How to Use Google Trends

how to use google trends

Google Trends is a quick way to discover keywords and decide which keyword to use.

Use Google Trends to Compare Keywords

So let’s type in ‘anxiety’ and we’re going to do that as a search term and then what we’re going to see is that it pops up right down here, and we are going to be able to compare that to ‘depression’. Because maybe there’s going to be a difference there.

I actually haven’t looked at this yet, but here we can see over time the search term. So we see that ‘depression’ was really a lot bigger in 2000s, early 2000s, and it looks like ‘anxiety’ has been on the rise as a search term here. Also, some things that we might note is that there are certain dips and so like June, ‘depression’ tends to dip. Let’s see if in past years June dipped again. July, June, so we see a dip in June. So if you’re writing an article about depression, you might want to not do it in June. Whereas ‘anxiety’, we see that it starts to go up in February and March. They actually are pretty similar in regards to one another, but it looks like they’re going to be kind of about the same pretty soon.

So say you also wanted to have something else, you just add extra terms here. Now let’s go down. You can also look at where it’s kind of most searched. So by region. So ‘anxiety’ we see that Australia it’s actually searched more than the United States. ‘Depression’ it’s also Australia more and then you can even go into city, region, all sorts of other things. You have your changes over time, a lot of functions to mess around with here.

And then at the bottom, here you can see related searches. This is really good if you want to have a little bit longer tail keywords. So ‘anxiety symptoms’, ‘anxiety disorder’, ‘depression’, ‘anxiety attack’ – those would all be search terms that you would want to focus on in your blog post.

Use Google for Keyword Research

The other way that you can quickly find out what – so say you landed on ‘anxiety’. Yup. I want to do ‘anxiety’. I’m not sure. I want some ideas. So you could just type in ‘anxiety’ and Google’s going to automatically show you what are the top other things that people are searching for? If they’re searching for ‘anxiety’ you could write about ‘anxiety’. Meaning, ‘anxiety definition’, ‘anxiety disorder’.

So those are two super quick ways that you can figure out what keywords you want to write about and then the last thing. Let’s say we went into ‘anxiety’ is to look at what the top people are writing about. And so you might want to look at web MD, health, NIMH, understanding the facts. So this is kind of the top things that people are talking about in regards to anxiety. You might be able to glean some different ideas. Obviously, don’t rip off their work but what you do want to do is you know, get some ideas as to how they’re writing about this. So look at the top two or three to see how they’re writing.

Hope that helps you get your blogging and keywords going well. Have an awesome day. You guys rock!

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