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Sheri Fitts Says That Fortune Favors the Fast

Do you struggle marketing yourself? Are you able to connect with your ideal client? Do you find that you’re taking your business (or yourself) too seriously?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Sheri Fitts who says that fortune favors the fast.

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Meet Sheri Fitts

Sheri is well known in the financial services industry as a true creative force…who would imagine it all started at the tender age of five, selling her own homemade rose petal perfume in baby food jars, door-to-door.

Leveraging that entrepreneurial flair, Sheri debuted in the financial services industry as an award-winning graphic designer, progressed to participant curriculum design, and advanced to sales and marketing before stepping out on her own as a consultant and speaker.

Now, with more than 25 years of industry experience in her pocket, Sheri shares her success insights with retirement plan advisors, third-party administrators, and financial service organizations to help them make more meaningful connections by better leveraging marketing tools and developing a social media strategy that they can manage. She is a natural-born communicator, earning Toastmasters’ adult-level Speechcraft certificate in the 8th grade. Now she’s a sought-after speaker and has twice been named one of the 100 top influencers in the retirement planning (DC) industry.

She has received awards and recognition from the Plan Sponsor Council of AmericaPension and InvestmentsNational Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators; and the International Association of Business Communicators.

Sheri Fitts’ Story

Sheri Fitts started out in graphic designer when there was a ‘shift’ in the design world. She’s always been comfortable in computers. Sheri then started working for a financial services firm and created materials to teach other people about money. She then started selling these materials and, therefore, moved into sales.

In This Podcast


In this episode, Sheri Fitts takes us through her journey of starting as a graphic designer to where she is today running her own business. Sheri speaks about authentic, heart-centred marketing, and how this is the key to connecting with your ideal client. She also shares how becoming more confident in yourself will do wonders for your business!

People-Centric Marketing

The more heart-centred people are when they are promoting their brand, the more they’ll be able to connect with people who will eventually trust them enough to become their clients.

You need to speak the language of the customer when doing your marketing. You need to scrap your industry terms and speak the language of the average person.

While the work that we do is serious / important, the way we market it can be more light.

The more that you’re yourself, the more the right kind of people will be drawn to you. But, self-efficacy is a process. You don’t need to get it right the first time.

“If you’re not failing / ruffling feathers, you’re not doing anything.”

Marketing Process

  1. Who do you serve?
  2. What’s important to them?
  3. What are the multiple layers of their life? (empathy map)

Ask yourself the above three questions and then you will begin to know what kind of content you need to create to attract your ideal client.

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