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Social Media Sprint: How To Optimize Facebook

Do you have a Facebook business page but you’re not sure what to post? Are you posting content that is relevant to your ideal client? How much value are you adding to your Facebook audience, if any?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to optimize your Facebook page and how to engage with your ideal client through curating relevant content.

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In This Podcast


In this episode Joe Sanok speaks about how you can optimize your Facebook page and posts for better engagement and reach.

What Is Social Media

It’s the combination of socialization/connections and media.

In private practice we often think about how you can use media get people to come to your practice. We don’t often take the social aspect into consideration.

Know, Like And Trust

This is the process of getting people to know you first, as they get to know you they will start trusting you.

Your Ideal Client

Knowing who your ideal client is will help you develop the ‘voice’ you use on social media. Look at your overall strategy and how it relates to your ideal client.

When you want to reach your ideal client on Facebook, if you are posting 5 times a week make sure that you are adding value:

  • Make sure that 3 posts are adding value in the form of linking to a blog post, sharing tips or an inspirational quote.
  • Showcase a bit of your personality in 1 post to personalise/humanise your feed so as to keep the ‘social’ aspect alive
  • The last post can be used to promote your business/services

Ideas Of Things To Post

  • Adding value – share tips and think about what people would like to share
  • Your personality – pictures of an activity you did over the weekend or things that you are interested in. You don’t want to be posting pictures of your food and overloading your business page with things that belong on your personal page.
  • When promoting your business keep it simple with an impactful graphic and give them the option to click through to your website. This allows the person viewing the opportunity to participate in the call to action or just continue scrolling.

Facebook Pages

Having sub pages or multiple pages is not recommended.

If you have multiple specialties in a group practice, view the Facebook page as being the hub of that. Have different themes for different days addressing all these specialities.

Best Practices To Use With Facebook

People should know within 3 seconds of landing on your Facebook page who you are and what you do.

  • Do Facebook lives
  • Use your logo as profile picture and make sure that it is of a high quality
  • Have all your updated business information on your page (opening hours, location, link to your website etc).
  • Add some of this above information in your cover photo
  • Ensure that your logo or URL is included in your posts so that this can be visible when your posts are shared
  • Engage with your audience and people relevant to your industry
  • Using an automated reply so that your responsiveness is highlighted

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