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Joseph R. Sanok

How’s it going? I’m Joe Sanok. I love helping people to start and grow their private practice!

This podcast is dedicated to help you to know exactly how to start your private practice. As well, we dive into how to grow and scale a private practice. I also love finding really interesting people that are doing interesting things in the world!

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Past Podcast Show Notes

Some podcast show notes and transcripts are below, but to see all of them:

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Corey Poirier on The Speaking Program | PoP 435

What is a good story made up of? How do you level up through speaking and how much can you charge? Are you looking…

Richard Villasana is Reuniting Kids That Have Been Separated from Their Parents | PoP 434

How much do you really know about the foster care environment? What is it really like for children who are in the system? How…

Milana Leshinsky Left Russia and now Teaches Simplicity Entrepreneurship | PoP 433

Are you marketing in a way that just does not seem natural to you? How can you find out which marketing strategies suit your…

JP McAvoy on How to Level Up a Local Business Through Podcasting and How to Prepare to Sell a Business | PoP 432

Have you ever thought about expanding your business beyond your practice? Ever wondered how you could level up your business through podcasting? Maybe you…

Adam Schaeuble is on a Million Pound Mission | PoP 431

Do you have a passion that could motivate an entire community? How do you go about spreading your message? Want to stay on track…

Christine Kloser on How to Get Your Book Done | PoP 430

Do you have an idea for a book you are wanting to write but you seem to be suffering from writer’s block and self-doubt?…

Janeen Herskovitz has an Autism Blueprint | PoP 429

Are you or do you work with families who have kids on the spectrum? What is it really like and what are some things…

LaToya Smith Started a Group Practice and a Big Idea | PoP 428

Are you sitting on a big idea but are not sure how to get started? How can you go from starting a private practice…

Chrissy Lawler Made $5k In Her First Month On Instagram Talking About Sleep | PoP 427

Do you have an amazing idea but just not sure how to put it into play? Are you running at a mile a minute…

Jessica Tappana On How To Rank On Google And Level Up Beyond Your Private Practice | PoP 426

How do you successfully rank on Google? How did you get into understanding SEO? What are 5 key tips to help with SEO? In…

Veronica Cisneros On How To Launch A Big Idea That Helps Women Become Empowered And Unapologetic | PoP 425

How did you launch your big idea to empower women? What business mindset shifts need to happen? How do you understand your ideal target…

A New Year a New You…Probably Not Unless You Do These Three Things | PoP 424

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about new year resolutions that will ensure 2020 is a game-changer for you and your business.

Five Mindsets to Master in 2020 | PoP 423

What 2020 mindset do you need to level up? Are there New Year changes to be made? How can you make 2020 the most…

Best Copywriting Techniques For Your Website With Kimberly Weitkamp | PoP 422

How did you get into copywriting? What steps did you take? What are some best tips for copywriting on websites? In this podcast episode,…

A Full Brand Strategy for a Private Practice | Branding Series with Sam Carvalho 5 of 5 | PoP 421

What does a brand strategy for private practice look like? When should you hire a virtual assistant? When should the owner step back from…

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