PoP 212 | Boss Mom Dana Malstaff Wants You to Find Your Movement Story

Boss Mom Dana Malstaff Wants You to Find Your Movement Story

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Dana Malstaff who wants you to find your movement story.

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In This Podcast

We need to show out kids what it means to live a full life. Working to change the world is as important is raising children and it is possible to do both.

Make sure you have a season of ‘hustle’ and a season of rest. You choose your seasons, they don’t choose you!

The quality of time you spend with your kids is more important than the quantity.

Movement Story

Your passions and beliefs about your business

Movement Manifesto

The wording and phrasing you use to encapsulate your movement story in your marketing, etc.

Everything you do should be reverse engineered.

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Dana’s Trello Course: https://boss-mom.securechkout.net/trellotrainingnew

Meet Dana Malstaff

Dana is a mother, author, business & content strategist, coach, podcaster, and blind spot reducer. Dana is the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro, and the founder of Boss Mom. She serves Boss Moms who yearn for more time and less guilt when it comes to building their business and raising their family, by providing the tools they need to get more out of their content and business, without sacrificing their family goals.


Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




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Podcast Transcription

Pop 212 | Boss Mom Dana Malstaff Wants You To Find Your Movement Story

[0:00] I’m so interested in living in a world where counselors are not burned out and they get to live a lifestyle where they are connected to their families they are on call twenty four seven.
And they create an ideal practice the is full of their ideal clients while also living their ideal life.

[0:20] And i together three-part video series is all about first how to slow down so that you can have a direction a clear focus on your ideal life.
And then how does he even allows for school so that you can fill up your practice with your ideal clients head on over to practice of the practice that come ford slash slow down video.
You can check out and all three of those videos totally for free again that’s practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo.

[0:47] Music.

[0:54] This is the practice of the presence podcast with joe sanok session number two hundred and.

[1:00] Music.

[1:10] Go smack your host,
here we construction building in beautiful downtown traverse city i hope your week is going awesome on my gosh i’m so excited about our guest today.
But i was just thinking about my wife and i have gone to a music festival this was before we had kids.
And it was such a good festivals like blue grass and we are camping with friends that had kids and.

[1:36] It was just like an amazing weekend and,
i had this book that i got do is all about father hood even though i wasn’t dead yet.
But i giving it to a bunch of friends whenever they became dad’s no sir like a boyscout manual,
of like how to be a dad and funny and witty ways with the company c urban outfitters or be like how to hold a beer and hold the child without dropping them on their head and.
Can a funny things i can do like having the new year’s pay and that brings all the presents that santa didn’t bring.

[2:10] And i would give to friends and i remember standing in the living room and my wife came out.
And she hated me that book and i was like.

[2:23] Wait what why you giving me oh my gosh we are pregnant and i was just like all my white.
And those of you that are parents that moment when you realize i’m gonna be a dad or i’m gonna be a mom.

[2:39] You know your world is about to be turned upside down you are in for a roller coaster that you thought you had prepared for but.
Man oh man you just don’t even know these kids they throw the craziest things that you.

[2:52] But there’s also a thing that can happen where you get sucked into being a parent you feel really guilty about goals you have their outside of being a parent.

[3:03] And today we have dan mall staff who she has bossmom.com.
Which is this amazing website podcast and am introduce her in a minute.
But she can talk all about how to be a boss mom and have your boss dad.
And not have it only be about parenting and not have it be only about your business finding okay your exact things you need to focus on.
So without any further ado i give you danna.
What’s the date in the practice and the practice podcast we have dinner mall staff she is a mother,
off their business and content strategist she’s been on a ton of amazing podcast smart passive income podcast has are own she’s been an entrepreneur on fire,
and she is the author of boss montana welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.
Thanks homie super pumped to be here yeah man we’re talking fear all we know all the same people and it’s just so fine when you meet someone new and really there not someone to.

[4:06] I know will you find the world is smaller than you think it is sometimes not even the person i’m about to go out of state are within our brother james who is a musician here in traverse city,
you know him so brother james that’s out of our.
I know i love his music is it is always good to go on yeah well dinner time bit about your background your passion z bo’s mom mess and tell people you are.
Yeah sure so background goodness gracious like i can start like in first grade i tune out but the belt will the the journey of my life is a group of very weak others of the macgyver family,
very much how can we build things how can we not do the things doing scavenger hunts and what kind of stuff that i think,
sort of set the stage for me being an entrepreneur,
it was about what problem can be solved what can we build how can he make things work that is going out and getting the thing that somebody’s already made.
Sitting at that’s at the stage so when i went to college and got a journalism degree and i want to be a news anchor and then i decided i didn’t wanna be a news anchor and we’re like oh you just spent a ton of money in your pocket do anything with this,
degree and now i recognize in my business and every day that journalism and broadcasting was am i use every single day since the most useful degree active ever gotten but,
yeah i basically went from there into corporate america but my version of corporate america was small start up businesses where i loved,
to build could just wear many.

[5:38] And i ended up in this patient advocacy business in columbus ohio we move there because my fiance at the time that,
my husband had gotten you know got a promotion and that’s where that’s where the,
the top of the heck with the company was and so i got this job and i think like this you know those moments where somebody says something to you need this is like,
is it all for me or you dislike you really think about what you care about what you left he said if i were to tell you to do one thing every single day that you would hate what would it be,
and the first thing can my mouth was the same thing.
Who has to do the same thing every single day like i would i would get bored i would not like i want to improve things on make things better than i wanna move on to the next thing which i can make that better anymore and it was like this,
revelation for me so when i was in this house the last job i had because after that which i love that i have director level ten people we bill.
Behavior modification course for our clients and like at that after that when i decided to leave and start.
And business that’s when i realize it only stop it wouldn’t be fun to be a consultant we just go into other companies and fix their stuff,
i guess that’s that alexis blasting you fix the stuff and then you fix it you leaving you go to somebody else and you fix their stuff.
And and says i got out and hasn’t come to do that we don’t fix things like that’s what i love and i,
he got pregnant and then this whole rush of guilt of you know my goodness i want to still go fix things and build things have but i wanna be a good mom but not stay at home mom but i don’t wanna be go to work everyday can a person.

[7:14] You know what i love what i love more what is about me as a person like all of those questions began to ration it just became very it was hard to figure out what,
what to do what it meant i isolated myself so that i can like go out to a community to get people to help me recognize that every month ever wants to start a business or have their even on the corporate america,
feels like so we moved to california to be closer to family.

[7:41] And i just started having these off moments of okay well i’m gonna do it like i’m not a stay at home mom like get over it and there are tons about stay at home moms that doesn’t make you a bad person and i just steadily,
start to get rid of that killed and really recognize that what i love doing is important it’s important you know when i rode the bus macbook,
there’s a mastermind was and with the book coach and it is.
On the book team for past plan for his looks like.
And you know she in it so we work on this book and it box mom’s that came out of it is that i want to help moms recognize that it’s not our job to sacrifice our life for children it’s our job to show our children with good like look,
like what a good life with looks like it’s our job to show them how much control we have over what we do everyday.
I don’t want my kid to think oh mom’s going off to work which means she’s leaving me i want my kid to say,
my mom’s going off to work and i see what she does and i see that she loves it and i’m really excited about the day that i get to start doing work that’s meaningful and purposeful to me.
Into the world and what i can do to actually be helpful,
in what like i want those things to be became so passionate for me it’s not just about running my own business about like every single mom and dad and everybody out there like have these beautiful ideas and we get our own head that keep us from,
executing those ideas and there so much awesomeness in the world and so much cultivating we do for our kids to also create awesome things that,
i have these products and services that you can buy it’s not it’s a it’s a movement we’ve created where i want you know i wanna wake up in the morning and help the million plus women actually.

[9:20] Get up and start something new and show their kids that you can do that and be a parent and be a woman and be a wife and the daughter on my chest i feel like we were cut from the same cloth and separated at birth like i am so happy today because,
day everything just suddenly yes like i feel like i’m not a boss mom but i’m a boss dad like i am with you cuz.
You are a couple of years ago is kelly higdon who up there in san diego also,
she was taking me through this ideal life exercise and i was like i don’t work fridays anymore and i was working five days a week at that point had my own business,
and then the next year i was at a conference you did it again but i don’t work mondays anymore so it’s like,
to have that time with my kids but then also say like i wanna go after really big ideas during the three days a week that i work and to be able to.
We have this connection with your kids but then also to say,
we really want to change the world in a unique way and we want our kids to pick up on that’s you’re talking my language.
Yeah living you find so many moms out there that are in the hustle is this big word yeah you know i’m hustling on the naptime hustler and that kind of thing and,
and there’s a part of that term that says yes we should go out and we should hostel in the sense that we should really wake put a hundred ten percent and what you’re doing put it all an act but there’s,
there’s this send a big person on words as a journalism major i buy billy words have nuances of meaning that we sort of like they become jargon we forget that everybody interprets them differently.

[10:51] But hustle is also this thing it’s like it’s never ending thing like i’m always hustling because i got to.
And there’s that sense of not stop for a moment let’s set priorities let’s make sure that we’re going is really where we want to go and then we really have thought about what that means to go down that path.
But it’s not over this thing sounds great because i saw web and are about it or everybody’s doing it and you know we teach our kids reelect everybody jumped off a bridge would you get on social media we do all the time.

[11:18] As adults we’re like it should be an amazing i should do that i am paid to do it and i’m never gonna execute it.
Takes way for my photos of the things i wanna do and so like i wanna i want to say yeah we can hustle but we have to have a season of hustling half of the season of rest and has to be because you’re hustling to build something,
so you actually get to choose what your seasons are in your student season don’t you do i often say that,
yo-yo is you’re the tortoise and the hare that really is a line with the hair but he should’ve set an alarm when he took his nap so he got up on time does idea of the tortoise just like keep going never stop hustle,
but that is gonna burn you out in.
To me one of the weekend and all you’re thinking about is your business and your playing with your kids but you’re not playing with your kids cuz your mind is somewhere else,
and if yes so on for filling when you’re doing that won’t go back to win when you had your child is it a boy or girl.
I have a three and half year old son and twenty month old daughter okay so is the first day so i have a five year old in that year olds like just a little bit older so we’re at similar phases.

[12:28] Kids that age have so many needs and i can’t even as a dad where you’ll society more thing sesame but it’s okay to go on working out of as much daddy got that i had a ton of guilt,
leaving and not being there for every single moment like my first child she took her first step when i was at work and i get to see your second stops that afternoon you know.

[12:50] They heard how did you work through that killed,
what other kind angles forget that women maybe feel a bit more the manner definitely how it free mcgill side of that.

[13:02] Yeah i think that when it comes to guilt.

[13:09] It comes like the opposite of that so i’m hoping it back and explain this without visual i think what happens is we look at me okay how do i address the guilt.
But ultimately i think the thing that causes guilt is indecisive mr better decisions so you question.
And should i really be work what should i do with my kids but if you’re really confident that you need to be at work because,
you create financial stability for your family you love what you do and you really enjoy it and that second,
they took is still just as important as that first step if you’re really confident that decision bill have no place in your schedule so the idea is it how,
we get rid of bale to talk with you more confident in their decisions so i just like to flip the question because i did i think that the more but the more,
reviews for question because when you say how to get rid of the builders there’s no way to get rid of it just trying to address the guilt itself,
they flip anything how can i be more confident my decisions well that’s something we can answer.

[14:08] And we sit there we go okay it will finally be more confident my decisions like what do i need to be able to do to outweigh the me wanting to see my daughter’s first step versus the seventy say okay well,
you know is she gonna remember me for that first step like is it do i am in my missing it because i think that’s the most important thing,
or she gonna let me just as much for the eighty thousand videos and they take after her read me like is there really something,
different like when she’s twelve and you miss her first you know like gymnastics meet,
yes you can remember but maybe you should reduce it stop working do that but,
i think we would you go down the list of why i’m making this decision i’m going to work for these reasons and there’s no possible way that you for the things like that you’re gonna know,
but you can be with your kid all the time every day like were not built like corona ca i just think we’re not built for that.
And so because of that you know that no matter what you’re gonna miss some of those tiny moments but you’re gonna make up for and all the love a wonderful this for the time there with her.

[15:09] And so when you start a thing of that can you go okay with that sometimes i’m gonna miss these little tiny things,
in the grand scheme of things it’s not gonna matter cuz i’m in east tennessee so many wonderful moments when we’re together so i thought about going to work,
and i’m okay with that for this amount of time and you know i’m not okay with and not okay with that five days of work i really wanna bring it down to four because i feel like,
that i wanna have days with her be more than the days i’m not with her so,
somebody how can i need instruction my business to do that so i think it’s just a much more constructive way to look at it say how to be more confident my decision so i don’t feel guilty so when you sit there worker like yeah,
this is the right decision with this so research that a couple of years ago that show that was looking at quality vs quantity of time with your kids,
and how the quality is so much more important than the quantity because if you’re with them twenty four hours a day in your stressed out friends of the whole time or you’ll feeling bad because you’re not going after goals that outside of them,
vs you go after your goals and you come home yeah i’m gonna be fully present as a dad or mom today,
you play with them and you’re there on that tends to help kids far more than just the quantity of time together absolutely.
Yeah or nay brown actually one of my favorite ted talks she does i think it’s on.
Owner ability if i am i don’t know the exact name of it but it’s one of the most searched for you know to at ten tops for good reason and she talks about like us being confident in taking risks and being vulnerable which is some of the most important,
and treats for being successful and she would’ve boils down to after all of her research is honestly the one thing is are we worthy of love.

[16:47] She of all the things like your kid learning the alphabet or potty train are all the things we think we need to be teaching our kids if you had one thing i would say two things are at when they do it at the two things,
what you do with your children in excel if you can do those things you’re feel great.
About all the other stuff you do and all the other things you fail at can be totally feel all the time and write his parents and on floors is to make them feel worthy of love.
That they feel that they feel like they are loved and that they are worthy of love even when they fall down and don’t do things right and you help them to be resilient helping to get back up again.
And and keep on brush it off and keep on going like those two things that you can do those two things for your kids and five minutes a day,
then you’re doing your job if you need to get a ten minutes a day or five hours a day or you just like hanging out with your kid cuz you’re that kind of person,
that like if you can do those two things then you’re doing a good job as a parent because ultimately,
the day that they learned to walk of the day that they learned you know that one skill that you’re comparing every other student that you might my nephew sometimes i’m like,
he totally learn that before my suspended and if there’s a competitive she,
ultimately for both leasing really great kids cuz we hug them and love them and they know that were there and they know that we care about them and that were gonna come back and.
All of those things where gonna hold them when they cry board and also telling hey.
Stop crying you’re gonna be fucking he still evict me teacher and get back up and try again but the skills you need to be teaching are kids and you just decide how much time you need to show them.

[18:21] That those things are okay or possible yeah yeah so we’re talking before we started this recording about movement story and how you take people through that,
we have a frame out what movement story is and she’s people’s movements rem what that means to you.

[18:37] Yes oh so you’re moving story of the scene when we started talking i starting you about my story but i care about in.
All that fun stuff and he’s like yes i was standing up and i was like,
cheering you on the us i believe the same things that’s culture movement story of these things i’m passionate about that i care about you can hear in my voice that i’m passionate night care about those things like i’m honest about my excitement,
and the reason that i use the way i talk about it.
Most people don’t do that in their business most people start a business and they say hear my services hear my product,
and i’m gonna go out and talk about my services my products and i’m gonna talk about the problem you have the problem myself and those are all great and important,
a part of the foundation of your business and your business plan and like where you make your revenue but you create a community,
and how you get people excited if you have a moment story and leave and go to heaven that manifesto them in a moment story is really more of how i talk about my story,
when i’m being feature interviewed or you know the way i said to describe act what i’m doing and what i care about and your manifesto was,
actual physical freezes and words to be put together that helps us and social media and marketing and help people know me in the right place,
because let’s be perfectly honest everybody listening and you me included when the only person that does what we do.

[19:52] But we are the only person that does it in a very specific way that we do it and where the only person that has our sense of humor and what we do when the only person that has are funny stories and we talk about things and the way we view the world and,
and are you notice of humor and what we do a couple all those together we’re really unique proposition for people,
and that we have to get is people go out of their selling their services in their product and we stop for one minute and stop selling your services and or products that said this is what i stand for what i care about that in,
that’s in line with what you do right so you can do like here’s my pickle political views my religious views by the way come hangout with me and i’m gonna teach you how to run your business like that’s not aligned so obviously not gonna,
but my move and if so i didn’t tell you everything i believe in every aspect of life the things that are relevant to my ideal client and who i want to talk to.
I have a thing about those things right you know and I the women who say no i think women should work and we should all stay at home and i don’t think anybody should start a business and,
what’s the weather in with me and that’s perfectly okay to have their own communities and they’re also really great people but my words in an invite people in.
And invite people because the girl yes i stand for that too i like to wear heels in my pajamas,
because you know i’m woman on the bottom and mom on the top and that’s perfectly okay like i resonate with,
and i like the idea of buying my kid a little tiny you know of a computer and having him sit next to me and they like i got girls in my community that.
Send pictures and whether they go in their data wasn’t playing shoe setting up studio was interviewing.

[21:26] And hurt like unicorn dollar on a pot of her own podcast if it’s really that i love that other people may not get that maybe not make sense but,
the more you decide on what you stand for and start coming up with the freezing that means so much more than just services and products that you have the more people are gonna stand up and go yes,
i want you to teach me about thing that you teach the actual services and property provide i want you because you get me.
You we connect and i just so fricking in love with you,
that that i don’t want anybody else all i want is you and that’s that you want you want people to fall in love with you,
he don’t do that by telling of what you do you do them but talking about what you care about and the building through good stories so that you guys have memories together.
Yes you mentioned that can helps inform your social media how do you take that movement manifesto and then transfer that and we see on-line.

[22:20] Yeah so when you when you the manifesto we started create freezes so you say things like i wanna live in a world where.

[22:27] The this is what i know to be true like i wanna live in a world where every,
parents feel you know feels really confident about starting something new and creating something in the world and that they know that is going to actually empower their children,
and make their children feel and left it can actually do more good than it is hard right i’m i wanna live in a world where that i don’t feel bad about you know.
Bringing my kid to school because i know the things i’m doing in the world are really important.
You know when the world where i can take off fridays and go hang out with my kids because i have that freedom and flexibility right and,
this is what I know to be true I know that you and I both have amazing wonderful skills in this world in the more we all go out and,
we do what we love when we do it we care about that the world’s going to be a better place so what you do is you just start taking those phrases you know just on a sheet of paper you know,
i believe this to be true i wanna live in a world where let you know those kind of raises and just,
just start playing with them and just are adding safe you if you said you know from a brain surgeon perspective have ten of each of those kind of races and then you can tweak them and narrowing down and think about you know from a fun perspective like,
how what makes me a mom and what makes me a woman and what makes me a wife and what makes me,
connected and start playing with those words i live in thesaurus.com like it’s my job and i just start because your brain will start and i’ll walk he will i make,
you know i want a passionate were other things that are you know passion and then it goes down there’s a thing or what your purse,
write something that is owed to cure is a good word okay what i do to cure this and so you can start playing with those words and when you start feeling really.

[24:03] Read about this phrase and he got to the community that you that you hang out in your hate like i’m start to come up with this new manifesto of what i really care about,
here’s the things i you know i’m thinking about which phrase in of these three faces really speaks to you must and now you’re creating a move is made,
deciding words which also creating buzzing your community to help you make decisions but also for people to go oh my gosh,
that totally speaks to me i’m in love i’m in love tell me more yeah.
So then he is once your building that i know we are talking about how there’s certain kind of seasons that you have certain letters products are things are focusing on,
and how to organize like once you get that direction to your movement manifesto.
Take me through how people can bask in organizer next steps driving that’s where a lot of people get overwhelmed with i can do this i can do this and what if i did this and it’s light on my gosh there so many things that i can do next for my business.
What do you do to help people strategizing rest of focusing on where to spend their time okay well.
I organize everything in control of that my space for other stuff though so i can delegate my team i can know what i’m doing so on a date,
the base is some like yours what’s going on in the project manager now that actually helps me organize all that stuff on the one doing the work but in the beginning it’s like setting things and for a plan but the one thing i have that i absolutely love,
is have my annual calendar so at the beginning of the year the middle of your wherever,
you know today when freezer for going in making decisions look at.

[25:34] The rest of the year and maybe into the next year and say like what do i wanna watch but i want to create a what do i want to have happen.
And i start to la in every month can only have one focus if i say every single month can only have one real thing,
if it all comes down to my kid gets sick for a whole you know whole week or month or something that i know that is the one priority but i really wanna focus on,
and i set a monthly priority and then select for this month.

[26:01] We’re talking in march so march for me as i have a raise your business course that we are really spent anytime resources to make a we did the prix launching our making amazing inserting the launch all those things.
I focus on everything else that happens i need to get certain things done but this is the thing i know i’m putting my resources and time eleven to seven,
mine has a focus and then within those i say okay when i want my taking calls like what might like i’m like you a guy i work friday so be kind of on and off so i definitely want fridays off by june.
So what do i need to do like okay i need how money to build that in and say okay well obviously i’m doing cause this time you change a call structure it any change how this works so by looking at my whole,
here and deciding what are my obligations one of my vacations one of my lunches and it does a couple of things,
why usually shows me i’m doing too much and so i can go oh wait you know in october i’ve got to lunches and i wanted to take a vacation in that my kids birthday and the,
haha maybe you should rethink that but you know what if i don’t do you like if i if i move that up then that means that i’m trying to plan for this watch was doing this other thing that really gets you thinking about what you’re trying to accomplish,
and what’s really gonna make sense for you and lock everything i got it all flow together like does it all fit together does that make sense in my,
you know in my trade create this piece of content but it’s something what i call rogue content which is this thing that sounds fun to create an aggregate it but it actually doesn’t serve me my business.
That’s disconnected from everything else and we want to create a.

[27:33] Free to play journey which is really mainly user experience in every bit of content you create so when you create a new calendar you can look ago are eight this at all fit together.

[27:43] Does this likely to this lion which does this thing i’m doing service other thing that i’m doing it really helps you create a cohesive plan of what you doing a business set of jumping from one thing to the next and the next thing hope.

[27:55] It actually works to.
To talk a little about rowan contact like that term road content and versus having kinda planned out content that leads to your launches are the types of things that you hope to grow cuz a lot of the.
Counseling practice owners they’re looking at building courses building things beyond just their counseling think i’ll be super interesting to tell a lot of the listeners.

[28:16] Sure so everything you do should be reverse engineered.
If you’re starting at the point of oh i’m gonna write a list of blogs it would be cool to write on topics and you’ll be cool to write you’re gonna end of row content so the way you wanna do it is you want crab back it out.
But i talk a lot about a free to pay journey and the way it the way i talk about is in kind of dating terms,
so i caught your pool like you have no pool of prospects,
x two people right that’s all your contact like you’re getting interviewed somewhere or your writing blog she doing something your pool,
it’s me that you can they can become a full and fuller and fuller and fuller but a lot of content right don’t ever start there,
but the next part is your first date that’s the optima think it’s and get the money list your first date thing about when you got date do you shower,
if the legs do look maybe put some makeup on maybe you don’t tell about the craziness,
what you got on your life your just gonna get a little taste of something that’s great and they’re gonna see if you like each other before they get to know all the pretty things about you,
yourself but you know you don’t lay on them very good version of yourself,
because you want to be the person so that only three days to call you the next thing is the easy is which is what something i can give the little bit little that’s not too big,
its bite size,
that’s gonna given that aha moment or get them really excited to see that we really connect in that way and then from out from there we i say it’s your show some leg that’s usually like the call that you get them on the web and r and that’s like hey,
i’m kind of worth keeping around this is going to be a little like more content more expertise.

[29:50] I’m gonna kinda may get you to say that you love me in this and the space and the niggas that commit which is i’m willing to commit to you coaching me i’m willing to commit to you know this particular long program for this course of whatever,
whatever it is so what we do is we go we have to know what your commit is like what do you actually,
what people to go to was it could program is it a course isn’t one on one and what is the criteria for them to be in his want to know what that programming is that you can say okay,
well if i’m teaching that what am i teaching people in that in that you know who coaching that one and then that brings you back to your show select which is okay we’ll forward to break that down,
the categories like this is how the flow of this program goes then if it people little bit of each of those categories that the whole weapon are that’s a call training awesome that’s gonna be my,
my show some leg and then down from there i’m gonna go of i pulled out one piece of that so reasons of course i had create courses one piece is.
He’s like the pricing people have a question about what the pricing is i pulled out one element out of something i’m already creating for the,
program and this course and i said okay great let’s can you might be the best they can up level two two for twenty seven dollars to buy this,
i need to think how to price the products and america will cable so now i’m into my optic nerve but that first date and what’s the,
the starting point for them what they want to make a course when they need to know how to outline the course of an owl and,
so they know what they’re creating center confident enough they can do it to then ask the question pricing to ask the question how do i actually create the whole thing so i’m gonna pull that out.

[31:25] And i’m gonna give how to actually outline all of those are elements of my program from the beginning anyway from the commit part in the show some leg part.
So i’m not create new content and pulling out of things that already knows or part of the bigger program that are gonna be of the seamless flow and then from there i go okay,
well if it is the only thing i have to do is get them to outline a course,
what are five or six pieces of really good content that speak to me about writing a course that meant that they are going to feed.
The idea of a read that piece of content there go yes i need to outline this course i need either starter course so it’s like how many to get them to want to start a course again maybe,
you know frame how what courses do for businesses you know sister to brainstorm your pool based on the flow that you want people to go through now you’re content is really really focused,
what you create actually has a higher way higher conversion,
because when you present them with this thing that is all you can outline your course and would you like me to teach you how to do that they go how did you know i needed that,
oh my gosh how do you know i have a question about how to pray speakers on my gosh yes i would learn you know,
the five main steps i need to take to actually create my course that’s going to sell why yes i would love for you to teach me how to do all this.

[32:40] So you see how the difference we decide what blog make a right vs reverse engineering becomes a whole different ball game when it comes to business strategy so i so that’s,
i love that i think about the things that say i created two or three years ago that may still be part of an email sequence also become obsolete.
And when you start reverse engineering it because its those rogue that row contact so emotionally how do you handle.

[33:06] Deleting editing getting rid of those projects that you like i put years into this announced kill it like,
how did you work through having to get rid of some of your contacts imagine as you do this you have to start being editing and adding a ton probably.
Well i stop i guess i spend less time.

[33:29] Getting rid of things and more time just not worrying about it so that i can focus on the things i want to build so i spend less time going,
i got forty part now forty episode that i did that he is a meeting anybody anywhere or i’ve got all these blog posts that really aren’t doing anything i stop focusing on those and i just focus on okay,
what’s the new five pieces of content that are gonna get me somewhere so much more of a.
What am i gonna do to do new that’s gonna work or go straight is how can i leverage the old south.
And i just had reasons that prioritize it i got fifty blogs now i’m gonna look at those and ten of them could be relevant can i go in and tweak those.
To not fit with what i’m doing either five others three hundred twenty and i honestly of i could have somebody on my team and i go review these can tell me tell me how well it fits for you,
then let’s see what we do it so i like to outsources which of that as possible from my perspective i think don’t give you go on my question about this real content what i need to do first is go through all my contacts and figure out what fits.
To do that you’re a waste of time do the reverse engineering first come up with those five pieces of content that would be really really.

[34:45] In line with what you’re creating about your selling and then go back to your contact say does anything that the bills anything give me thirty percent of this fifty percent of this type of three blocks together,
to make this all i got for five of these blogs actually really cool you know parts of content i’m gonna create in this course okay those can those can work so i would.
Like if you have that feeling to go back and look at all you’ll content don’t do the reverse engineering first so that you have that focusing know what you’re looking for and you’ll be able to pull out much quicker what will be useful to love it.
Love it danny awesome said tell me a little bit about this trailer training we’re talking about trail oh and i know that you,
like have some things on that i want to hear some of the nuts and bolts about that cuz it sounds sweet.
Shut up either way um i got i really they didn’t have my power cord and i’m looking at my house looking at my computer like omega has my battery is upstairs i literally just took you guys upstairs and it obvious talking and going upstairs,
make you while you up the stairs there is a boss there i love it,
but i got the answers i only doesn’t actually out of breath just need to work out of it quick side note this just kinda hilarious done with this i recently was ms nbc,
this guy was stepping into like weigh in on some topic.
And his kids came in the background and is what he needs to be and the mom came scaring,
who is like that is awesome.
You know what’s funny is when you got a lot of flack for like pushing his kids away and making a thing but i think it’s sad that we live in a world where he probably felt like it was such a serious.

[36:22] Question and serial numbers in the head by ten like is kids didn’t exist right eye but he’s an amazing dad or at least the best you can be,
and and i think it’s like it’s sad that the i have friends that are lawyers that are starting to for businesses because lies not is not a family friendly,
i have no space it’s at long hours long enough back nothing like same with advertising and then you know being news and news casting and stuff like that so it sometimes it makes me sad that we,
live in the world we think we have to ignore our children,
i’m dead and that being a dad is not something that you can admit to when you’re being asked about serious conversations i think we should be able to be parents and have serious conversation,
writing time i don’t know what that usually excludes exactly totally.

[37:06] Yeah i know he gone for ever there’s so many awesome tips and honestly like now i got when have you back in cuz you are a power house.
Tell me tell me about your trailer training because my audience we a lot of his fellow.
We’re probably not using as efficiently as we could and it’s totally free training you have and i would love to have people just kinda know what is what is because i won dollar do it.

[37:31] Yeah absolutely so i basically take you behind the scenes so i called hello my work wife and i love it it’s am,
it’s very close to me like my husband got going to have note i’ve i have a date with the control over that i’m bringing some wine and some cheese and she’s gonna tell me sweet beautiful things of my business.
So so i have boards for everything so i have master boards and i have.
Boards for projects that feed into that i have so i have to main kinda bored the repository boards in the process of low board so for instance you know process board,
that is that’s like the palm might the podcast i have four people that work and work seamlessly in the way that we flow content so everything happens really well at all and you know nicely flowed out,
i’m to process and links board where we go through that’s it’s a brother posit or if ever i have a future all my philly it leaks on my testimonials and i go the next step and i use.

[38:30] Stop your which ever because it’s a beer but i feel like if you’re zapping something we should call it after says that’s my nigga like that everything you pronounce it as an employee cutting their pronunciation so,
when you know so i zapped over selecting my email sequence at a certain point within the trailer training i say i would love for you to give me,
it’ll give feedback and you can do it here in it and it,
links to attack form with the fill that out of zapped my trail of my testimonial it tax on my team that is you got any testimony of yours that is here’s the pictures that contact so i do things words like i have integrations.
Like everywhere and i teach you guys how to do those things but i also like lily behind the scenes show you exactly how you support my height,
like how i think about what goes into the boards how i manage my team for the boards and i go through like client boards,
content strategy board social media boards you know my process and links boards,
my podcast boards all those things and then i just added one that gives you a sample batch week of how i recommend you bachelor weekend but can’t you should be in things you should be thinking about in your business,
they give you a starting point for how you’d schedule in what you’re doing a business of what you focus on so we just continually add to that,
because i feel like it in the free to pay journey i talk to everybody about just a minute ago,
he if we can get people to feel more organized and in control and when powered by what they’re doing their business,
not much more open his taller other programs that could be a lot of work actually get all those things done so it doesn’t bridges that gap for us.

[40:06] Some people are more open to doing the other things we have to offer.
Oh my gosh so you’re talking i added the cello board for my two va is for them to go through a course,
also yes i’m gonna family and sam go through it too just cuz i wanna make sure optimizing how we’re doing and our side to so.
Yeah it’s so nice there is new things that come out every day that i’m late i’m adding things cuz people are integrating into their and,
percent there yet more to come as at as i learn that’s so cool then that if every counselor in the world relaxing right now what would you want to know.

[40:43] Focus like decide what you’re gonna focus on them i didn’t episode of the podcast recently called are you cheating on your business and it,
talks all about how we the idea that you got so many ideas and so many things that you can do is not the way to have a business be monogamous with your business and decide what it is you’re gonna focus on because he,
your business is a relationship that you have and it will get angry at you if you don’t love it enough and show it that is worthy of love,
so level of business you have and if it’s not the right business for a few then break up with it before you ko husband,
cheating on it with another idea so make sure you bring your ideas really,
i’m to the point where you can help execute them to show that they’re going to work or not work for you move on to the next thing and it’s the biggest mistake entrepreneurs and on my partner’s make.
date that business before you go when you that i love the relationship and allergies you have with your business i think that’s so awesome if it’s so applicable in.

[41:45] It’s interesting how interview always are people outside the jeep happens and who were lost his the one thing and luis house recently and they had,
they are on the podcast talking about basically focus and so listeners if you aren’t hearing the message yet.
Damn what she saying is such a kind of next step from those other podcasts and his love the what can she screamed out for us dan if people want to connect with you if they wanna get that fell course what’s the best way for them to connect with you.

[42:12] Yes our main site is boss-mom.com,
you can get us from there you can join our possible facebook group for thirteen thousand strong it’s an amazing way to bring some for your business and connect.
The trailer training just boss-mom.com /trailer and that’s it super easy perfect.
Dinner thanks so much for being on the practice and the practice podcast all thank you for having it’s been a blast.

[42:35] Music.

[42:40] So head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo to get those three videos about how to attract your ideal clients philip your idea practice and set it even outsource schools.
So that you can have an awesome life an ideal life to me it’s so important that we go after those things in life that are important.
You of things and dan i’d totally hit the nail on the head today.
Thanks so much for letting me into yours and into your brain have an awesome week talk to you soon special thanks in advance ounces sexy for the intro music in this podcast is designed,
right after the thirty of information in regards to the subject matter covered is good with the understanding that neither the host the publisher of gas surrounding legal accounting clinical.
Or other professional information professional shine with the.

[43:34] Music.

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