PoP 157 | Mushrooms and Mental Health an Interview with Mara Fae Penfil

Mushrooms and mental health with Mara Fae Penfil

Today we’re talking about mushrooms and mental health with Mara Fae Penfil.

Show Notes:

  • Go with a local foraging group.
  • Shelf mushrooms, which are a large category of mushrooms that grow on trees, are usually non-poisonous and considered a safe and easy group to learn as a beginner forager.
  • Bulletproof podcast.
  • MOB: depression, fatigue, headaches.
  • Radical Mycology Convergence.

Meet Mara Fae Penfil

bio photoLike fungi in their ecosystems, Mara Fae Penfil creates networks around the world, sharing information and resources about the Fungal Queendom in an effort to stimulate the interconnectedness and resilience within communities.

As a member of the Radical Mycology Collective and founder of Female & Fungi, Mara utilizes mycology as a foundation for social and environmental advocacy, helping people to empower themselves through the sharing of history, personal story, and mycological skills.


Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 157 | Mushrooms And Mental Health An Interview With Mara Fae Penfil

[0:00] Music.

[0:24] Joe Sanok your host and welcome to the practice of the practice podcast and live here radio center to building.
In beautiful downtown Traverse.
The day before pinot and practice i am so excited,
people are flying in today and we’re going to kick it off tomorrow where we’re going to be doing some coaching and we’re getting a wine tasting it’s just going to be so much fun all these people that I have seen online or talk,
via skype and have never met in person i’m just so darn thrilled about it’s gonna be awesome.
And we’re actually doing another event it’s cold brew your practices can be done in asheville north carolina on september twenty ninth and thirtieth.
With alison pureer and jane carter,
we’re gonna be covering everything it takes to grow your practice and so you can head on over two practiceofthepractice.com/brew
But today I have an amazing guest here how is my friend Mara Fae Penfil,
tomorrow is someone that I’ve known for a while and she’s doing some really amazing work she’s just she’s going to talk a lot about fungi she’s going to talk about mushroom she’s going to talk about.
The health benefits but also some big like life transition things,
I so like fungi in their ecosystems concrete networks around the world.
Sharing information and resources about the fungal queen dumb in an effort to stimulate interconnectedness and resilience within communities.

[1:57] As a member of the radical mycology collective and found a female and Mara Fae Penfil utilizes mycology,
as a foundation for social and environmental advocacy helping people to empower themselves through the sharing of history.
Personal story and michael logical skills,
the stuff she talks about is so interesting in fact just this weekend i was camping with some friends,
can we find some oyster mushrooms and we confirm they’re oysters,
and we grill them up their delicious and it’s all because Mara Faye Manvel was like pushing you to learn more about the food that’s around us every day.
To the super,
Mara welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.

[2:51] Hello thank you for having me yea I am so excited to have you here and we’ve known each other for years and you’re doing some really fun stuff with mushrooms and with.
The world with women and it’s just gonna be an amazing interview today so thanks so much for taking time out to hang out.

[3:07] Yeah of course girl.
Well i wouldn’t start with you see it seems like the thread i’ve noticed in a lot of the work that you’ve done and has been in regards to the earth and women and just like the environment,
and it just start with like what’s your story of why you care so much about the earth and women’s issues like were there any things that,
what has happened or experiences you had the media more awareness around those issues.

[3:36] Yes sure about the pretty question and i think i really.
Growing up when i was when i was younger,
but i think a lot of empathy when i would look outside and see if i’m people really not have any interest and i’m not having any care,
four of a fireman around us and.
I’m i wasn’t thinking that lol i definitely experienced like sexual assault and other things from men in my community and i kinda saw that parallel between,
other women experience staying at abuse in different ways and also the world experiencing abuse and of course we call the environment our mother earth so it a very in many call,
i’m not a female spirit and so i definitely see them as linked i mean women provide.
I nurturing for their children a place for their children to grow their food taking care of them have to get older and i think environment mother earth does that for us in.
Is humans in his animals on altogether and end so I do see these as linked and As I Grew Older.

[4:59] I actually started doing work in that area it kinda,
people ask me with how did i get involved with this were headed.

[5:11] So so yeah it just kinda it just kinda progress not way that i started doing this work for the shoes you.

[5:18] I know how do i find the mac and how did the first time i noticed them i was in no lock in michigan my friend was growing mushrooms and it was the first time i ever thought about.
Mushrooms growing like at as an organ organism as a species separate from him and does anything other than what you need in a grocery store and i just started thinking about them,
how did they choose me more like esoteric way they just started showing up in my life everywhere and a bare hands my life and as i started learning about them.
And i felt like i became a better person so i don’t know how to explain exactly how they chose me but they just kinda happened in my life it wasn’t something i ever planned or even,
heard about in school like that he’s my interested they just kinda,
boom there they are and they were there pretty strongly i like when it’s like when there’s of things that start to you build awareness around you just notice them all of sudden you’re like its been around me the whole time,
i remember when christina is pregnant for the first time and everywhere i look like everybody’s pregnant like this everywhere and the only one there has always been people that are pregnant just i never notice them and so,
they for mushrooms to just start to like invade your life and that’s a really interesting.

[6:36] So so then when you started having this interest in fungi how was the proper pronunciation of it there.
No i think you can pronounce it either way like tomato you are potato whatever it is now,
there’s a million ways you can pronounce different things i,
i mean it.
The point is that you understand what the other person staying in language and communication and i know people talk about me say i’m guy and i still say it sometimes they’re so so so when you start of this interesting fungi.

[7:18] I like how do i start well my friend gave me a book,
call my cat liar,
for a lot of people in the beginnings of learning about mycology there’s a lot of people i talk to and we all the same story like all the sudden mushrooms popped out,
and I started reading this Paul stamens book mycelium running,
it’s really okay just first introduction he talked a lot about and then when it is not aspects of mushrooms high use answer me the soil and water and other such things i can use them for course restoration and,
all these different aspects of mycology in a really I don’t even want to say Elementary level but he just breaks it down really well and puts a good perspective to it,
there’s a new book out and i think it’s really great it’s really pay by,
there’s something for everyone in it and it’s called radical mycology,
by Peter McCoy again if you’re interested in the nutrition the histories the medicine remediation cultivation 1 chapter in just read that chapter cuz there’s something for everybody in it.
I am so busy but pretty great places to start when they really breakdown information make it accessible unit to people who don’t have a background.
In my college but any,
sincerely miles book and then where does it go from there because it seems like i noticed this kind of mushroom thing happening in your life and then it just like.

[8:49] Grew and grew looking drill all of a sudden my,
not but so so how does it grow like who are some the mentors you had of that,
what is there be and moral mushrooms and the other couple we see and like.
Share okay so i still reading his book and some of the first things that i start reading about,
and are,
i like button mushroom and also of the porta bella mushroom learn that there are actually the same mushroom like literally scientifically birthday mushroom the mushrooms growing first.
It’s like the first Offspring of that mushroom and then its really white and II,
turn off Springs are darker in the call them Portobello or cremini if they’re babies are like literally the same mushroom,
no one is market and really i value the other one is in there sometimes the most sprayed,
what pesticide food in the whole supermarket and I start noticing that,
even though mushrooms are really medicinal and really good for us the ones that were offered in the grocery store or aren’t necessarily the best things for us.

[10:22] I’m so i started to learn about how do i identify and the woods mushrooms that i can pay easily identify and make keys out of,
they are ones that are all over michigan but i don’t know i guess sometimes your question but there is a lot there so yeah yeah in,
I figured I just like spew it all out and be like I am so many thoughts right now go for tomorrow you can take,
yeah i could hear it so i started to notice that i can go outside and identify me on medicines we can talk later about what those were another until trying keep it.
Too late the story of how I got into mushrooms right now and we could talk.
that was really cool i started learning skills that i started,
one more confident in that skill set and less became more confident in myself,
i started to meet people in my community one of my best friends call.
We met through mycology in the Traverse City area so I started a build community started to feel welcomed in a community.

[11:23] And what really good so i just started,
and i started to learn about michael remedial,
the hydrocarbons the oil into there into their tissue and break that down and so the oil is no longer there it’s easier said than done of course there’s a lot of details and,
specifics but just the fact that they help to nurture the environment like that really attracted me tonight so anyways i started to see all these really will think about mycology.
Anya and,
call slingshot buy this organization called radical mycology and they host this donation-based convergence every couple years.
I’d like two hundred to three hundred people at conference that a travel across the us and so i found that they were doing it in the pacific northwest and i went to it,
and i make friends the organizers and i have organizing experience cuz the,
my last job that one night that we worked at together.

[12:49] And our mission is really to make my make a logical information accessible to at to people because it’s not something that is talked about every day,
and sew hems need a lot of science background sunny is people they became my community,
and no is no separating emotions from my life anymore.
I guess maybe that answers that a little bit yet so the medical side and the medicinal value of mushrooms.
Talk about maybe.
Like you’re really interested in that like the average like what you just said about Portobello like I would before this conversation think yeah making a Portobello like burger like if I just grabbed one from you know the local grocery store.
Get super healthy but then to hear,
if one mo sprayed thing,
that we just wouldn’t even know to ask ya,
don’t really know to look for those things and like a lot of people who are becoming vegetarians are going answering dyaks portable is a really common mushrooms you to supplement,
your diet with and I think that’s fine I mean we all eat stuff that’s really,
crate if you wash it if you don’t eat it all the time you know.
I don’t want to like dog on the portobello mushroom you know that somebody’s personal choice and I eat them still 2 at restaurants and other things but I think a really good mushroom let’s see if you go to your local farmers market.

[14:23] Are co-ops a mushroom that you’re going to find everyone everywhere that’s it edible mushroom is the shiitake mushroom and if you find them at the farmers market and your local co-op chances are there,
grown closer to organic standard even if they’re not organic they’re probably not sprayed as much.

[14:41] Shiitake mushrooms are really high in vitamin D,
they have all the essential amino acids that that a,
i got any food can have which is really cool you need amino acids to create proteins and other such things to function in your daily life they help to lower cholesterol,
i based in new,
they can help to reduce colon cancer permissions that are really good for your got and also it’s called an adapter jim.

[15:16] And it happens are some people might be familiar with the word they know anything about chinese,
traditional medicine but it’s up a lot of people don’t know that word and what adaptation mean,
that it’s a medicine that helps you to,
add to deal with you’re to deal with stress better in your everyday life on a cell,
cellular level so if you have if you’re taking in Sugar which we all do throughout,
food it helps yourselves to take that and a slower,
amount of times of having is big spikes and use them or gradually over time rather than using up all of our blood sugar right away,
see sustain it in your energy over longer periods not able to do it every everyday stressors in a better way says the top emotions are really awesome,
i am a really help your immune system and i would toss tell everyone that they should include them in everyday diet or weekly diet not everyday ruiz the you prepare them that can maintain more of those nutrients like.
Deep frying.
Sure yeah that’s a really great question because i’m a lot of people don’t realize,
that you’re not supposed to eat raw mushrooms so you go to the salad bar & Again,
back to the button master me see those button mushrooms ronna salad bar,
and that’s okay cuz,
can you can’t actually digest that mushroom raw because mushrooms have what is known as chitin in their cell walls that’s the same.

[16:48] Molecule that compound that the exoskeleton of crab shells are made out of its like a really hard molecule.

[16:56] And we don’t have enzymes to break down crying so you have to actually cook it to break down a coin to get any of the new trans out of a mushroom that’s a really great question because a lot of people don’t know that i’m interested talking is really i mean,
frying them in butter garlic sauteed them in butter oil is really good economics tubes out of them in deep fry them deep.
Stop doesn’t somehow get me,
wacky my step treads healthiness,
fried pickle actually used to be a place here in Traverse City when I was a kid that,
serve gigantic like the biggest pickles you’ve ever seen,
put on cucumber and their deep fried.
Oh that sounds so good I hope that I find a place that still does that.
But no sign of it immediately prior to be repaired recommended by any means i have to have a deep fryer if you have a full ones and crazy year will just fry a bunch a random thing things,
what happens when your moderation but anyway so i need you wanna cook your mushrooms,
i am in water or and thats so that we noticed that lately gas oil or butter,
coconut.oil is really great so they absorb they help to absorb the,
a medicinal compounds of those mushrooms in and spread it around your dish so to speak I guess or.

[18:29] The like you wouldn’t want to dump the water you’d want to like use that and soup or something cuz it has some in nutrients okay.
Yeah if you’re cooking it in the water so I went to talking soup is really common another really good mushroom to make like soup out of,
isn’t am i talking mushroom it’s not as common to find in the grocery store but it’s really coming,
to find it like it’s a good first mushroom to learn if you’re learning how to Wild forage it grows in the midwest grows all over the country on the East Coast,
on the base of oak trees of course i would like this happen i just take the podcast coming out,
working for my friends but i have a friend who had a huge brain tumor and he found this out,
turning like pink maitake season in the fall and he didn’t know much about mushrooms at the time but his,
another friend of ours told him you.
And he wasn’t supposed to live like a very long time I don’t remember the amount but his brain tumour completely disappeared after eating maitake like a pound of it a day,
so it’s really a pretty conservative cancer is it has a lot of other things as well after setting it to treat hiv and to treat diabetes.
And it helps to protect the liver lower cholesterol lower blood sugar and other things like that,
but it really really great suits it’s a choice at all people spend a lot of money on it if you find it at a farmers market or other places but it’s pretty easy to identify.
I am so if you’re cooking mushrooms and soup.

[20:00] You definitely the broth is where all the nutrients is,
set the water’s taking up all the all the nutrients of those mushrooms.
Imagen foraging,
what would be like the very first step for people who have never Forge like if I see a mushroom out in the wild like I would love to take it home and eat it if it’s not going to kill me but I also don’t want to like hurt myself or my family like what,
when i first steps in foraging for people that are interested in you learning more about getting mushrooms from nature.
Sherman mean first thing like you said snow is that you know you could only eat,
every mushroom once so to be careful to to get a foraging ID,
again want to poison yourself your family and for that reason I really recommend people go with us,
go find a local mushroom foraging group every state has a mushroom cloud i think i don’t think there’s one,
stayed I know that doesn’t have a mushroom club and between the spring and the fall they go out on tons of different hi,
and are there to help people that are new to mushroom foraging learn how to forage so it go within with,
some people that they know a lot for the first couple times you go out and then you’ll learn just a couple easy to identify mushrooms.
That you can take them out with you back home and all is finest mushrooms i personally started with learning about the medicinal tree trunks like so rather than the mushrooms that grow from the soil on the grounds,
the ones that grow on trees that are really hard e r I think easier tied NFI and most I don’t think there’s any I’m poisonous tree conk mushrooms.

[21:36] Hi there,
i’m in identifying i should still know what you’re gonna find work before eating and of course by i like those machines,
and teaching them cuz there is your time it is selling a right heat and the artists come mushroom.
I’m trying to like turkey tail mushrooms are really,
people study that right now for breast cancer and for.

[22:06] At pancreatic cancer maybe i need to look that up for a quick i forget who that there.

[22:14] Oh i live in a second yeah no electrical extra links in the show notes as well.

[22:22] So why do you think that if mushrooms have all this power why is it that we don’t hear more about this.

[22:29] You know that’s a really great question and something that a lot of Mycologist Explorer and talk about,
i know that i have a very you know something to answer to that i.

[22:41] People have been using mushrooms as medicine or nearly late eighteen thousand years,
I mean if not eighteen Thousand Years pretty close to that that’s the first documented,
like mummy that they found with spores in this woman’s mouth 18,000 years old that’s pretty that’s crazy that’s a really long time ago,
so and up until recently we haven’t used russians is medicine is food there revealing in traditional chinese medicine so that’s like four thousand years ago,
up until tax always discovered which is like I really come in chemotherapy turkey tail was the number one treatment for cancers like around the world.
Yeah that’s great really recent so i don’t really know why all the sudden there’s this shits why we forgotten about mushrooms,
in the west specifically we have this fear they even at Aiden has a name called Michael phobia there’s a fear of mushrooms.
And i personally i wrote as a,
in a radical mycology book about the history of women in mycology and I have this thought.
A bit been at least contribute to why we have microphobia so,
a long time ago women were the primary orders of mushroom knowledge of foraging for mushrooms manhattan haven’t you but women really really new the tax on me and how to use the mushrooms as medicine so they sold it in a farmers market.
It’s saturday happening which to their kids and all the sudden when.
When the university systems were starting to come about the men that were.

[24:19] And they would get all of its medicinal knowledge from women like logical information and i just,
not just mushrooms other or another medicine like childbirth knowledge another,
they would get all this knowledge they were talking minute and then they made it illegal for the women to practice with,
with their helmets and paid practicing with for generations they started calling them witches and then they started,
killing them in masses there’s a massacre women and so i think all this knowledge that.
We have a pass down generation to generation was totally of liver obliterated,
it came with the word obliterated obliterate any rain here by like we without passing it down people didn’t want you i suspect anyone want to practice.
Mushroom medicine other folk medicine because it was the fear of being prosecuted for that and so we stopped talking about it,
and then and then of course people were disseminated they,
right across the world different reasons weather in things like the holocaust,
people have to move and that’s just one example there’s a lot of reasons why people are our respective across the world,
but i,
stop talking about then but now we’re starting to talk about them again.

[25:35] And for a because a lot of people are experiencing health problems and they’re not always getting answers they wanna get from their doctors they don’t always wanna,
i want to take a really pharmaceutical medicine around and doctors are pushing the pushing out on them and so they.

[25:59] For people around the world people do in another country even just,
hearing about how diabetes can be helped with the my tacky mushroom.
Like i’m always gonna need insulin because i’m type one diabetic and,
but i mean i need as much insulin you know if i have a different diet if i have these things that prolong kind of the blood sugar so that i don’t have spikes and.
So that I mean that’s really interesting to me you know having been through cancer or like,
obviously my,
why don’t we have that part of the center family diet stage right new family culture like you each talkies every week together.

[26:39] Yeah exactly and it should be it shouldn’t just be late when we get this,
think we’re gonna start eating this food really you.
Things from happening you want your body to be healthy before for it comes in contact with disease.
Such important information to say because so frequently we taken ibuprofen in reaction to the headache but we don’t think about how we didn’t drink water all day long and we have a headache or dehydrated.
And so that mentality as mostly i don’t know countries outside of america i mean i know them but i don’t know the model to speak to what their habits are.
Bit in the united states that seems like we have a very kind of reactionary approach to medicine rather than the preventive approach.

[27:25] Exactly a really good in analogy that i heard recently about this cuz a lot of mushrooms but they do they don’t act.
They’re not acting right on the cancer it’s not like oh hey,
i have missed you i’m eating mushroom and it is going directly from that tumor and making it go away what it’s doing it’s really helping,
your mean systematized interesting and reducing that the action of your mute system the only thing it out depending on what your body needs,
and the analogy was like it if you have if you were a hacker your name system is a cop car you wouldn’t.

[27:58] What is run it and wait for back to put the gas in into the car because the wind up on the side of the road and the back i would get away you wanna fill up your gas tank before hand so that way it,
if the your body,
there’s so much research coming out around like a gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance are different foods that were eating and how a lot of times it’s being mistaken for.
For autism is being mistaken for eighty hd and not those diagnoses don’t exist,
clearly do it exists but there’s things that can be symptoms of,
something that goes beyond just a mental health diagnosis or they can make things a lot easier so i can only when i get,
a lot of their symptoms go down they may still need to be on psychiatric medication but often times not as much and so,
when we is counsellors understand things like mushrooms,
in the impact that can have on our own body’s we can then talk to our clients water on experiences and then maybe coordinate with their doctors on.
I’m having alternative medicines mixed with traditional medicine to find what works best for the client.

[29:12] Let’s hear then sold my glad to hear you say that cuz i really think it’s important.
Her four different practitioners to be talking with each other into be,
working together you know we are a community so it’s really cool to hear you say that and then the one thing the other thing that makes,
ain’t got something that people don’t always talk about in relation to and i we talk about,
i’m sorry for how to talk about medicinal mushrooms and we forget that there’s a lot of fun lego that are good for us you know like the choking as it’s not like a beneficial,
fungicidal mushroom,
so i am a lot of people in there is you my nigga podcast bulletproof radio with the backstreet pretty popular,
released a documentary and I’ve done a lot of research in it recently as well and a lot of people who have different mold poisonings which is a,
which is the lowest rate at creating less poison in your body are in you’re in your house and your everything and can cause different problems that are the unit it electric problems but really it because somebody is living in a place,
air becoming depressed being fatigued experiencing gate weight gain other sorts of things headaches is a huge one right so like you mentioned headaches and water but how about mold so a lot of people are living in environment,
maybe they don’t know that the mold is there they can’t afford another place whatever it is that is affecting us and we think that,
you know it’s them with their brains what it is but really they just left that environment or delete that mold issue.

[30:49] They would feel better so i don’t i’m not super educated in that area but i think it’s important to talk.
Have you looked for mold in your house like that’s a really simple question to ask someone in an assessment they could be a very clear action item,
they could give them a.

[31:17] Tomorrow we are in the midst of transitioning out of a full-time job and you’re headed into a different direction tell us a little bit more about that transition and how you decided that doesn’t think a ton of people listening,
has things they are really excited about so they have their own mushroom,
i can’t sing anyone after it and then what do i steam a job to do as a side gig so tell us about what’s going on and then i’d love to hear can any tips you have those people that are in a job have some sort of dream outside of their job.

[31:48] Sure yeah.
To be able to take a sleeping a time that i’ve taken and all that sort of stuff so,
i’m twenty seven years old and i have an associates degree,
i was working in,
personal counseling office in the student life office at a community college managing the office was a really great job,
what time job benefits salary working really with the really good three,
really data collectors and to godliness and what color is joe was one of them for a while and so it.

[32:29] Yeah I really loved it but a lot of the work that I found that I was doing at home was related to 2 mycological education I was still trying to keep up,
blog do all these other things I wanted to grow a business Be My Own Boss I really like to travel and though they’re I did get some vacation time I didn’t,
like tons of it and I felt like.
Because i’m twenty seven i don’t have a partner and i don’t have kids that this is kind of the perfect time for me to jump off and try to start my own business and really try to make it happen because,
yeah and i have a family that really supportive and so like right now i’m living with my mom and my brother,
we have a really good relationship so it’s not like i’m leaving my mom’s basement and i don’t want to tell me about it like i’m pretty excited to be able to be around my mom and my brother the rest of my family,
it just feels like an opportune time to do that my mom and i actually wanna go into business together so we been talking about those ideas and how to grow business in.
So it,
interesting i thought i requested a lot and how it could be really challenging for people to leave a job if they have more,
if they have more financial responsibilities or family’s or less support,
family such things like that like it was pretty cool to have,
you know I know my paycheck is coming and I don’t have to worry about that I can do whatever I want on the weekend and if that’s all said and done for some people that’s a really good lifestyle I don’t want to.

[34:00] Yeah okay to be cautious about like i live.
They paid me to do that and they don’t do that dinner then something isn’t working in our life if you feel comfortable in it and,
that somebody else and when you in like i’ll meet stay in it but if you have another passion in anything like i could support you i just go for it i don’t know i don’t,
i’m not supporting myself yet,
i’m doing the stock but i have that time,
to start building a clientele to start offering education to start,
without needing to worry about like not paying rent so I guess I want to be clear about that because not every,
people earn different situations all the time,
there are times in your life that having a full-time job is exactly what you need any maybe that’s the lifestyle you choose ever whole life and.
No there’s other times that you go after something on the side and it’s just always a side gig there’s other times that you jump and it becomes your business and so to recognize that everybody has their own.

[35:13] Place and what they need right now at all of the took such a balanced approach and answer the question.

[35:19] Things that weren’t article recently that was kinda late.
About by somebody who is a freelance graphic designer and they were really like talking about those points that we live it every what am i now to talk about starting your own business and how,
i’ve been living somebody else’s is it really not ideal situation but for some people i mean it works for them and their young children single parents.
I need a steady paycheck I mean that’s fine like there’s nothing wrong with that either because honestly like I want to get to a point in my business where I can employ other people and if I’m just employing other people that.

[35:55] Are always going to want to leave and start their own business like that’s fine by.
I am in a while and we’ll in each person kinda has their own skill set to and so,
making sure that you’re really evaluating the risks of taking that jump on me for years I probably could have jumped out of my work at the community college,
but i didn’t because you know my daughter was having her surgery i was dealing with cancer and my wife is staying home with the girls and so to have that steady income and to grow slowly with my business outside of it.
Was more important to me to not have any risk that jump was gonna hurt my family and i i waited me to the point that christina my wife.
Said like you just need to make this jump or stop talking about it because she had confidence there before me to make sure that it was successful.
I think it’s important to go at the pace you want to see some people that.
They’re fresh out of grad school that i don’t want a private practice and work for myself and signal but nobody in your community knows you like you’ve no business background you,
have it saved up any money like just to work for somebody else for a couple of years so the somebody like knows that you exist here rather than wonder why and three months you have a field private practice,
yeah exactly and you know some people can make it happen,
thinking for me like i knew i didn’t wanna be their long term and actually i think.

[37:34] That you guys knew that I would,
be there like at locking everybody knew i like to travel and i wasn’t i wasn’t like my land a panther,
happy for the rest of my life you know yeah the commons in the system was mars kindly to win how long can we container yeah yeah,
bad at me and i’m not stopping it so i left early and i have thought that leaving earlier but i do i felt like it was.

[38:02] I think when we make those big decisions in our life even if we feel like wait maybe it did this to earlier wait maybe I waited too long it’s really the perfect,
time blade is always right on time that’s really hot what i feel and believe,
he only got so so i feel i left.
Things are gonna look up as long as i work hard and that’s my bike to anybody who starting our own business,
in and get back early i’m from people about what you’re doing,
so that way you know.

[38:39] Yeah just carry on.

[38:40] Listen he don’t worry about them soon mara like the quick bullet points that you’re looking after your business like when you exploring in regards to what you offer through it.

[38:50] So yeah so I’ve really been reflecting a lot in this last month.
I kinda been traveling for personal reasons and also for work like a lot of reflection but i think that couple conference is,
put my products in front of in front of people and what not and I feel like as far as female and fungi goes,
i really i’m gonna continue doing medication traveling to conferences.
I am i have a couple coming up in october as well i can talk to about them as long in a minute i’m gonna do community education at home here in the detroit area meet in traverse city hewlett looking all grown michigan and the midwest.
And i like to make a payroll that kind of.

[39:34] Funny and all looked good an art that have to do with my college in environmentalism and stuff like that,
but as far as medicinal mushrooms grow i don’t think that that’s my path like a father that was my path for a really long time,
but i have the other ideas that i’m not gonna talk about on the podcast yet again i’m talking about me to do that were gonna do for like there’s,
you know so i think it’s really cool to see the business side of holding like i thought i was going to miss one direction,
but that’s not the direction i’m gonna go in and like i don’t have to continue with that like it people received my products.

[40:12] I think other people are already making this product really well i don’t feel like i need to compete with then there’s other areas that i can get into the people on.

[40:20] I’m approaching at,
because you for the longest time i thought it was gonna i just need to work for someone else as a counselor and you know the community colleges like where the top counseling jobs in our area.
And then it’s like as you grow I was like well maybe private practice and have that grew out,
well but this kind of podcasting practice of the practice thing is growing and,
hey bros I’m you’re doing other things and it’s just that journey of Life of going after 10,
new passions and not just say well i said i was gonna do this and i’ve always been the mushroom person some and just stick with mushrooms,
that’s great you’re open to exploring things even outside of that.
At what living is mushroom related to me being opening but not humiliated and i think that’s really important i play sometimes i think mushrooms are the weirdest things in the world and how the heck did i,
start liking mushrooms like it’s the weirdest thing to me sometimes I don’t know but I do like them and then I think they’re important,
and they.
Out of the full-time job like a month and a half or so or something like that so all this is still really new to me i’m in business is super new to me and,
i think important for people on ventures like this to give themselves like buffer space knock it down on themselves when they are kind of paint falling to find.
Find exactly what they’re doing I hear from a lot of people pursuing business that that’s kind of what it’s like.

[41:51] You think you’re doing one thing and you kind of anything to the other side and you hone in on exactly what you’re doing that’s important to give yourself at space to do it.
Yeah i know for us.
I want to have a few months now if you quit in six months of savings before i left the job so if things went totally into the toilet,
that i wouldn’t be like making decisions are purely based on money they can still be based on what i thought was the direction i want to head in so.
An idea of surrounding like you’ve surrounded yourself with your mom and other friends to say like where am I headed here and you’re going to play swear,
financially you can’t cut your costs that you can have that vision of what you really wanna do me there so many great stuff something that they think we can have it take away his.
Yeah yeah thing i think so femaleinfromguy.com is where they can find you any other kind of things that they can follow you on any social media that they can follow.
In instagram and facebook in china do i do a little bit with instagram,
i do what with it up,
followers and post a lot of art work not my own personal artwork but that are where can i find that,
that is related to women and mycology and it’s pretty cool people are really receptive to it,
one of the things in and figuring out how,
get in,
you’re rolling your own business sometimes you i put things out of the consumer the customer and see what they like and i will post all these different things on my facebook but the one thing that people live.

[43:21] Thousands of people who is in a simple piece of artwork people what are,
so if you are and mushrooms and stuff you can follow the facebook that’s a fun place to that the show notes.
Cool yeah and then the other group that I work with against radical mycology the radical mycology Collective and we’re hosting a donation-based convergence mycology convergence in October,
the second weekend of October I believe in Wingdale New York,
so no one’s turned away for lack of funds we suggest 50 to $300 sliding-scale donation per person food is included camping’s included and it’s like 3 or 4 days full of.
Really awesome logical knowledge that if necessary featured in other places after we have some of those workshops already listed on the website radicalmycologyconvergence.com i could take up for you can want to put it in the notes.
Play yeah i really if people are interested in learning about mycology it’s really awesome place to learn it because there’s so many people it really good information there yeah but then the channels to the link so,
awesome the last question i always ask people that every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want them to know.
Hello it’s okay i’m,
I kind of feel like you said it I think I want every counsellor to know that,
to be able to recognize that with somebody approaches them with,
i think with whether it’s headache or depression or different.

[44:54] Sq that there are multiple paths that they can take to do about that are natural ways to approach these issues and i,

[45:05] Mushrooms I guess are part of that I don’t know that’s a tough question to answer I don’t know that’s awesome answer,
yeah mara thanks so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast.
Yeah you’re welcome thanks for.

[45:22] Music.

[45:29] One of my dad taken ways was that we can live in a world and also have things around us that we never knew could help our health could help her mental health.
Everything is.

[45:41] Just so exciting to learn these new skills and,
who knows maybe some of you and I will go out hunting for mushrooms or foraging in the woods at some point.

[45:52] So again head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/brew and more about through your practice that’s coming up in september would love to hang out with you and asheville north carolina it’s such a cool town.
And it’s just a lot of fun together at practiceofthepractice.com/brew,
and thanks for letting me in tears and into your brain everything in order so that show out.
My mention will be over at practice of the practice. Com 4 / session 157 have a great.

[46:19] Music.

[46:26] Thanks for the dance ounces sexy and when it does we like your music in this podcast is designed credit accurate.
The publisher for gas surrendering legal accounting clinical in this case health information you need professional you should find one.

[46:46] Music.

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