Veronica Cisneros On How To Launch A Big Idea That Helps Women Become Empowered And Unapologetic | PoP 425

Veronica Cisneros On How To Launch A Big Idea That Helps Women Become Empowered And Unapologetic | PoP 425

How did you launch your big idea to empower women? What business mindset shifts need to happen? How do you understand your ideal target market?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Veronica Cisneros about launching her big idea from Slow Down School.

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Veronica CisnerosMeet Veronica

Veronica is a licensed marriage and family therapist, motivational speaker, mother of three and wife of her beloved husband of 20 years. Through personal experience, she has defeated life’s challenges by leaning into fear unapologetically. She’s taught hundreds of women how to take ownership of their lives, lean into fear and let go of judgement. However, this is not a big enough impact and she learned to empower the millions of women worldwide who suffer. She focuses on creating true change, encouraging women to no longer compromise themselves in order to meet the needs of others.


In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Veronica Cisneros about launching her big idea that helps women become empowered and unapologetic.

What did your career look like before?

Veronica was in a phase of being stuck and allowing self-doubt to control her. She thought she had to follow everyone else’s path and stay in a little box. For her, that meant working in a hospital and earning very little. She was stuck in the mindset of “this is how it’s supposed to be” with her insecurities telling her that she had to stay in the job as she couldn’t make it on her own.

Fast forward to when she started listening to Joe’s podcast right from the beginning and she slowly started considering the idea of doing something different. But it was a consulting phone call with Joe that really helped her make the switch and encouraged her to do something outside the norm.

When did the big idea take shape for you?

Veronica joined one of the Practice of the Practice mastermind classes which is where she realised that there are other clinicians out there doing great things and doing things that aren’t what they’d been trained to do. As therapists, we can impact so many more people when we step out of my comfort zones. Veronica took a step back and considered what it is that she really wanted to do. That was to work with women and empower them.

Why do you care so much about empowering women?

She was there where most of her clients are. With one month away from a divorce, she thought “what am I going to do?” Her titles and roles of being a mother and wife were being stripped and without them, she needed to answer the question “who am I really?”

Now in her practice, she sees women at this extreme level of anxiety and depression and wants them to know that they don’t need to suffer silently. She thought that she doesn’t want to wait until they’re at that point. She wanted to catch them before they really need therapy and empower women from all over.

How did you start to understand your ideal client?

Veronica says she really had to listen. She knew what she needed when she was going through her own struggle. But then coaching with Joe helped challenge her to really listen to the audience and take actions to do so. By starting a Facebook group and reaching out, she was able to listen and ask questions.

Slow Down School helped enormously in the creative process. It truly allowed her to connect with what she’s meant to do in life. All these ideas started coming to her during this time out. She was really filling up the journal with all these ideas.

The joy of slow down school is that it pulls you back so that you are better able to reengage and allow ideas come to the surface.

When she got home she was able to go ahead with a game plan. And was able to implement everything and take action.

Take the leap and step into a level of vulnerability. Take in a new life. Don’t stay on the hamster wheel. Embrace the voice that’s telling you to do something different.


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