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Joseph R. Sanok

How’s it going? I’m Joe Sanok. I love helping people to start and grow their private practice!

This podcast is dedicated to help you to know exactly how to start your private practice. As well, we dive into how to grow and scale a private practice. I also love finding really interesting people that are doing interesting things in the world!

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Past Podcast Show Notes

Some podcast show notes and transcripts are below, but to see all of them:

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Perry Rosenbloom Asks Joe Sanok Some Difficult Questions About Running A Private Practice I PoP 318

Are you stumpedĀ  for ideas on how to get people through the doors of your private practice? Ever wondered how successful private practice owners…

Is a Mastermind Right for You? BONUS

Are you wanting to grow your private practice into a group practice? Do you currently run a six- to seven-figure practice, and are wanting…

Gordon Brewer Interviews Joe Sanok On Running A Business I PoP 317

Are you working in an agency and wondering whether you can start your own business by having your own private practice? Does the thought…

Marissa Lawton On Marketing Through Influencers I PoP 316

Are you struggling to market your private practice online? Wondering how you can market through influencers? Do you realize the value social media marketing…

John Israel aka Mr. Thank You, Wrote Five Thank You Cards A, Day For A Year I PoP 315

Have you ever wondered how big a difference one small act of kindness could make? Are you aware of how your actions affect those…

Joanne Kim On The Six Steps To Start A Private Practice I PoP 314

Are you stuck in a job that is draining you emotionally and physically but you are just lacking motivation or guidance on how to…

When To Leave A Full-Time Job With Patrick Schultz I PoP 313

Still working a full-time job and dreaming about the day you hand in your resignation? Is there a support system or network of people…

Jennifer DiGennaro got Seven Clients in Her First Month I PoP 312

Are you on the fence about getting started because you don’t have everything perfectly set up yet? Not quite sure how you can get…

Networking that is not Slimy with Theresa Leskowat I PoP 311

How do you plan on growing your business? Do you believe in the power of networking or do you think it comes across as…

Kim Parker on Having a Part-Time Private Practice and a Full-Time Job I PoP 310

Are you currently working in a full-time job but dreaming of starting your own private practice? Do you think your goals to open your…

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