We Don’t Trust Therapy and What to Do About It with Dr. Connie Omari: Black Leaders Matter Series | Part 3

We Don't Trust Therapy and What to Do About It with Dr. Connie Omari: Black Leaders Matter Series | Part 3

Why does the black community have trust issues with therapy? What are some less overt forms of racism that you may be overlooking? What are some things you can do to be truly intentional with your part in making a change?

In this podcast episode series, Joe Sanok speaks to Dr. Connie Omari about why the black community doesn’t trust therapy and what can be done about it.

Meet Dr. Connie Omari

Dr. Connie Omari

Dr. Omari is a licensed professional counselor and national certified counselor. Dr. Omari, better known as Dr. O is the owner of two businesses, Tech Talk Therapy PLLC, an online counseling platform offering person-centered counseling through the use of technology and the Black Marriage and Family Therapy Matters Directory which connects black families to black therapists. Dr. O received her Bachelor of Arts in African-American studies and Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her Masters of Art in Multicultural Counseling through Teachers College, Columbia University, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision from Regent University.

Dr. O utilizes her online counseling platform to serve adults, children, and couples who are facing trauma, depression, and anxiety. As a certified clinical trauma specialist, Dr. O incorporates creative art therapeutic techniques and trauma-focused CBT strategies to reach her large gamut of clients in North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and Georgia. Dr. O is a media expert and has been featured in major publications including the Huffington Post, NBC News and, Bustle magazine.

In This Podcast


  • Trust issues
  • Less overt forms of racism
  • Being intentional
  • Advice for every private practitioner

Trust issues

There is extreme discomfort related to just being vulnerable and letting people know your weaknesses. Because being weak has not been safe.

Slavery itself has weighed very heavily on how things are perceived. Especially as it relates to things that are based on Eurocentric values. It was extremely important to keep problems, issues, and challenges within your family dynamic for fear that you could be punished by being beaten, sold, or mistreated any other way. Dr. Omari points out that generationally African Americans continue to operate from these dynamics.

Less overt forms of racism

Someone who is not of color might not be sensitive to that because they just take it for granted that that’s the way the world is.

There is a tendency to protect white people from these uncomfortable feelings: white guilt, white privilege, or white fragility. This speaks to the narrative that white people have a different experience in the world. Many times white people will respond to issues around race by using inclusive terminology ‘all lives matter’ or ‘I don’t see color’. This may come across as dismissive.

Because of systemic racial issues, the black community does not have access to simple things such as growing up in a 2 parent household, opportunities for generational wealth are lower and educational resources and educational access are limited.

Being intentional

This isn’t something that just started in 2020, I don’t anticipate that it will go away in 2020. It has to be a continuous thing. It requires white people to be intentional about continuing this legacy.

A big part of our work is to know that this is an ongoing issue.

Advice for every private practitioner

Black lives do matter and if you’re having a hard time with that, rather than fight the movement, and rather than resist the change, and rather than see what you don’t know as something that should be dismissed, take a moment to look internally.

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