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Your New Year To Do List

Are you ready and excited to get 2019 started? Do you have a defined set of goals for the New Year? What steps will you be taking to reach those goals?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about your New Years to do lists!

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In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about your New Years to do lists and the little steps you can take towards achieving your goals.


  • Define your life – what do you like about your life right now and what do you hope really changes?
  • Practice – how does your practice fit into your life?
  • Big idea – what is your big idea that goes beyond your practice?


  • Income – money that comes in in return for good work
  • Innovation – what needs reshaping, bringing things together that already exists but aren’t being done well
  • Influence – who do you want to be listening to
  • Impact – what is the impact you are making on the world

Things to Think Through in this Upcoming Month

  • Money – know where money is coming in and out. You could use Quickbooks
  • Liability – schedule time to meet with your attorney so that you can be sure you are covered
  • Systems – make sure you have things automated
  • Your lifestyle – look at this holistically, are you working out, how healthy are your eating habits

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