Theresa Leskowat, Dawn Brunkenhoefer, and Jenny Emerson Met a Year’s Worth of Goals in Three Months | PoP 457

Theresa Leskowat, Dawn Brunkenhoefer, and Jenny Emerson Met a Year's Worth of Goals in Three Months | PoP 457

Have you set goals for yourself in your practice? How can you go about achieving these goals? Who are the people who can help you get there quicker?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks to Theresa Leskowat, Dawn Brunkenhoefer, and Jenny Emerson about meeting a year’s worth of goals within 3 months.

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Meet Theresa Leskowat, Dawn Brunkenhoefer, and Jenny Emerson

PoP 457

Theresa Leskowat is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the owner of Clear Vista Counseling and is passionate about working with clients to help them learn natural remedies for anxiety and stress management.

Dr. Dawn Brunkenhoefer is a licensed professional counselor and group practice owner of Curae Counseling & Consulting. She jumped from a 24-year career in community mental health and her position as Regional Director to becoming a group practice owner with a mission to provide compassionate care to her community.

Jenny Emerson is a licensed therapist and single’s coach. She helps women find their joy regardless of their relationship status by creating a love story and life they desire.

In This Podcast


  • How Theresa, Dawn & Jenny met
  • Setting goals
  • The 3-month deadline
  • Theresa’s goals and how she achieved them
  • Dawn’s goals and how she achieved them
  • Jenny’s goals and how she achieved them

How Theresa, Dawn & Jenny met

Dawn first met Jenny through the Killin’ It Camp Facebook group, arranging to meet for dinner before the camp started. The next day, Dawn met Theresa in the lobby and introduced her to Jenny. Jenny was the only one with a car so they traveled together and became a little tribe throughout the conference.

Setting goals

Killin’ It Camp had them all fired up about what they can do to improve their practices. Although the three of them were all at different growth marks in their practices, there were a lot of the same tools that they could all use. They would feed off of each other and share ideas, resulting in a very exciting last night at Killin’ It Camp.

The 3-month deadline

Theresa, Jenny & Dawn approached Joe after one of the Happy Hour sessions and asked if they could discuss their goals for the next year. Joe told them that they weren’t playing big enough and gave them the challenge of achieving their goals by 31 January 2020 with the incentive of an interview on his podcast should they achieve their goals.

Theresa’s goals and how she achieved them

I think just realizing that whatever I choose to do, I can do. Which is most exciting and scary all at the same time. And after I met the goals that I set for myself, I kind of said like, okay, now what? And so, I spent some time really digging deep like, what does my long term look like and maybe I should work towards that.

Streamline services

Through one of the talks at Killin’ It Camp (by Gordon Brewer from the Practice of Therapy), Theresa realized that she was not utilizing G-Suite to the best of its abilities. Within a couple of weeks after Killin’ It Camp, Theresa had set up a new inquiry form and started tracking data through Google Forms.

Improve SEO

Theresa was inspired by Jessica Tappana from Simplified SEO. Jessica gave her some tips and training on how to improve her SEO. It was a lot simpler than she had originally thought and after spending a weekend optimizing all of her blog posts and web pages, her Google ranking went up by 2000 points.

Increased savings

She realized that she wanted more savings in order to cover three months of her salary and rent, in case anything went wrong. Now, during this global pandemic, she can sleep soundly at night, knowing that she has those savings.

Add trainings

Theresa went to the SEO training with Jessica, and also went to a restorative yoga teacher training. The restorative yoga helps her to tap into her parasympathetic nervous system and also helps with anxiety.

Dawn’s goals and how she achieved them

Well, I definitely feel like any goal that I set I can accomplish and my goals should be big enough to make me nervous. I feel like if they don’t make me nervous a little bit, then maybe they’re not big enough.

Add therapists to her practice

Dawn had already hired two 1099 counselors to work at her practice and wanted to hire another three. Upon her return from Killin’ It Camp, her two 1099 counselors gave in their notice so Dawn was left at square one again. Alison Pidgeon gave her some great tips on hiring therapists and also what to do in the time after the two 1099s left

Update systems

The two 1099 counselors leaving gave Dawn the time that she needed to update all of her systems before taking on any new counselors. She rewrote contracts, created an onboarding process, updated her intake and billing processes. Dawn hired a W2 office manager which was worth every penny. It gave Dawn the opportunity to focus on growing the business instead of spending time doing things that someone else could handle.

Increase savings

Dawn pushed $10,000 into her savings which helped her during the time she was rewriting the job description, posting the ads, and interviewing for the additional therapist positions.

Jenny’s goals and how she achieved them

It was a huge wake-up call that I had been playing small in a lot of ways in my life. What else can I get done? And what else can I make happen? And so, it’s just really helped me have some more drive and hold myself more accountable. And then also look at who do I need to have in my life as accountability partners, and people that helped me see beyond what I’ve been seeing in the past. So, it’s really been a huge mindset kind of shift for me.

Launch coaching practice

Jenny launched her completely online coaching practice, working with single women who have been single longer than they expected, and trying to make peace with that.

Take her therapy online/launching a podcast

Jenny started this but soon realized that she didn’t enjoy this as much as face-to-face so she changed her goal to launching a podcast. Jenny launched a podcast “Real Talk About the Single Life” for her coaching business.

Redo website

Jenny wanted to keep her coaching and her therapy practices separate. She redid her therapy website, focusing on the grief work that she does. Laura Long’s breakout group at Killin’ It Camp really helped her with this process

Have four speaking engagements, with a minimum of 30 people in the audience

She was quite overwhelmed by this but Joe said that her podcasts could count towards that which made it doable for her. She got interviewed on one podcast, was in another interview on Facebook Live, and then did two speaking events organized by her friends, Theresa and Dawn. These were all a huge learning curve for Jenny and she used it to learn how to pack, plan, and market better if she’s going to be traveling for speaking.

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