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A photo of Vikrant Shaurya is captured. He is a best-selling author and the founder of Vikrant Shaurya speaks with Sam Carvalho on the Marketing A Practice Podcast about how writing a book establishes your authority.

Are you thinking about writing a book? How does writing a book make you an authority in your business sector? Can publishing a book connect you with high-value clients?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with Vikrant Shaurya about how writing a book establishes your authority.

Meet Vikrant Shaurya

A photo of Vikrant Shaurya is captured. He is interviewd by Sam Carvalho on the Marketing A Practice Podcast where he speaks about how writing a book establishes your authority.Vikrant Shaurya is a best-selling author and the founder of He helps thought leaders, coaches and experts write their bestselling books despite not having time and skill to write one for the purpose of building authority in their expertise or generating high-value clients.

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In This Podcast

  • How to write a book with no time to write one
  • How can you generate high-value clients through publishing a book?
  • Building expertise in any industry

How to write a book with no time to write one

1 – Hire a professional service company who can take your interview, write the book for you and also handle:

  • Proofreading,
  • Formatting,
  • Designing the book cover,
  • Marketing and publishing.

A company, like Bestselling Books, will write the book in your voice with your ideas and tailor it to your guidelines that are laid out in the interviews.

2 – If you have the time to write the book but you lack the skillset. In this case, you could:

  • Start with the book outline and set out the relevant chapters and ideas,
  • Instead of writing the book, they record themselves speaking and discussing the outline of the book from start to finish,
  • A transcriber can then write out their audio recordings into the book format which you can then further edit as necessary.

 These people, maybe they don’t have the skillset to write but I’m sure that they’re really good at speaking those ideas … those messages and stories. They can use [their] expertise to record the entire book and have a transcriber or some kind of a tool to transcribe everything. (Vikrant Shaurya)

Keep in mind that the first draft will be junk. But then you have the first draft, and you can build up from it, refine and fine-tune it, into a readable book.

How can you generate high-value clients through publishing a book?

We need to understand that the moment when we publish a book, it really helps us distinguish ourselves from the other competition in your industry … if you are an author, people see you as an authority on the topic. (Vikrant Shaurya)

You boost your authority in your sector of work when you publish a book. People will associate your name with the subject on which you wrote, and you will become more well-known.

The trick is not necessarily to boost authority, but it is also to capture high-profile clients through your published book. You can do this through strategized marketing, such as:

  • Create a checklist or e-book, worksheet, mini-series, or a webinar that can go alongside the book to complement its message and get people interested.
  • Offer your free media so that people go to your website and exchange their email addresses to receive your freebie.
  • Now that you have their email address, you can send a handful of automated emails with further tips and tricks that relate to the content in your book.
  • In every email signature, have a link where people can schedule a call with you.

It becomes really easy for you to close that deal because you have already established a repour because they see you as an authority, they want to work with you now. At the same time, you have also offered something to them over email … this is a kind of lead-generation funnel. (Vikrant Shaurya)

Building expertise in any industry

Skyrocketing your business will depend on who you are and what your goals are. Evaluate where you want to take your business so that you can lay out some general goalposts.

After you have published your book, people will want to work with you, and they will be willing to pay more because they see you as an authority on the subject.

  • Charge premium price for your time for one-on-one consulting,
  • Start a group coaching option for clients.
  • Create a video course or series to complement your book and charge a once-off price.

Creating a range of products with various services and at different price points will help you to skyrocket your business faster than if you simply stuck with one.

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Meet Sam Carvalho

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