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Have you started using Instagram for your practice? If not, do you need some tips on how to do it well? Can you streamline potential clients and possible collaborations into your practice through only 30 minutes of interaction a day?

We are sharing the Killin’It Camp speakers series. In this podcast episode, Whitney Goodman speaks about Instagram for Therapists.

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Meet Whitney Goodman

Whitney Goodman is the radically honest psychotherapist behind the popular Instagram account @sitwithwhit and the owner of The Collaborative, a co-working space and community for therapists online and in Miami, FL.

Whitney is on a quest to make mental health information accessible and easy to understand. She rejects the idea that a therapist should be a blank slate and believes that authenticity and emotional expression are the keys to living a full life. Whitney allows her clients and followers to see her successes, humanity, and struggles and strives for authenticity in everything she does.

Visit her website. Connect on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Access Whitney’s online store here!

In This Podcast


  • How can you be successful as a therapist on Instagram?
  • Whitney’s guide to Instagram
  • About your account: how to get followers

How can you be successful as a therapist on Instagram?

The number one way to get traction for your practice on Instagram is to talk like a real person.

I think the number one thing you need to do in order to be successful on social media is to speak like a normal human. What I mean by that is eliminate any psycho-babble, don’t talk about things like you’re writing or research or academic paper. You really have to learn to talk human to human. (Whitney Goodman)

You do not need to feel like you must sound smart, because people will resonate with you when they feel that you are really speaking to and connecting with them.

Whitney’s guide to Instagram

  • Start with your brand. How do you want people to feel when they see your page, or what do you want people to say when they think of your account? Consider who you are targeting, who is your ideal follower on Instagram, and are they even on Instagram?
  • What can you offer people? Write down all the training you have done, who do you tend to work with, what are the specialties that you can explain in plain English. Consider; what do people want to learn from you?
  • Think about how you are different. Every therapist on Instagram is talking about the same topics but they all display their content in unique ways. Think about what the purpose of your account is.
  • Ask yourself, why would a client prefer to follow and work with me? What do you have to offer them that can benefit them while helping to connect over social media?
  • Lastly, be human. Develop your own social media voice that sounds like your own. Try to make your written voice match your personal speaking.

About your account: how to get followers

Show your personality, because Instagram is not therapy. You can share pieces of your life to connect with your followers. Be yourself.

  • When you are building your account and encouraging traction, spend some time every day answering comments, liking, and commenting on fellow therapists’ posts and interacting with your followers. It is better to have a few of the right followers rather than having lots of the wrong ones.
  • Utilize your Instagram stories; you can use your followers as focus groups when you are considering to offer new content or if you are unsure whether to release a product or not. Instagram stories are also generally more relaxed and causal, so do not be afraid of posting a picture of your dog there if that is something you would like to do.
  • Make a separate Instagram page for your business: do not use your personal page and revamp it into your business one.
  • Give clear directions on where your followers can make an appointment with you on your page.

Access Whitney’s online store here!

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