
you know there’s or experience at your practice from beginning to and from the minute they pick up the phone to make that first phone call till you know they’re done with treatment and i think that’s a really important,
you know perspective to take seeking make sure customer service is really at the forefront of what you doing.
Yeah i totally agree i feel like especially if you have a private pay or mixed private pay and insurance practice that you can only bring you’re a game and possibly be thinking how do i make this experience even better than,
it was your last week or last year from so who’d you interview this week.
So i interviewed her head man who is a registered psychotherapist in colorado.
She has a group practice and she actually in your mastermind group which is cool to talk to her about the experiences that most people i talk to are doing individual consulting so.
Am yeah i really like about what she had to say was you know how the mastermind group was.
Helping her to have some accountability get things done and also it was helping her figure out how to implement the action steps that you need to take.

[51:42] Yeah yeah terra is awesome lets listen to the interview with tara hi tara how are you today.
Good morning so yeah you’re welcome so terra admin is a registered psychotherapist in the state of colorado and tara tell us a little bit about your practice.

[52:00] Yeah oven racks about four years old to and worked around which i’m adults.
Answer the trauma second later or we love lovely.
Wow that’s great store you’re in solo practice order practice on our is there are three of us and have a.
Yo is there on sat as well just works and so cool.
So tell me a little bit about where you were at with your practice before you started doing consulting with joe.

[52:42] Yeah hi for irs go was silver practice that i’m in it wasn’t her twenty years and so he.
I don’t know this industry and i need additional information on her taxes this industry workers with joe being able to understand.
What’s going on in their markets with the one for me where not harris brings it on all men’s.
How to me to visit with her son and job house car and spins it was working pretty fucking great so.
When you come.

[53:24] Started consulting vs where you are now how are things different for you like even just on a day-to-day basis what are you doing differently.
One thing i took away our and why is the but what am i doing tomorrow what’s happening in the next month.
No that was the actions.
Because i live with lots and lots of ideas and be creative and think things through but my ability to implement was not aware should be so that has been striped area.
Okay so do you feel like having that accountability piece was really important for you.
Yes just think differently husband to turn.
Implement again very different from what i was doing i have some brandy is wasn’t nearly as usual status in.
Jerk particularly to someone was very well yeah good so then you felt like okay now i have all these little steps and i know when he said what i’m gonna do tomorrow.

[54:34] Yeah it’s your working abilities probably accurate in the.
How to make you say okay i’m visiting with on this date are visiting with her on that date.
And i live at this time of listening to look at themselves or yeah yeah definitely say do you feel like there is something in particular that you took away from,
consulting with joe that you feel like is maybe good advice that someone else can learn from my question.

[55:06] In was helpful was it ever cracks the wifi breaks down the percentage with the contract work because i was it was done it.
Her session sensor number sessions on it your system tomorrow and he was doing hits,
on a dollar amount mission bracket and so that is a huge change for us that a good health but i was yours is his weekend seeing that difference hervey,
once losing channels i rolled julius so how does that change like just the way that you operate the business then.

[55:46] Um six specifically however questions.
Because having a certain number of hours were claims that they seem.
He doesn’t miss my motivation to raise the rates were to do it themselves or.
Nearest gas chamber our house percentage that was joe’s in explanation printing certain number of hours or she’s a certain number of dollars.
Forward to your house at house particularly helpful in helping coach the clinicians are the rates.
Hello cinerama motivated to charge more do something that’s more financially advantageous for them to practice.
There is a few days of business different now while it.
So since you implemented that change have you noticed a difference with finances in the business.

[56:50] Yeah result so i think they will my question about that but it’s been too short of a time right now okay,
do you feel like as a result of consulting using your influence pro or like your impact on the community.

[57:08] How do.
Yeah the has i want it to hold more am talking to the group the matchmaker today in with them.
It is helping is even better than not working.
Which is the hands and part of my vernacular or is being able to speak to certain groups which i really do enjoy which has service haha okay.
So in the master mind group do you feel like having maps.
Group that obviously they’re all coming sorta from different check this is and they have different experiences like has that.
How you see things in a different way or help you to see how.

[57:57] Yeah maybe you could take some of those things that they’re doing and apply them to your own practice.
Absolutely that comes in such a stealth profession going I’m going to shut the door and nobody really knows what goes on behind or may and into.
And then the collaborate with your around the country and internet settings and priceless.
Yeah in working for them or for one hundred always had a team and that was fine when it is difficult transitions for me.
Going into private practice was being able to.
Set in a room with play all day and not have directions on my colleagues and not even i have team meetings today and always that happened really spontaneously university and is having.
Conditions in the country like and doesn’t with who you know about connect outside of the group that we really helpful for me and.
Hungry for long areas there is.
Yeah that’s a good point because you can feel so isolating when you’re the sort of doing your own thing and when you’re the business owner you know even if you are people working for you you’re not necessarily talking about the business side of things.
Seven you can feel really alone exactly and i want to use it and what are commissions holy cow who.
Not and console her and her enjoy being last we have similar vances arms here in miles but as far as the business and i’m struggling with that is that is the reliable.

[59:40] Yeah that’s wonderful.
So was there any other pieces of advice you feel like that you got out of the mastermind group the consulting that you think other people could put into place that might be helpful with their own practice.

[59:57] One question ass in the manner that is needed and what can i say it’s embedded helpful for me is to.
What’s really wanna focus group as a group practice do you wanna focus on one particular issue in your client.
Or morning people who have dicks sense and the university does.
Who is charlie and dr or somebody else uses couples are really one of the focus of one.
So something that i can i don’t have any answers for,
but it’s definitely sue me hurry yeah that’s a good point because it seems like you can sort of go down either road right like you could sort of a status like okay we all do the same thing.
Or do we all do different things and i think there are advantages and disadvantages to both.
Three yeah so i think that’s i can see how that would be a tough decision and i think that’s a good thing to talk through in the master minder for sure it.
Oh interesting cases i think so wanting to talk through with them or yeah yeah.
So i really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me today and looking forward to hearing about your practice froze.
Thank you i hope she had a house things cf it.

[1:01:26] Music.

[1:01:33] So good to hear karen’s voice on the interview alison thanks so much for doing that.
Yeah it was fun yeah i love how she took such past action in regards to her she’s paying her clinicians that’s just so exciting to see people take that action and to just keep rocking it out.
Yeah i believe it was just symbols shifts to change how she structure paying the conditions and it seems like its gonna be good pay for her.
Yeah that’s so true and whether consulting are coming to a conference or something that when someone thirty done it.
It’s always like oh that’s way easier than i thought but it makes it just speed things up so much for you in a short period of time yeah and i think that’s what he found out to.
Yeah well that’s what we’re putting together with these videos over at practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo,
it’s a three part video series and if you’ve already opted in on you gone through that series you may even be considering coming to the super conference here in traverse city michigan this summer it’s gonna be.
The slow down school which is three days in piano and practicing at the super conference that kelly hayden and i are putting here in northern michigan,
and so feel free to head on check out all those videos it eventually lead you to slowdownschool.com which you can see all about that conference.
Thanks so much for letting else and i in two years into your brain you all rock talk to you soon.

[1:03:00] Music.

[1:03:13] This podcast is designed provide accurate thirty two information in regard to the subject matter covered is giving you understand that.
The understanding me the host the publisher of the gas surrendering legal accounting clinically other professional information you need professional you should find one and head on over to slowdownschool.com is to be an amazing conference’s summer.

[1:03:33] Music.

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