Is your practice growing and it feels a bit out of control? Do you have big ideas like a podcast, e-course, or membership community? Do you need to slow down to refocus on your business?

Imagine having the time to focus on the best use of your time. Can you have a thriving practice, big ideas and a healthy life? 

Slow Down School is for people with big dreams that also want extreme clarity and purpose. 

Get a year's worth of work, planning, and insight done in one week, within a community of supportive peers with coaches walking you through every phase. 



Is your business making more than $100k, but it doesn't feel like it? 

Do your family and friends want you back? 

Are you sick of working so many hectic hours, ready for a better lifestyle? 

Do you want focus so you run your business, instead of your business running you? 

July 26th - August 1, 2020 | Traverse City, MI 


When's the last time you had time?

You've got BIG IDEAS that scale way past your private practice but there is no time to think, create and implement. Instead you are mired in the details of running your business and you can't find room to do more. It's time to slow down, get away from it all, and take some time to refocus, create and build the next chapter in your business adventure. And you don't have to do it alone!

Spend 7 days on Lake Michigan, with meals catered, going on hikes, surrounded with other colleagues like you, who are successful but want more without having to keep working so hard.  

You will be joined by the creator of Slow Down School, Joe Sanok, podcaster and private practice owner, who will take you through the steps of how to truly scale your practice from slowing things down, eliminating the unnecessary, creating and building something truly unique.

Other experts will be there helping you along. 

What would it mean to your business to take some time away to strategize with experts and to come back with a plan that doesn't involve doing more?

Ready to get more done? Schedule your interview! 

The Schedule and Details 

Here is what is included in your Slow Down School Experience



On Sunday, July 26th, you will arrive to your getaway location at the Leelanau School on Lake Michigan.Take a walk on the beach, enjoy the river, grab a bite to eat and just settle in. Kick off to vision out the week will start after dinner.

DAY 2 & 3


On Monday and Tuesday we will go hiking in spots that overlook Sleep Bear Sand Dunes National Park and Lake Michigan, have massages, and do yoga. We'll watch sunsets and have bonfires. It's a time for our brains to rest.

DAYS 4-6


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning, we'll run full tilt toward your practice and big idea goals. You'll learn and implement the sprint model, sketch out a plan for your business, and leave with a clear focus 


"Slow Down School was an amazing experience last year and I'm excited to return! To give you a clue of the impact in the past year I've doubled the monthly gross income of my group practice. Also, this past year I started a whole new business helping therapists with their SEO after coming up with the idea at Slow Down School last year. The new business has grown so quickly, I'm now hiring four new employees this month. and it makes more than my practice." - Jessica Tappana