Scale Your Practice Mastermind Group Application

Are you scaling your practice?

Imagine being with a group of practice owners that are as committed as you. Think about bouncing ideas off of high achievers that want to grow and scale their practices.

Are you sick of being lonely at the top? Join us, we’ve found your people!

The next group will be kicking off Fall 2017, applications are now being accepted.

Three Phases of Practice

There’s three phases of private practice:

  1. Start Your Practice: The focus of this phase is launching your practice, getting logistics figured out, and seeing clients. This phase is usually $0-$50,000 gross income per year. Once you’re bringing in around $1,000 per week, you’re moving out of this phase. That’s 8 clients per week at $125.
  2. Grow Your Practice: The second phase of private practice is to grow it. Your focus is on attracting your ideal client and filling your practice. This phase is marked by raising your rates, having a growing network of referral sources, and beginning to feel busy. You may begin to outsource some things and are considering bringing on more clinicians. This phase is usually $50,000-$100,000 per year. You’re approaching the end of this phase when you’re making around $2,000 per week or which is around 14 clients at $150.
  3. Scale Your Practice: This last phase is for people that are ready to start scaling their practice. Typically these are practices where the owner has realized that if they do everything, they can’t grow. They begin to outsource more and look for multiple streams of income including products, courses, books, podcasts, keynotes, and adding clinicians. This phase starts to take shape around the $90,000/year mark, but really starts to get moving around $150,000.

The Problem with Scaling

There are a number of things that get in the way of scaling a practice. For top performing private practice owners, here are some common questions and concerns:

  • You know that you need to let go of tasks, but you think that others won’t do it as well as you.
  • You have a bunch of ideas that could bring in passive income, but you’re not sure where to spend your time.
  • You want to hire the right employees and/or contractors the first time.
  • You’ve built an amazing reputation and you don’t want others to ruin that.

It’s more important than ever to have people around your phase, when you start scaling. There are always new tips, technology, and ideas. Having a community to bounce ideas off is one of the single best ways to scale quickly.

Scale Your Practice Mastermind Group

There are three elements to this Mastermind Group:

  1. An accountability partner: You are paired with a practice owner that has similar goals as you. You commit to meeting monthly with this person over the year that the Mastermind Group meets.
  2. Meetings 2x per month: The group of six people + Joe meet two times per month. The format is: 10 minutes
    • Each person gives a “win” or step forward that happened since the last group: 10 minutes
    • One person is on the “hot seat” for 40 minutes. They start by framing their goal for their hot seat. We ask clarifying questions and then share experiences, tips, and ideas: 40 minutes
    • Each person gives an accountability item. This is one thing that for them is a step forward: 10 minutes
  3. In-person Meeting: Twice per year, we will get together in person. This will be two days of focus, planning, and action for your practice. These will take place in Traverse City, MI at Joe’s house. It will be fun, engaging, and there will be a number of surprises.

Process: Once you apply, our Director of Details, Emily, will contact you. Typically the first round interview is done within a couple days of your application. Emily will schedule your Scaling Your Practice Mastermind Interview with Joe. This is to make sure that we have a Mastermind Group full of committed and scaling owners. After you are accepted, there is a $500 fee to secure your spot until the next group is full and ready to launch.

Price: The cost is $600 per month for 12 months or $500 per month if you pay in full ($6,000). Your $500 “secure your spot fee” is applied to your first month payment or your “pay in full” payment.

Apply Now

Apply now for one-on-one consulting, Mastermind Groups, conferences, or if you don’t know what will help next. We will:

  • Listen to your big goals and struggles
  • Give actionable advice
  • Recommend the best steps for you to get a massive return on investment of your time and money

After you apply, we will reach out to schedule a time to talk.

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