Susan Doak, Group Practice Owner Has Great Tips on Hiring | GP 11

Susan Doak, Group Practice Owner Has Great Tips on Hiring GP 11

What should you consider when starting a group practice? How can you refine your hiring process? Why should you hire someone who is humble, hungry and smart?

In this podcast episode, Alison Pidgeon speaks with Susan Doak about great tips for hiring in a group practice and the lessons she learned along the way.

Meet Susan Doak

Susan M. Doak is a licensed professional counselor and the owner of Newberg Counseling & Wellness, a group private practice in beautiful Newberg, Oregon. She has a passion for empowering and inspiring people to reach their full potential in their personal and professional lives.

When she is not with clients, she enjoys dancing with her kids, hiking the sites in Oregon, gardening and going on walks with her Springer Spaniel.

Visit Susan’s website and connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.

In This Podcast

  • What to consider when starting a group practice
  • Refining the hiring process
  • Meeting the humble, hungry and smart criteria
  • What to look for when hiring
  • How to find qualified licensed therapists
  • Using a virtual assistant in your practice

What to consider when starting a group practice

  • Consider finances
  • Locate an ideal location for the business

Refining the hiring process

If it’s not the right kind of person then it actually doesn’t matter what their skills are.

After hiring someone who was not a good fit, Susan realized that she needed to refine her hiring process and came across the Ideal Team Player book to get some guidance. She decided that she first needed to add an administrative assistant to help her, and hired this person based on the criteria she learned in the book.

Meeting the humble, hungry and smart criteria

  • Humble – someone who is secure in themselves but is able to take feedback and can listen
  • Hungry – someone who loves their work, interested in bringing in income, wants to succeed and move forward in their profession
  • Smart – someone who can hold a good conversation and relate to their clients and coworkers

What to look for when hiring

  • A clinician with great clinical skills and references
  • What skills and techniques they make use of in therapy
  • Someone who is fully licensed and can operate independently
  • Must display a great level of professionalism in how they answer emails and phone calls too
  • Whether they fit in with the team

How to find qualified licensed therapists

  • Leverage your LinkedIn connections by posting on your profile and networking within groups
  • Check what other employers are offering on Indeed and use this to make an enticing offer

Using a virtual assistant in your practice

Virtual assistants can do a wide variety of things but one person can’t do everything for you so you may have to get a few people on your team dependent on your needs. You could delegate things like email management, answering the phone and marketing, etc

Books mentioned in this episode

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Meet Alison Pidgeon

Alison Pidgeon | Grow A Group Practice PodcastAlison is a serial entrepreneur with four businesses, one of which is a 15 clinician group practice. She’s also a mom to three boys, wife, coffee drinker and loves to travel. She started her practice in 2015 and, four years later, has two locations. With a specialization in women’s issues, the practices have made a positive impact on the community by offering different types of specialties not being offered anywhere else in the area.

Alison has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016 and has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, through mastermind groups and individual consulting.

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