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Joseph R. Sanok

How’s it going? I’m Joe Sanok. I love helping people to start and grow their private practice!

This podcast is dedicated to help you to know exactly how to start your private practice. As well, we dive into how to grow and scale a private practice. I also love finding really interesting people that are doing interesting things in the world!

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Past Podcast Show Notes

Some podcast show notes and transcripts are below, but to see all of them:

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Michael Ceely on How to Hyper-Niche | PoP 398

How do you find your hyper-niche? How can you combine your passion and your practice? What are some of the steps to take?

How to Raise Your Rates | PoP 397

Why do you need to raise your rates? When should you raise your rates? And how exactly do you raise your rates?

Holly Chantal on Setting Yourself Apart | PoP 396

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Holly Chantal about finding your unique voice in business and aligning with next stage of business growth.

Joe Chapa on Moral Philosophy and Just War Theory in Military Trauma | PoP 395

Is war morally acceptable? How can we better prepare military people for war psychologically? How can therapists be of more value to their veteran clients?

Tommy Griffith did SEO at PayPal and AirBnB and now teaches entrepreneurs how to make e-courses | PoP 394

How do you turn your side-gig into your full-time gig? What are some of the basics of understanding SEO? And how do you launch…

Ask the Expert Clay Cockrell on Online Counseling | PoP 393

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks to Clay Cockrel from about the opportunity of counseling online, how to start your online counseling practice, and some valuable tips on how to make it work.

Should I Start Another Business for Consulting, What About Liability, and Extra Trainings PLUS more Q&A | PoP 392

Wondering whether you should work on building your own private practice and branding under your own name? Do you need to start a separate…

Megan Chapa on How To Make A Business Out Of Your Passion (and a story about people who dress up like Mermaids) | PoP 391

Do you have some big ideas that you just don’t have the time to work on? Where are you focusing your time? Want some…

Tom Libelt Escaped Communist Poland and Wrote 5,000 e-books | PoP 390

What are the reasons you choose to make certain decisions in business? What are the traits of some of the most successful people? How…

The Five Numbers You Have to Know in Private Practice | PoP 389

Do you know who makes the most money in your business? What is the ROI on your marketing efforts? When looking at exactly how…

Why You’re Not Getting Referrals And What You Can Do About It | PoP 388

Do you know where all of your referrals are coming from? What if you have tons of clicks to your website but the phone…

Cedric Bertelli Knows How the Brain Makes Wrong Predictions (and How to Change That) | PoP 387

Is your ideal client someone who has been through a trauma and is struggling to transform the negative emotional patterns that have been created?…

Three Stages of Private Practice from Solopreneur to CEO | PoP 386

Which phase of practice are you in? Wanting to grow but not sure how to do so? Want to know what you should be…

Why Slowing Down is the Key to Growing a Practice | PoP 385

Does the thought of slowing down and stepping away from your business leave you feeling nervous? Wish there was a way you could just…

How to Set Your Private Practice Rates (and How to Raise Them) | PoP 384

Are you still struggling with figuring out how to set your rates? Maybe you want to raise your rates but are not sure how…

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