PoP 233 | My Wife And I Almost Separated

My Wife & I Almost Separated

This episode is a reverse podcast with Matt Wells and the Slacking Ambition podcast.

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Having been through a lot in a short space of time, including almost separating from my wife, I speak in this reverse podcast about everything I learnt from many a bad situation. I also speak about the fear of failure and how to overcome this and move forward towards your purpose.

How To Keep Moving Foward

My rough year taught me how to be really efficient in business and focus on what moves the business forward which is something I’ve carried forward to this day.

Have any goal, even if it’s a micro-goal, to keep moving forward.

When you follow something that you are genuinely passionate about, people pick up on that and will be willing to pay more for that specialty.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 233 | My Wife And I Almost Separated

[0:00] Music.

[0:07] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok session number two hundred and thirty-three.

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[0:23] Jose about your hose and welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.

[0:29] So say you hear every single week or more something that you more than one episode a week what we do is we talk about how to start grow and scale of private practice become everything marketing business and if you are new to us,
i’m so excited you’re here we have been growing in leaps and bounds you guys been sharing with your friends that you love this podcast this whole cohorts,
a grad student i listening to this together.
And just so excited be part of this movement genuinely revolutionized the whole field of counseling in private practice so thank you for joining me think for the time of your day.
I know we’re all crazy busy and i do not take it lightly that you listen to this every single week.
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[2:01] So go to practiceofthepractice.com/start to get the twenty eighth step checklist.
And today it i’m what before talk which day one sure little bit about what’s coming up in september i’m gonna be in franklin with michigan avenue between the keynote for the michigan home based family services association.
And so is aimed at home based services folks people that are in community mental health center working agencies on of talking about,
clinical work on talking about some strategies for experiential approach to therapy,
them also be doing breakout sessions about growing a practice using marketing as kind of siding with in the non profit world and so if you are even close to michigan would love for you to come out to that franken with that’s in late september.
And then in october.
My wife christina join me we’re gonna be down in asheville north carolina for brew your practice brew your practices and amazing to the conference i do with allison puryear and jane carter down in asheville and the leaves were turning me imagine being,
and one of the capitals of the world learning about private practice from three fun people.
And we hope just like play together while we’re doing this we did so many fun things last year when i do a conference i want it to be an experience i don’t want to be one of those lame like chopin hotel.
Basement kind of deals and in november,
i’m gonna be down in alabama so if you are in the south i’m gonna be down at the alabama counseling association conference on their opening keynote there,
and they were on two thousand counselors that come together.

[3:33] And i’ll give you more details for all those years can google it again september that franken with the machine home with family services association.
Tell her it’s brewer practice over brewyourpractice.com and november it’s the alabama counseling association’s asking me tons of fun.
Well today’s podcast is actually a reverse interview love doing this but i have a fun interview that i’m on some else’s podcast and i was just on matt wells podcast recently went live earlier this month,
cup of lacking ambition podcast and his audience are people that are at a place in life that maybe they don’t wanna be that the want to be motivated to do something different that one change their career they might have things happen to them that,
they just maybe were expecting and so it’s all about kinda find that ambition again.
His audience he in a very affectionately calls them slackers to hear him refer to slackers and in this i talk all about,
can my own story some stuff that happened in my life things i haven’t talked about this podcast before.
And is it fun of somebody else’s point of view kinda flipping the microphone having them interviews so without any further ado i give you matt wells interviewing joseph back on the slacking ambition podcast.

[4:50] Music.

[4:58] Show santa what the fucking investor thanks so much for being on the show things haven’t met joe.
You are a professional counselor to helps other.
Professional counselors as well as other things that you can see healers chiropractors massage therapists.

[5:18] Build out their own private practices tell us about your background and how you came to start that endeavor.
Yeah that’s when i graduated from grad school i did kind of the traditional counseling path and worked a non profit agency making.
Thirty grand a year and have had about eighty grand in student loan debt.
And really just had a traditional mindset of i’m gonna work for somebody else i’m gonna get a good job both my parents were in the school system both of my,
in laws are in the school systems are really that idea of being an entrepreneur was never even on my radar.
And have through the years got a job at the community college and it was really one of those kind of gold handcuffs jobs were at st pension but i started a small private practice on the side just to pay off student loan debt.
And as they grew i also started a blog talking about just what i was learning about business all that stuff we didn’t learn in grad school for counselors very few of us are lucky if we even get one class on how to run a private practice or business,
so i just read a book and i blog about it eventually launched a podcast and.
Realize that there’s a lot of people that want to start hire one answer private practices and they don’t know how to start a practice that and how to grow in the specially don’t know how to scale it.
And so it since two thousand twelve and a lunch that website have been able to leave my full-time job i have one of the top ranking podcast for concerts and private practice and work.
Three days a week and that podcast for slackers out there is practice of the practice which is also the name of your website practice at the practice.

[6:53] Dot com so.
You started in twenty twelve as a side project and you were able to grow it out to your full-time income exceeding anything that you ever dreamed you were capable of bringing in,
before what was the time scale there how long did it take you to get to that point where you were able to leave your full-time job and devote still solely to,
not just your private practice but also your consulting business it was two thousand fourteen was when i left my full time job when our daughter is,
or actually use the family medical leave act to just work twenty hours a week so i’ve made enough money to pay for health insurance,
it really just passed out can i make this thing work.
Really the ground works are getting laid in two thousand twelve and a lunch the block that year my daughter she has been diagnosed you just been born our first order.
And we found out that she was gonna need open heart surgery and during that process spent a lot of time away from my full time job.
And we got the all clear a couple of weeks after her surgery that everything went perfect she’s healthy she’s still healthy but two weeks after that i was then diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
And it was just one of those like seriously we are we just spent the last year doing medical stuff and so jumped into that,
that was the year also my wife had a miscarriage and friend of ours got breast cancer.
And that really change the direction of what i wanted to do with my life where i started thinking i’ve got to figure out a way to really spend time.

[8:24] Working on the big ideas that i have outside of working full-time job but it’s tough cuz i love my full time job so much in a lot of flexibility and it.
They make me jump with something that i knew i had to really be strategic about in order to create that life that i wanted to have after that two thousand twelve storm of stuff.

[8:44] That’s a real rain that’s a real when it rains it,
it pours a type of situation i love children shouting is it just overwhelms you born again and my grandma died and my mom had cancer in his leg it’s kinda ridiculous it is hot in quick succession you must have been dealing with a lot of.

[9:02] Need to be dealing with all of that while at the same time trying to grow.
Your business did it ever occur to you at any point just to just give up and maybe go back to.
To working at like you were before or where you experience enough growth at that point that you use it didn’t make sense to because i mean to do all that type of stuff there so many negative emotions that go into that.
Eva like you said you weren’t working at your job as much as you were able to i can’t imagine you would’ve had the time or even energy to put into your.
Hear your side business at the time yeah i think it was in one since i was a good distraction where i can just kind of forget about all the stuff that was going on,
but it and still and still the number of really good habits where i had to ask myself why am i working on this blog post to this podcast,
read this email sales final when my daughter’s about to have her surgery or why am i doing this specific thing when i’m about to go have my thyroid removed because as cancer and it.
I’m into it it made me do is really focus in on what are the essential things that i need to do to grow this business and really be official with my time and cut out the fluff.
Is still an approach that i take where,
there’s a lot of things go on done but it’s because i’m working and the most important things within the business and so i wouldn’t say in the midst of going to answer,
thing you should start a business but it really for me help me focus and on the essential things that it took to get the business profitable,
and it was a good distraction for me while you’re in it it’s really just a testament of like what we’re capable of slackers.

[10:40] Even in the face of what you might consider the greatest adversity and i don’t give up keep up keep moving forward because giving up is the surest way to fail you know even if you.

[10:50] You can’t win if you don’t play basically.
When i noticed you teach you note for your podcast is the idea of just have any goal any micro goal small step in the right direction just keep moving forward.
And for me that’s what a lot of that was it was just okay i need to write a couple more e-mails for this automated email see,
it doesn’t feel like making money off this thing yet but it’s still step in the right direction towards getting towards that career that i want to have.

[11:20] Exactly exactly what i find interesting about.

[11:26] You’re not here so much talk about your starting a business we’re starting a podcast or a website or blog here when you’re going out learning about what to do with how to do it.
You hear a lot about me she finding your niece mailing down your knees reaching harder than me she.
And these are terms that i’ve actually heard at but your nieces very nice it back i mean.

[11:51] There’s no it might not occur to most.

[11:55] Counselors out there to start a consulting business for other counselors the way you have been so i guess my point slackers out there listing is that.

[12:05] Just a great example of.

[12:08] The idea that whatever it is you’re interested in whatever it is you know whatever it is you have to offer no matter how dumb you think it is you know.

[12:20] If there are people out there who stay like i have a lot of useless knowledge i don’t know if you’ve ever heard that before and i’ve heard people say i’ve said it before have so much useless knowledge well there’s no such thing.
There is always a nice there’s always a market out there for whatever it is you have to offer and so.
Whatever toward um you think it is just put it out there you’d be amazed at what you can draw and what would you can influence and the influence that you can have.

[12:47] I think so that’s such a great point matt because when you follow something that you genuinely are interested in people pick up on that.
You think about it so i was just a regular business consultant,
vs on a specializes in a private practice if you want to launch a private practice which person you can hire if you wanna launching email sales floor you gonna go with the person that sent expert email sales flow or just an expert in marketing,
and so people will pay more for that specialty you get to then work out what you really enjoy,
and that you’re able to really dive deep into some areas of people are gonna put that time and i was interviewing this guy luis house who.
He when he first started out he had been injured you was in the nfl and got hurt and was sleeping on his sisters couch.
And all he really knew was linked in and so he started just teaching people how to make their profiles better on linkedin this mean for a long time i didn’t even make give any credit to link except i got these annoying e-mails from them to join.
But he double down on that was able to grow your million dollar company from just starting there now he does all sorts of head of worldwide marketing.
But that just shows you how when you specialize in a specific area it really allows you to charge more to go deeper where people are gonna go deeper in you it’s more fulfilling for you.

[14:06] Yeah absolutely because of you’re doing work that you’re not finding the filling work that’s not.

[14:14] Expressing your true self you know that’s just drudgery really and so.

[14:20] It’s important that we what whatever we if i try to start a business that we make sure it’s the right business for us you know because.
We don’t want to turn to something we feel like we’re trapped and just like we were are our previous job.
I got loose house is a big time big time.
Entrepreneurial take most slackers out there who were it in the podcast probably familiar with.
With him already and the fact that you it had him on your show is very impressive actually tell us more about your show the practice of the practice did at what point did you decide to.
To start the podcast and how long have you been.
Doing it for yes i lunch the podcast a year after lunch the blog i really to start one project at a time you really see what’s working and understand it and then be able to automated.
So the more i can take off my pc,
then i can move on to the next thing inserting a lot of entrepreneurs will just have all these ideas keep doing and then they’re just overwhelmed and stressed and that’s not how i wanna live my life,
so i started the blog in two thousand twelve for the podcast in two thousand thirteen,
it really was something that when my daughter was napping when i was doing something or my wife is doing something that i just you go upstairs and record a podcast interview someone here and there.
I was pretty sporadic and how much i was doing interviews and then in two thousand fourteen it said i was going to every single we,
and really double down on that you can started doing a couple of series that were five days in a row can really sudden numbers skyrocket that.
And then the beginning some bigger names on a pet flange on the dumass chris dr lewis house not a name dropper to get those people then perpetuate that were there no then refer other people to your show.

[16:03] Say was a good experience and then it continues to grow the credibility and i think.
People often see a podcast maybe is at the point that i’m at where i get to do these amazing interview like it to make money off of it.
It takes a long time sometimes to get there and that hard work.
And being able to just say what’s the next reasonable stop in front of me okay i want to try to get a little bit bigger name than i got last time i want to try to get a little bit better email cells flow set up i want to improve my website update my logo,
that next step mentality is so much more important than saying i got a can arrive and have it be perfect vs let’s just keep moving forward.

[16:44] Yeah i know i think i think they what you mean to there about getting the bigger names on and collaborated with them to help grow your own show.
Is a great example of the power of relationships and how having that clever to process and putting yourself out there and being.
Being prepared for you know maybe someone saying no but also be prepared for the.
Increase success that you can achieve by forty those relationships when they do say yes is often something that.
You know people who are getting started in not just podcast but also entrepreneurship in general.

[17:25] Tend to overlook a lot of time because there may be a lot of people out there and you know slackers i’m talking to you shoot me an email or head over a private facebook group.
That’s like in mission accomplish such facebook and tell me if this is you and i mean and at what your how your how you’ve learned to overcome it but if this is you know a lot of people look and say i wanna do it all myself this is my in.
This is my thing i don’t need any help i wanna do it all myself and gossip because of some maybe some twisted aspect of pride but you know it’s really important to,
let go of that i feel because i do tend to have those kinds of feelings at the beginning but the more that i have collaborated with people have people on fire and i’d be able to learn and grow from the frig is that i’ve had on just like you.
It’s important to talk to let yourself.

[18:18] Except that i hope except piano and it but you building others up build yourself up is the way i feel yeah i think people want to jump to that i wanna making income part which obviously we all need to make money to make ends meet.
But if you start with a specialty in you grow that and you really understand that and understand the basic problems that people have and then you look to grow an audience,
once you’ve grown audience then you can launch products based on what the audience tells you versus i’m rainy e-book and i want to get people to buy a drama making the course i twenty people to buy it.
Is starting with the audience and really understanding them and their problems,
then you can really serve them while you could over serve them and then be able to come pick their brains about where you stock so for example as i started to talk to some of my consulting clients more.
A common question is getting was around virtual assistant so.
How do i get them to answer my phone to my schedule and check my email i don’t even know where to look and say kept teaching people how to do that now i could’ve launched,
course to teach that would end of doing it i found a virtual assistant that i really liked i trained her really well.
Had her then it works for me within my practice saw that she did a great job with it,
and then i outsourced my virtual assistant my consulting clients and so i knew there was getting this question and people had a budget for that already so that i can just say oh i have family and if she can start right now,
and i’ve done all the training for so when you’re listening to your audience the opportunities for creating.
Income for yourself become very apparent where is when you said you’re gonna make a product and then try to find an audience for the never seems to work as well.

[19:56] Hmm yeah yeah because you need to build.
That relationship with the audience per so that you can make sure your offering them the right product based on what their needs and their circumstances are.
So you just another great example of in the power of relationships and love the ring of the power of relationships because they think that would you think about your audience of slackers that.
You’ve developed audience so when i come in here yeah i’m right away introduce to your audience and the seems to interview partner with anybody else that,
they’re gonna have a circle of influence that’s outside of what years would be,
and getting it done podcast especially for someone that starting out before they even maybe launch too many of their own products is a great way to get your name out,
to develop expertise that speaking be able to frame out the solutions you provide a specific problems.
Yeah absolutely shifting gears a little bit i wanna ask you a little about some the failures and maybe even counted along the way.
What would you consider your biggest failure and what steps did you take to overcome the negative emotions associated with that.

[21:05] Yes i think it i can think of one this think this is the biggest failure i think that my life is full of all sorts of feel here’s,
but one that really stands out is that year after two thousand twelve and two thousand thirteen when things settle down i remember my wife came to me and said actually gone through all the stuff together none of our.
Family had died during that part other than my grandma had passed away but you my mom it survive cancer i had my daughter had open heart surgery all of that like we are at a clean bill of health.
And she said i think we need to separate.

[21:40] And i was like what we need a minute like we just spent a year fighting against this external stuff only to realize that the year of survival we getting some really bad habits where we are kinda living parallel lives were.
We just watch netflix at the end of the day and just ran survival mode and so,
i could have just thrown in the towel or she could just run in the towel but instead i got some great audio books and read some other books and started to examine my role in that in any relationship each person has a kind of put in their own,
their own growth.
There’s this book in particular called the screen for a marriage where the author had all i remember is last name but he talks a whole marriage is like a campfire that if one element changes it helps affect the entire thing,
and so if i change one part of myself whether or not i have my wife changer she chooses to change it’s going to change the dynamic,
and so even just learning to start to my own emotions answer to my own needs to be able to say this is this is what i would like for,
this evening this weekend instead of the dance we have to pay like i don’t know if you wanna go to dinner will go out to dinner or even just something as simple as that.
To be honest with the person that you love and say this is what i’m thinking.
That really helped me sort through those emotions by learning from other people on the had been in similar kind of failures.

[23:08] Yeah and i think that’s a great example also of the idea of a balancing.
Are personal and professional lives in finding that the fulcrum if you will where were able to maintain that a lot of times we can maybe.
Oh no separate one way more so than the other and.

[23:33] Maybe not take full responsibility for it said our part in that.
And you know it’s important to be healthy both in our personal and professional lives because they one definitely does have an effect on the other you know i’ve had jobs in the past mostly the service industry where,
you know they tell ya your first day leave your problems at home you know and you basically just putting on a fake smile and pretending like everything’s okay and you know that’s not really healthy,
mentally and so.
When when it comes to specially to building your own thing being an entrepreneur or that’s gonna take a lot of effort that’s gonna take a lot of time and.
I thought you know i think it’s awesome that you were able to kinda step back and realize that it you know it’s to a street that door swings both ways.
And find that balance once again i think it calls back to the power relationships as well so i think it’s a really,
that’s a very unique answer to that question is i but it’s also extremely valuable so take out of that there’s like there’s because.
You know it’s not always just about what failures you encounter professionally a lot of times a king.
No the personally and have it affect over you’re in touch every aspect of ourselves to have blood asks if it’s one of those things that.
It can creep up on you where the friends used to hang out with you don’t hang out with anymore are the relationships are as solid as they use to be in and there are chapters in your life when you move away from certain friendships first particular reasons.

[25:07] But it made me step back and assess what am i doing in this situation one action that we ended up taking a is a bad time i have a full time job was doing everything can the side in addition to that.
And so we decided i was gonna have sort of a business sabbath every saturday that i wasn’t gonna listen to podcasts i wasn’t gonna say oh christina i have all these new business ideas,
i wasn’t gonna be e mailing people even though this was a side gig on top of my full time job that saturdays were going to be a time.
She knew that i was gonna be fully present as a dad as can be fully present as a husband that we’re gonna do fun things that reminded of us of our life and what we wanted out of our life versus just always being in business mode.
Yeah that’s very important really very important.

[25:55] And i’m really excited to see you have a psychologist on the show because this is a question this next question is one that asked in the past but i feel that you might be the most qualified person to answer it.
They have asked in a while either as a result but what do you think causes people to procrastinate more fear of failure or fear of success.

[26:17] I think people tend to get paralyzed by perfection and so i think that often in the beginning it’s usually that fear of failure in.

[26:27] When you think about how were trained in regards to going through traditional education if you’ve gone to college or grad school,
it’s always that you write a term paper you polish a and then you turn it in.
And then it’s really pass fail if you get the great but really life is not like that at all and so the idea of i am unjustly paralyzed by perfection i have to do everything perfect the first time is not how the real world is,
so what i think attached to bring differently is if we view.
Whatever working as an experiment and so if we fail then we get some good information if we don’t do what we think was gonna happen if we succeed then we get other information so when we start to view things like an experiment.
Did that really teaches us that there something going on here that we need to amplify or something going on here that we need to add it out,
and we start doing that then it’s not fear of failure fear of success its i am taking it horribly different approach to what i’m doing so i’m gonna do a podcast for six months,
i’m gonna just had some different things through out it and at that point and re-evaluate whether wanna keep doing it the same way of ownership somethings maybe just cut the whole project completely,
add then doesn’t become that either or either for your failure or fear of success becomes i’m approach life as an experiment and adjust for the things i wanna just towards.
Right right yeah that’s great job and that’s why i think that’s the best answer i’ve heard for that so that really know honestly because it’s like.

[27:57] That takes away that fear of starting you know like when you think of it like that.
Then you go it hard to rationalize the idea of well it’ll probably just fail so why even try and then not doing anything you know i mean i just i thought about doing this podcast for.
At least six months before i actually got a microphone set down and started doing it and i had to push through that.

[28:26] Perfectionism eight i’m glad you brought that up because i talked about that.
Ad nauseum throughout the history of the show slackers out there will no is that if i hadn’t said.
I was gonna put it out there and see what happens and if it’s not good enough i’ll get better as i go,
because that person was like well i don’t know what i’m doing i don’t know i don’t know anything about audio production i don’t know anything about interviewing people who are you who wants to listen to me,
you know my,
if i hadn’t pushed through that i we would be having this conversation right now and i would have the audience that i do and so i’m extremely grateful that i did do that and in retrospect it’s you don’t give me a new.

[29:04] I’m new outlook on starting new projects going forward but i really have some really good points there were that time that six months.
Part of that’s normally you wanna assess whether you want to get a new project if we started everything we had as an idea we would be overwhelmed we wouldn’t do it really well,
and so i think there is a natural assessment of should i put my time into this but then often have does shift into that kind of imposter syndrome of a cool ie that people should listen to me.
And really who is anybody they all grow and develop as they were doing things you look at okra,
phil donahue as like the big guy right that what she said well phil donahue now he knows what he’s doing and i’m not gonna have my own show,
dollar she learned she went to change your image issue and she spun things off of it,
if we have that kind of approach that were gonna be continual learners and guides to our audience rather than where the gurus on high,
looks like he’s your fail to just say hey i’m just sharing with you what’s working for me and what’s not working and i’m gonna fall flat on my face and then tell you about it when it makes it way easier than feeling like your this big ring high.
Exactly right we’re all just people out here working toward something.

[30:14] Yeah go ahead oh i think that the other part of that is.
There’s gonna be people that don’t like you and that’s okay like there’s gonna be people that connect with you matt and is in the people to reconnect with me,
we’re gonna different audiences and if your authentic to who you are with all your quirks and weirdness like,
i rarely at out when i do something stupid on the podcast i just make fun of myself and then people like that and if they don’t like it.
Stop listening to me and that’s okay cuz i don’t want people that are surrounding me that have a false impression of me because then i’m gonna let them down eventually wears,
if i my authentic work itself on my podcast or in my work.
Then i attract the people that wanna attract and i don’t disappoint people to the party scene house stupid and weird i can be.
Move at absolute in the same way i likely those like adeptly.
I’m i don’t believe in those little errors and i’d like you know i do the same thing it’s just like.
I am just human being we all make mistakes if i say something wrong i’ll say i said that wrong and i’ll have to go back and edit it out.
Add the world is working towards goals really we’re all just trying to make our mark on the world are always trying to you we have to were draw trying to earn a living and we’re all trying to add value to people’s lives in somewhere she perform.
These days i think that’s gotten more accessible than every like,
as far as media production goes whether you’re doing the podcast or you’re doing a you tube channel or just the block the internet has opened up the world of media to the common man.

[31:50] Take it away that does gatekeepers,
and are they still exist but they’re not as powerful as they used to be and as a result of that use that were able to i feel like.
Same organize get more done do you think do more things as a result of not just the outlets available to us but also has the tools available to us and so i would like to ask people to resource that.
You like to use the help you overcome slack in like what app or website or product that you liked use to be more productive manager time,
or stay motivated yeah i’m gonna be a bit of an over achiever hearing give you tube won super basic on just a touch more advanced the first one is one that,
everybody has a phone already and that’s the notes function,
if so i actually have a note that it’s in all caps and it says today and then about four spaces below it has some day.
And so if i have an idea why when driving and i’m at the stop light just turn on the audio under the someday and i’ll say create whatever my idea is.
And then each day i’ll move into the today list exactly what i need to achieve today and then the someday list i just ignore until i’m looking for new ideas to work i,
things that could be really organized and then can of the more advanced is i use troll oh which is a free project management system you can use to then,
really organizes tasks into checklists due date survivor virtual assistant helping out with things i use charlotte can take that to the next level,
to organize how things are going to get done what i’m gonna do with my systems are going to do what’s just and idea or what something that really needs to be worked on right away.

[33:30] Awesome and of course we will link to troll oh over at slackingambition.com/56 the show notes for this episode joe sanok.
I want to thank you so much for coming on the show before we wrap up a quick opportunity for you to plug or patch anything that you would like,
yeah i of course the it’s called how to move from paralyzed by perfection getting things done its usually fifty bucks but for your audience i’mma give away for free,
they can head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/perfection,
so i have a seventeen minute training video and a seventeen page worksheet that goes with it to get you started and on your very first goals are to move forward and move forward on your big goals away from being paralyzed by perfection.
Wow very generous of you are giving away a fifty dollar profit possibly for you do you.
The slackers out there for free slackers to take advantage of that right now get over tuesday practiceofthepractice.com/perfection it will also be linked to you at the show not page slackingambition.com/56 either way.
He’s got it for free what do you have to lose its a great way to get um start just getting started publishing your goals.

[34:43] Jose i really appreciate you coming on,
i’ve learned a lot from you i really appreciate your insight and the value that you added there was so many things that you mentioned that paul directly in line with where i’m at and i’m sure a lot of the slackers are out there,
and is extremely reliable and it was almost like you were mentioning things before i was about to bring the box also kudos on that but before we go.

[35:08] I do ask you the same thing i ask my gas which is what your greatest procrastination pitfall and other words.
What activity or thing to steal your attention away from what you know you should otherwise be doing can i think for me its new ideas and when i have a new idea i wanna run after right then rather than evaluate whether that’s a good use of my time,
and i found going back to that today list and adding those ideas to the someday list of the best thing that pushes back against those ideas and allows them to really marinated told their time has come for them to be launched.
Yeah i need a new ideas always tend strike right we’re trying to get other things after the brain trying to say to you i don’t want you to succeed absolutely about a but.
But i do that kind of called back to that question earlier about what causes of the grass the more you know there’s that,
element within us that is maybe i feel i ask that because i feel like there is an element of us that is afraid of success in some way because we’re so,
we formed these habits of that have kept us where we’re at for so long that some it’s like there’s our subconscious is afraid to break that pattern and the apt,
to push through that i could do a whole episode and the brain and the way that marathons are connected all about that so let me know if you’re gonna go there.
When will it sounds very interesting i just might do that but for now i’m gonna have to let you go so just and i thank you so much for being on slacking ambition.
I enjoy talking to you i know the slackers enjoyed listening to you slackers once again coaches slackingambition.com/56 for the show notes to this.

[36:43] Really appreciate coming on thanks matt daycare.

[37:08] Music.

[37:14] Thanks so much for tuning in this week and just so you know if you didn’t get our magazine it’s a huge seventy page magazine all about starting a practice you can get that over at practiceofthepractice.com/magazine.
As well get the twentieth step checklist of you are starting practice it just kinda struggling getting going under fifty thousand dollars.
A year make sure that you get that check was for free it’s coming tell walk-through exactly what you should have done when you started you miss something so again that’s practice of the practice dot com for slash start.
And thanks so much for me in two years into your brain that you guys rock keep up the great work talk to soon.

[37:55] Music.

[38:00] Special thanks within sentences sexy for your intro music and this podcast is designed to provide accurate information,
go to the subject matter covered is given to understand me the host the publisher already got surrounding legal accounting for clinical information,
if you are a professional you should find one.

[38:18] Music.

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