Tiffany McLain on How to Raise Your Rates Guilt-Free | FP 81

Do you feel guilt when thinking about putting your fees up? Can changing your perspective to seeing money as a symbol for impact reconcile your feelings of guilt as a Christian counselor? What are some simple steps to help you to take action towards the life you want?

In this podcast, Whitney Owens speaks with Tiffany McClain about how to raise your rate guilt-free.

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Meet Tiffany McClain

Tiffany McLain, LMFT is a therapist & clinical fee strategist for therapists in private practice whose mantra is, “Full fees are the new black.” Via her program, The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy, she helps therapists ethically earn 30 to 50% more per month while seeing fewer clients by showing them how to think about and directly address fees in a clinically appropriate manner.

Visit her website. Connect with her on Instagram.

Access the fun fees calculator.

In This Podcast

  • You can be financially independent and still be close to God
  • Grow your wealth to grow your healing
  • Tiffany’s tips on raising your rates

You can be financially independent and still be close to God

I grew up being told [that] you have to be poor or you have to be meek to be able to be close to God and yes I do think there is an element of that … but it’s not mutually exclusive. You can have money and still be close to God and still give to others and still have a strong faith but I almost think that there is this idea that if you have a lot of money you must not be a good Christian person. (Whitney Owens)

Many people get caught up in being perceived as being a “good Christian person” that it blocks them from actually receiving blessings and owning up to their hard work when rewards come their way.

Of course, there is humility in financial struggle, and even though it is incredibly difficult and scary, it can deepen your faith, but it does not have to be that way, and people should not expect you to constantly be in suffering to believe that you are a good Christian person.

What I [consider] some of those stories, I think there is so much to be said about how you handle your money and how you think about your money more so than your actual amount of money. You can have someone be so generous with everything … and being a good steward of your money. (Whitney Owens)

Grow your wealth to grow your healing

We have been given … the ability to create wealth and so I think it’s so interesting … [if] the master is a metaphor for God is saying “I want you to take the wealth you have, even if it’s a little bit, and double it, triple it! I want you to make more” and money is a symbol for impact, so if you have more money as a therapist in private practice … you are somebody who has a desire to serve and ethical, you are undoubtably going to take that money and make a bigger impact in the world. The more impact you make, the more money you have and its exponential growth. (Tiffany McClain)

When you grow your wealth as a therapist, it means that you can have more impact in your community and help more people in your community. When you help more people, you increase your wealth and you grow your impact: it is a multiplying gift and you can be an active part of it.

You can grow your wealth and handle it well so that you can give back to the community and offer reduced or even free therapy to people who need it. In this way, by making money and building the financial strength of your practice, you can help people who you would not have been able to help before.

Tiffany’s tips on raising your rates

  • Get clear about the reality of your current financial situation, your needs, and your wants.
  • Allowing the feelings to be there. Do not push them away, sit with them, and do not argue with them. Become real with the connection between the life that you want and how much that may cost you and know that you – and your ideal life – are worth that effort.

When we start thinking about the feelings related to our fees not as fact but as symbolic and unconscious communications about both our experience of the world but also something happening relationally with our clients. If we shift from thinking about raising fees or charging more … as something that hurts our clients … and instead start thinking clinically … what are we communicating about our relationship, our independence, our need, and our responsibility?

  • Start making the change: what is the chasm between what you need to charge to create the life you want and what you are actually charging now?

It is a simple process but full of emotion. Make room for you to feel the emotions. Know that you and your health are also worth giving attention to.

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Meet Whitney Owens

Photo of Christian therapist Whitney Owens. Whitney helps other christian counselors grow faith based private practices!Whitney is a licensed professional counselor and owns a growing group practice in Savannah, Georgia. Along with a wealth of experience managing a practice, she also has an extensive history working in a variety of clinical and religious settings, allowing her to specialize in consulting for faith-based practices and those wanting to connect with religious organizations.

Knowing the pains and difficulties surrounding building a private practice, she started this podcast to help clinicians start, grow, and scale a faith-based practice. She has learned how to start and grow a successful practice that adheres to her own faith and values. And as a private practice consultant, she has helped many clinicians do the same.

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