PoP 219 | Dr. Phillip Carson Is a Pharmacist Who Thinks Outside The Box

Dr. Phillip Carson Is a Pharmacist Who Thinks Outside The Box

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Dr. Phillip Carson, a pharmacist who things outside the box.

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In This Podcast

Three Phases Of Private Practice

  • Launch phase: $0 – $50 000 gross revenue
  • Growth phase: $50 000 – $100 000 gross revenue
    • Focus on filling your practice
    • Outsource
  • Scaling phase: $100 000 and above
    • Focus only on essential tasks

What Dr. Phil Does

Dr. Phillip Carson was a pharmacist who went through a period of immense stress and ill health and came across natural medicine which changed his life and his career path.

The first thing Dr. Phil asks his patients is about their nutrition and what they are drinking, specifically how much water they are drinking. The general guideline for the amount of water you should be drinking, per day, is half the amount of ounces you weigh. Try drink as much water as you can in the morning.

You should be eating around 4-6 ounces of protein per day.

Some of the colorants etc. that are included in food can be detrimental to someone who has ADHD, for example.

Exercise is easier than you think. Start with walking. Do something that you enjoy and will do consistently.

How Dr. Phil Has Grown His Practice

  • Word of mouth – happy client spreading the word
  • Facebook
    • Facebook live broadcasts
  • Blog posts on website
  • Traditional advertising (not too much)

Tip for fellow therapists: Be sure to listen to your clients!

Useful Links:

Meet Dr. Phillip Carson

Dr. Phil Carson knows how to help people get the most out of their life by working together with them to uncover the root cause of their health issues. Patients come to him with problems and leave with renewed hope that they can be healthy again. A practicing pharmacist in the Southeast, since 1985 he has not only consistently improved many patients quality of life, but also literally saved a few of them.

  • LinkedIn: @carsonphillip
  • Twitter: @DrPhilCarsonRx
  • Facebook: carsonnatural
  • Web: carsonnatural.com



Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.





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Podcast Transcription

Pop 219 | Dr. Phillip Carson Is A Pharmacist Who Thinks Outside The Box

[0:00] Your website is probably the most important thing you can do on-line if you don’t nail that people are gonna think that you don’t have great quality work even if you do,
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[0:26] Music.

[0:51] Ride tonight interview with dr phil carson today one to share with you some things i’ve been thinking through it really been,
trying to figure out how do i best take care of all the things i’ve been learning through podcasts and business books and working with.
Come clinicians and consulting clients in conferences.
And take all of this information and start to put in an easier to understand way.
And you know i think we’ve come up with is that there’s three major phases for private practice and the more that you can.
Really understand those three phases and know where you’re at most freezes income indicators of when you’re about to move into the next phase.
That can really help you optimize your time and work on the things usually work and during that phase and not worry about all the other aspects of the phases and so.
The first thing is of private practice is really the start up phase the launch phase and this usually goes from about zero to fifty grand gross.
Where you’re starting up getting can the basic nuts and bolts of your practice going your main focus during that phase is setting it up so that you can attract your ideal client.
So what you know i’ll be doing is focusing on your website your copy maybe having email list getting on psychology today.
Focusing in on your ideal client and then articulating how you help that i do.
And really if you can do that up to fifty instead of what a lot of people do with l just got holistic anybody that wants to see me.

[2:26] Which is okay i guess but what happens is that when you start to grow young man why am i checked all the wrong people this isn’t the kind of people that want to work with.
Amounts of you can really think through who you want to attract.
From the beginning that super important week i just a five day a podcast all about how to check your ideal client a couple of weeks ago.
The next phase after that is the growth phase and it’s usually full of fifty thousand to one hundred thousand,
so during this phase you’re really focusing on feeling your ideal practice so having people that are coming your practice making sure it’s full maybe even adding a clinician or to sue really starts to get the right people.
Fill it up and also having marketing and branding going as well.
During the whole time we also can’t figure out how do i scale this her and make sure there is not just me with adding up in my brain that’s happening and how to reset outsourcing so you mice are outsourcing people answering your phone calls,
doing some your scheduling really making sure that you’re doing more and more of what only you can do.
And then about a hundred thousand dollars this is where really the things that got you there that hustle back grid they keeping your cost down,
those are great qualities but those of the things that often used to do the opposite of to continue to scale it’s a really saying how do i make sure that i,
work on just the things i need to be working how do i make sure that i’m not wasting times time on things i could be outsourcing.

[3:58] Really looking scaling beyond yourself so that if you wanna go on vacation for a month your practice is gonna keep generating income.
And so that’s what it takes to continue to go past the hundred thousand because we’re takes to get two hundred thousand something that grip that hard work that hustle,
whereas pass a hundred thousand you really have to look at the scale ability,
about growing we passed you and that’s the hardest part when i work with clinicians on practices,
there’s so much up in their brain that they’re still doing it and undercutting their website and things like that they really need to start moving away from that.

[4:34] I’m developing all these things and coming up with different tools,
make sure you follow me on twitter facebook instagram check out the website frequently because i’m e mailing out through the email list and all sorts of other things,
ways to base help you grow in these areas got that weapon are that practiceofthepractice.com/idealclient,
over there that you can check out and they continue to build these resources that really help you at each stage of practice one thing i’m working right now is a quiz using seals facebook quiz is that people have about like.
You know which city in america best aligns with your personality i always get boulder colorado or asheville north carolina.
And it says its gonna be where you go through and answer some questions and it tells you which stage of practice are and then what should you best be doing in regards to optimizing times can be really cool.
Quiz platform.
I see just this weekend launch a quiz this in my private practice about how to know if your or its how likely are you to have an affair.
You can look at that and see calories and mentalwellnesscounseling.com/quiz.
And go to the platform it’s practice the practice that count for such quits so you check those out.
So without any further ado though something totally different we’ve got dr phil carson and he’s a pharmacist who thinks outside the box.
And the green.

[6:02] Music.

[6:10] The practice of the next podcast me of dr phil carson dr phil founded carson after a hole in two thousand five and it has the mission of helping patients,
find the best natural solutions to their health problems doctor feels a passionate is passionate about improving his patient,
all of life encouraging everyone he comes in contact with to live healthier he’s also the author of the recently published book,
how to live until you die dr phil welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.
Thank you so much to the honor be on show with you today i really appreciate you have male yeah absolutely well i’m really excited to talk about this even in my own practice here and mental illness counseling.
Well this is at the core of everything we do you know when parents come in and they say oh my kid has adhd the first questions we talk about our sugar diet.
Exercise sleep all those things that it’s a nice present as adhd but the kid is for example not getting good sleep and eating a bunch of sugar and we wonder why can’t pay attention in school,
it’s a love that here talking about the same issues and today we can dive into a lot of couples perspective that therapist need to learn.

[7:15] Absolutely absolutely and i’m on same page with you that’s for the add adhd goes to the same thing,
always happy to find out about somebody else out there that has the same approach yeah tell that about how did you get into natural healthcare toaster story of how you got into this business and.
Okay i have to do.
Well i was trained is just as a traditional pharmacist graduated from pharmacy school and nineteen eighty five and.
Get ride of from school to work for a big chain corporation.

[7:51] And is assistant manager of the store one year in the manager quit and they made me the manager.
And i thought as a pharmacist who was stressful but when i became manager of a big chain store learn more stress really alabama,
and it was it was a major stress and it was.
Affecting my health and in a lot of bad ways.
The stress is literally killing me i was beginning to suffer from severe gastritis heartburn reflux indigestion had to sleep in a recliner most nights.

[8:32] Sometimes i would double over in pain with.
Gastritis and i was drinking a bottle or two of liquid and ass is day started taking some prescription medications to try to get some relief as well.
And nothing seemed to help except for to give me a little bit temporary relief saw started searching for an answer and i found it in a book about natural meds.

[9:01] And so started following started doing these things this doctor who wrote the book was suggesting.
And i learned a lot about what i was what i can do what’s going on my body that was causing my symptoms course the stress was that was the major cause of it.
But at distributed totally wrecked my digestive system so i had to restore and rebuild my digestive system get things back in and balance.
So in the process of all that you know i begin to develop an interest more in natural medicine and people started coming into the pharmacy.
By the way i left that pharmacy after two years i was ready to quit pharmacy altogether but fortune i got a job working with a small independent.

[9:49] Pharmacy managing a little store and it was much more laid back less stressful than that have a lot to.
But people coming to so ask me about natural products and supplements and herbals and i don’t know what to tell him because in pharmacy school i was not taught anything about that i was told the history of natural not application.
And so the of history lesson didn’t help me much as far as being able to answer people’s questions right right yeah be there.
So i started looking for courses to take and found a company that was offering courses started taking these courses they would set up we can seminars and training.
And never plays across the country and bring it bring in clinicians to the forces.

[10:39] So started going start learning everything i could about natural medicine applying what i was learning.
Teaching my patients sharing things with them you’re telling them.
Take this supplement take that supplement try this try that and they begin to see amazing results.
And that just fuel the fire for me to learn even more and ask i got started just get growing and growing and growing and evolving in a visually.
I begin to focus my whole practice on natural medicine and natural products and it totally shifted away from traditional pharmacy matter fact last year.
I sold out the last forms the operation that i was part of.

[11:29] And opened the clinic with it with him the friend of mine that is naturally inclined as well believe the nutrition and lifestyle change it to two people have to live better and not just prescribe drugs.
And we’ve partied together and open up.
The clinic last year called the life transformation medical center also so that’s kinda been my path and in the net sales over the past.
Thirty years.
But i love when people that have some sort of medical band traditional western medical band whether it’s been the been through grad school if you have or they thought they’re gonna become an md and the switch that.
The them discover natural health because often times i think that natural health gets this rap of serving woo woo there’s no science behind it then,
when you see people have such scientific background say there’s so much here that we don’t understand in western medicine and is so much more benefit that we can have that goes beyond the pharmaceutical companies are pushing this more symptom based,
i love seeing that i may own natural path doctor abigail at sleeping bear.
Severe health here in traverse city she has such a chemical background where she talks about all the kind of chemistry behind and that’s what attracted me to work with her because,
it didn’t feel i was just references supplements and see what happens actually looking at what’s happening now when you work with patients.
Of do you have certain things you start with to rule out sees you mention stress you mention sleep you mentioned diet.

[13:04] Other tenets certain things that pretty much everybody should evaluate first.

[13:08] Oh yeah absolutely and it wasn’t what i start with everybody is nutrition and i want to know what they’re eating and what they’re drinking.
Because what to learn with most people wanna know when the major health issues of paper did dealing with the day is when i called the hydration.
Lack of a lack of water they not drinking the water.
And yeah that’s for the things that help me tremendously with my digestive issues as i quit drinking the sodas and started drinking water.
And if so that’s what the first thing that people about is how much water you drinking.
Their number one response is probably not enough food and when they start telling me what they are drinking yeah exactly right it’s not the.
And so many people have multiple health issues how believe.
Because they’re not properly their bodies not properly hydrated and not getting sufficient amount of water.
To keep those sales functioning like they should be another rule of thumb around water.
For example i’m assuming coffee and wine don’t count towards my water intake but is there a rule of thumb in regards to how much water i should be drinking a day.

[14:35] Oh yeah yeah what’s the general guidelines or is that we should all be drinking half of our body weight.
And ounces a day so when we ways have you a two hundred pounds you should be drinking hundred ounces of water a day.
Meryl streep is having electrical question so your doctor who’s meeting with people and has meetings i’m picturing being a counseling session and i just drank.
Forty ounces of water and i have to go to the bathroom like how is there ways to drink it so it doesn’t interrupt like me i think of school teachers i think of nurses me all the people that.
Like they can’t get up and leave a meeting to go to use the restroom how do people do that when you’re drinking ed or hundred ounces of water per day.
Yeah yeah it’s the insta because i experience it myself from a lot of times but is the timing thing you wanna try to get most of the water are.
A large portion of your water consumption first thing in the morning okay after labor by when you first get up in the morning i you that’s when you it is really important that you hydrate your body rehab at your body.
Because you’ve gone through your mortal several hours a fast your with sleep have anything to eat or drink.
Four hours maybe you’ll ten hours are longer yeah julien is she drinking a lot rob we go to bed but,
be tell people two glasses of water source recommended first thing in the morning to rehab the body c and you try to drink as much as you can do in the morning.

[16:14] Okay is it in kansas yo you can atomic throughout the day depending on what your schedule is what you have.
To try to get that water consumption and then.
Could save some for later in the afternoon once you your workday is over okay that makes sense now so water you start there once you start with when you work with your clients.

[16:37] Well the nutrition thing.

[16:41] What’s the weather doing there dot of course and a lot of people who are you think they’re eating good but when i saw question them they start listing with the food that they are eating not so good.
I use a seven day food diary about to have people take home with me record everything they are eating and drinking for seven days.
To see what kind of balance they have with their with nutrition cuz that’s what it to teach balance in it all ears of life.
But it is extremely important in our nutrition it will we that we have a proper balance macro nutrients carbohydrates fat.
And protein.
And the yellow usually people have weight issues because they are out of balance on your wall of macro nutrients or are one or more of.
So nutrition is a big factor to me can we go through like my typical die in a day or two and you can tell me what’s good because i feel like i do eat pretty healthy but then now he said most people,
need help don’t like all i want to know what the dr phil says about this.

[17:50] Absolutely okay so as i usually start my morning with probably half a glass of water so eight ounces and then i’ll make a smoothie and in that smoothie i usually have like a kill base with.
C coconut of coconut cream and they’re all of have seeds flaxseed and chia seeds.
Some go varies some days i put some peanut butter in there.
Make it just like a handful of strawberries but not too many cuz i’m diabetic so i don’t wanna have too much of the sweets and there.
And i usually use water almond milk as the base for that i drink that before i have my cup of coffee i may have half of an english muffin with some cream cheese on it.
And then i’ll probably have like twenty ounces of coffee there i blend with coconut creams that’s my first meal of the day and that’ll last me till.
Eleven thirty i usually don’t even go into the coffee to pipe ten thirty cuz the smoothies fill me up so much yeah.

[18:53] Okay and then lunch usually have a look spinach salad with some ham feed on it with maybe.
Tomatoes and may have some cheese or maybe some salami and have all of oil dressing with me i mix ranch and they’re just sit for some extra old school flavor.
Yeah and then dinner will have like a rice or pasta with maybe some eating some vegetables as part of that.
And then before bed probably between after the could i have two little kids after six o’clock i’ll have some.
Some cheese its or set her home now i feel really bad about that says it so that there are some salt vinegar chips and maybe a glass or two of wine with my wife while we watch netflix.

[19:36] Okay alright so where would you start with joseph and mark their.
Well what i would start with breakfasts wish you primary protein source for breakfast that i didn’t hear much about protein then.
Other than that the seeds gonna have some protein and um yeah very very little if you when you use peanut butter to get a little bit approaching their.

[20:00] I will put actually some frozen tofu in the smoothie usually after i did miss that so it might be.
Like a small handful frozen cubes of tofu that urologist shop upper tofu like unfreeze it so it’s easier to throw and that’s probably i might put a little peanut butter on the cream cheese english muffin but that’s about it.

[20:21] Get yeah because what i would say there sounds like you got over balance of carbs.
There’s not enough protein to balance out the amount of carbs you get it you get a great amount you good faster really.
Everything that’s seed to talk about okay do those are good sources of fat but.
Sounds to me like you need more protein with that same thing with your lunch then maybe insufficient protein there’s well with the salad.
Okay i’m going to salami you’re putting on there.
You get card you got your fat with your dressing but you need sufficient amount of protein there as well and as a guide for the determining how much protein you need with each meal.
I use a handsome asian device the palm of your hand the diameter of the bomb and the thickness of your palm is general.
Good rule of thumb no pun intended for which you should use as your protein amount of protein okay and it’s usually for to six ounces for most people.
And then with your evening meal.
Yo you got some protein there sounds like the pasta.
Do you as long as you balancing it well with propane you know you not heating heavy amount of pasta to drive the sugar in your okay.

[21:58] Because that’s the problem with being diabetic is your eating if he out of balance like they were you getting at overload of carbs.
Even though their good cards yo good healthy carbs are talking about you can still drive sugar to because all the cards you talk about there good healthy carbs.
Carbohydrates except for those cheeses that is eleven his hands.

[22:25] Yeah yeah yeah i would if it if you like cheese its i would do the real thing you know get some real good whole grain crackers and a little bit of some kinda aged,
real cheese and crackers that would be a better choice of eating cheese its that have a lot of the.
What i call the seven toxins promise seven toxins found a lot of processed foods.
Write about it in my book and nutrition chapter telling people to avoid those toxins that you find a lot of processed foods like cheese its and like some of the.
Nacho flavored chips in those kind of things that are loaded with.
Toxic substances actually so what was going to that one of those were some of the seven things that are those toxins that in all of the processed foods.

[23:16] Well in this jesus monitoring with tomatoes one of them most of those processed food like this chips not crackers gonna have model so that when they also have artificial colors and has.
And sometimes they will have artificial flavorings as well.

[23:36] And most of those kind of food they do have artificial flavorings.

[23:43] And then you got some set foods have artificial sweeteners as well which is one of those seven thousand.
So i’m your those kind of things you mentioned that we mentioned about add adhd those kind of things earlier when we were talking.
No can food toxins can be detrimental to.
A person who’s dealing with add adhd or are having you know something or add the label with that what those particular conditions okay.

[24:22] So when we think about some of those other things he wrote about in your book what are other things that we should focus on to live before we die well.

[24:32] We’ve been talking about nutrition even talk about water and other important thing is exercise.
People don’t exercise enough paper to sedentary and one of the things that teaching a book it easier than you think to do some type of exercise.
I encourage people of nothing else start with walking this get out lol.
It’s amazing what walking can do for your physical health as well as your mental health.
When one of the things that i talk about in the book is what walking did for mom in all my emotional spiritual help.
What was going through some really really trying time several years ago when i had a tremendous business failure in ended up losing.

[25:27] Everything i own except for my house and do some trying times tough times emotionally.
And walking getting out and taking walks late at night.
Made a tremendous difference not just physically but spiritually mentally as well and have made it to get through those tough times that we get out of our,
walking i would tell can pray in and to just meditate on things and it helped tremendously.
No walking to can be your lucky day was is not really access but it is it is and you do.

[26:10] You can walk and if you want to thousand steps today every day for a week.
You can end up losing possibly a pound in a week just by doing that well.

[26:24] So it’s not what i teach people to try to encourage people is just do something.
Do something that you enjoy do something that you will.
Do consistently and that’s the thing about people to start an exercise program they work out extremely hard isn’t gonna crazy workout and the last maybe a week.
And because is so hard so tough and they quit so until people do whatever you gonna do that do it consistently.
Does it have to be a strange work and have to be some kind of crazy workout program just find an exercise that you enjoy doing and do it on a regular basis.
Awesome so switch gears and hear little bit about your practice development a lot of the listeners they have small council,
practices that are growing their adding people to it she said the recently opened this practice with an mdma been practicing for a while,
maybe talk a little bit about how to stand out especially cuz a lot oftentimes to natural medicine isn’t covered by insurance how do you find your clients in,
what a way is that we can play some of that you calling private practice be okay yeah well a lot of my clients come to me by word of mouth.
Do happy clients head sharing it with their friends or family said hey,
yo doc to help me tremendously with vs i had been everywhere trying to find help and heal nobody ever talked to me about things is out to me about so that that’s.

[27:57] Yeah that’s been the other primarily i am a citizen stainless for our business is,
you have once was it or says that it found an answer.
I use different mediums of promoting what we do.
Facebook uses wee space will quite a bit i do a facebook live broadcast every friday during the day our that i call feeling good fridays.
We’re not start no wind specifically for the clinic operation here that will gonna call life transformation tuesdays.
But the thing i’ve been doing on fridays for almost a year now started doing for my own my business carson natural health and that’s reach a lot of people.
Share different help things on their body so that body soul and spirit just can’t go switch it up every week do something a little different.

[28:58] It has been real helpful in the upper promoting what we do and who we are what i do as a clinician.
Also you know just do traditional advertising we do a little bit little bit of that as well but not so much is used to with all of the things are available to us now with the internet.
We will use at an audit ways writing blogs website the facebook.
Twitter there is all kinds of things out there that we use and other people are using as well can be very helpful and get your message out.
Without spending a lot of money that you love you bring up facebook live that something that a couple of months ago i started testing to see if it improved.
Just my presence and sausage results from it they encourage all my consulting clients to serve switching over now been talking more and more,
in regards to the podcast about it’s crazy how facebook notifies a hundred percent of the people that follow you are connected to that you were live.
I’m vs you know if you post something on your page it’s maybe ten percent less you pay is right now that seems to be one of the most effective things that were doing as well as i’m so glad you brought a facebook live for that.

[30:17] Yeah love have enjoyed doing it have fun doing it yeah gotten a good following from it.
It is amazing every week,
somebody a comment on there that says i love my show and i have even know they were watching yeah yeah dr phil of every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want them to know.

[30:43] If everyone’s listing our little them to know the importance of listening.

[30:51] The importance of listening to the patient is are the class that are sitting in front of you and really really listening to this one of the things in my practice that is has made a difference i think is help me to stand out.
Is taking the time to really listen to what they’re saying and not just to sing their.
Doing all the talking myself.
But taking time to listen to lol time to reveal things to me that may that never be able to somebody else because i’ve taken the time to listen and ask the right questions a lot of time so.
I think that would be extremely important for every counselor that they do that.
Such great advice dr phil carson he’s the author how to live until you die you guys can head over to carsonnatural.com /joe,
and he has seven tips for stress relief that’s gonna really help you and your clients dr phil we talk just a little bit about that seven tips that what they get when they have been over there.
Oh yeah yeah this is just a little guide that i’ve developed and there’s seven techniques are seven tips for stress relief from stress management.
That i used to go to all seven of them but when the most important ones is deep breathing.
I was doing some deep breathing earlier this morning,
no matter fact the breathing exercises works tremendously for helping relieve stress and relieve it you’ll fairly quickly can a brings us down calms us down get all.

[32:28] Pump up all stressed out i know the thing i’ll for sure she’ll eighties music,
music therapy my wife is a musician singer i get to hear beautiful music all the time in my house.
And it’s a it’s amazing what music can do a variety of different types of music can calm since this and help us get through, sure for times in one another that we’ve already mentioned is exercise,
yeah that did the daily walks there are some type of exercise it would be weight lifting get be something really physical it can be a stress reliever sometimes so,
what are good things out there those are just three of the things that i talk about it and the stress relieving got,
that stress is the major.
Yo is your my life all my life basically in learning to manage to be bald i’m joe.
It come to me and they are all stressed out their health issues are related to the stress in their life that you gotta learned to.
God manage that stress and stop letting the stress manage you because so many people are being their lives are being managed being control by the stress in their lives.

[33:46] That’s awesome dr phil carson you guys can head over to carsonnatural.com/joe will also have that link in the show notes thank you so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast.

[33:57] Thank you joe in order to be with you thank you very much.

[34:00] Music.

[34:12] Thanks so much for letting us in two years into your brain again head on over brightervision.com/joe to that all-inclusive website that has your hosting your casio your,
tack everything is just amazing and i’ll talk to you next week,
this podcast is designed right after the thirty of information in regard to the subject matter covered his game with the understanding that new the host or the publisher or gas surrendering legal accounting clinic for clinical information,
if you never need a professional you should find one and special thanks to the band sansa sexy for the intro music you guys rock.

[34:50] Music.

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