The Spiritual Journey of Owning a Business with Jane Carter | FP 103

A photo of Jane Carter is captured. She is a counsellor and business coach committed to helping therapists and entrepreneurs. Jane Carter is featured on Faith of the Practice, speaking with Whitney Owens about the spiritual journey of owning a business.

What are the spiritual aspects of owning a business? How can you find spiritual transformation in taking risks for your business? Why should you try to follow your bliss?

In this podcast episode, Whitney Owens speaks with Jane Carter about the spiritual journey of owning a business.

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Meet Jane Carter

A photo of Jane Carter is captured. She is a counsellor and business coach committed to helping therapists and entrepreneurs. Jane Carter is featured on Faith of the Practice, speaking with Whitney Owens about the spiritual journey of owning a business. Jane Carter is a counselor and business coach who is committed to helping therapists and other solopreneurs have more money, fun, and freedom in their businesses. She lives in the mountains of Asheville, NC, where she’s an outdoorswoman, food-and-wine lover, and coffee-shop connoisseur. Jane can be reached on her website here, where she offers a free consultation.

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In This Podcast

  • Taking risks
  • Keep your purpose close
  • Follow your bliss
  • Jane’s advice to Christian counselors

Taking risks

When all your stuff comes up because now you’re taking these risks and doing these new things and it’s bringing out all this stuff that you didn’t even realize that you had to deal with, then it allows you to go in there and go “ooh, how do I want to deal with this? What do I need to heal?” (Jane Carter)

Your beliefs influence your business

There is a spiritual journey in starting your business. Your business is in some ways an extension of you, and if you have issues or beliefs that you have not dealt with, they will impact the success of your business and your ability to work.

Risks teach you about yourself

Taking risks is a powerful way to unearth the deeper parts of yourself because risks require you to grow out from beyond your comfort zone.

Taking risks in business, therefore, can be a transformational spiritual journey because your business will succeed when you succeed, and your business will shrink when you shrink. Welcoming risks and transformation will bring benefits to you and the life and successes of your company.

God will kick your butt and knock you down until you really learn how to be compassionate, both to yourself and to other people. Your business will do that too. (Jane Carter)

Keep your purpose close

Egos can easily come to the surface when you do not keep your purpose close. Your ego will be more concerned about whether this client signs on with you, which package they purchase, how you can convert them.

[Take five minutes to] check-in with [yourself] and ask “what’s my best intention for this person? What do I want to accomplish for them? I see that as a spiritual practice as well as a business practice and it completely changes how I show up on that call. (Jane Carter)

It is through keeping your purpose close that you can remind yourself that you are here to help them and put your ego to rest.

You can grow your practice and business exponentially when you genuinely care for other people around you because people can feel that. People resonate with authenticity.

Follow your bliss

Not everything has to be grounded in suffering. Following your bliss is a good way to connect with parts of yourself that are creative, ambitious, interested, and curious. It might lead to a new and exciting venture. This venture might fail, and that is alright as well. Often the paths that we take are meant to lead us to a different destination than the one we first thought we were going to.

Even if following your bliss takes you somewhere else, or if a project does not work but opens a new opportunity, was it all lost? The saying is true; when one door closes, another opens.

Jane’s advice to Christian counselors

This process of building a practice can be fun, even in the difficult parts. Come to your practice knowing that there will be challenges and know that it is part of the process. Each challenge and each blissful moment are there to expand you, so be present with the process instead of conquering it or remaining safe in it.

Details about Group Practice Launch

Group Practice Launch is a membership community for the solo private practice owner who wants to start a group practice. Over a period of six months, two group practice owners and business consultants, Alison Pidgeon and Whitney Owens, will lead you through the step-by-step process to start your own group therapy practice.

By the end, you will have established a solid foundation for your growing business as well as hired at least one clinician. You will have access to an e-course, private Facebook Group, live webinars, and tons of other resources to help you!

  • Month 1: Systems: Phones, Email, EHR, Payroll, Liability Insurance
  • Month 2: Hiring First Clinician
  • Month 3: Onboarding and Hiring and Assistant
  • Month 4: Branding and Marketing
  • Month 5: Creating a Positive Workplace Culture
  • Month 6: Managing Your Numbers: Finances, KPIs

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Meet Whitney Owens

Photo of Christian therapist Whitney Owens. Whitney helps other christian counselors grow faith based private practices!Whitney is a licensed professional counselor and owns a growing group practice in Savannah, Georgia. Along with a wealth of experience managing a practice, she also has an extensive history working in a variety of clinical and religious settings, allowing her to specialize in consulting for faith-based practices and those wanting to connect with religious organizations.

Knowing the pains and difficulties surrounding building a private practice, she started this podcast to help clinicians start, grow, and scale a faith-based practice. She has learned how to start and grow a successful practice that adheres to her own faith and values. And as a private practice consultant, she has helped many clinicians do the same.

Visit her website and listen to her podcast here. Connect on Instagram and email her at

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